Tuesday, November 29, 2011

McCann : Swingers And Pampas Grass ! Allegations Continue To Swirl That The McCanns Are Swingers !

Richard Desmond has confessed it is common knowledge the McCanns were hacked by several newspapers and now the McCanns have kicked the British media in the teeth will the swinging revelations be proven ?


Matthew Steeples

I've heard that they are or were into those kind of activities.

veniviedivici nobby-Lobby

The BBC episode on the scam used a lingering shot of Pampas grass in it !


By *he_original_polo  Woman 46 weeks ago
a Primark shoebox in Leicester

I thought the international sign of the swinger was pampas grass in the front garden……… please don’t tell me I have been walking around with pampas grass sticking out the front of my knickers for nothing!