Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Metodo 3:Carolina Santos hoax: A hoax Kate McCann chose not to write about in her book.

The Sun for December 5, where two so-called journalists named Neil Syson and Veronica Lorraine wrote a story under the heading of "Hunt for copy-cat snatcher" saying that;
Blue-eyed blonde Carolina Santos, three, was snatched by a Moroccan-looking man four months before Maddie vanished ... Carolina's parents Abel and Lina offered to help cops two weeks after Maddie, four, disappeared but were never questioned. Now they will meet private detectives from Spanish agency Metodo 3, hired by Gerry and Kate McCann, both 39.
You actually have to read on to discover that actually the child wasn't snatched at all, as the parents of the child supposedly intervened before the worst happened, but still our dear friends Metodo 3 are quoted as having said "This could be relevant."

What this story is telling you is how crap the Portuguese police are for not following up this lead, and how busy Metodo 3 are being in tracking down this overlooked piece of evidence.

But hey, look at this piece from the Diário de Notícias of May 25, 2007 (that's six months previously), telling us that;(link can be found through search archives)
A 30 years old man, from Morocco, threatened to kidnap the three year old daughter of a woman who rents a coffee-shop at Fonte de Luzeiros, between Silves and São Bartolomes de Messines." and that the "kidnap threat was made, last Tuesday".
See how there was no actual attempt at kidnapping Carolina Santos, only a threat, and that it all happened after Madeleine was snatched, not four months beforehand.

But, wait there's more. The Diário de Notícias goes on to say that the woman "filed a complaint with GNR from Silves the next day, and was contacted yesterday by investigators from Polícia Judiciária, to whom she told what happened." The newspaper then said that after "Talking with local residents" they "found that the man in question is a street seller and a well known trouble maker."

So far from "never being questioned" the family was questioned by both the GNR and the PJ, and what's more everyone knows who was responsible for causing the trouble in the first place.

This is just a prime example of the sort of crap we have to put up with in the British press thanks to "Team McCann".

There's nothing here for the Metodo boys and girls to "investigate", just a drunk Moroccan street vendor who got into argument with a local cafe owner, and has no connection whatever to the Madeleine case.

Metodo 3  function was to make themselves available to the British press about how the latest PR stunt might be "crucial", or "relevant".

Source: Mouse.