Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Mini' Tennis discrepancies. Rachael said Madeleine was there .O'Brien said she definitely was not .

If I may add to the confusion ,Russell O' Briens statement claims Madeleine was not there at all the day of May 3rd...

Reply “It’s actually going to be ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’. Erm, you can actually delete ‘Madeleine was playing tennis’ at all, because, erm, it wasn’t Madeleine, Madeleine and E**a had done this the day before, erm”.

1578 “Okay. So I shall take out ‘I recall that Jane was having a tennis lesson’?”

Reply “It’s just ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’”. And then you can actually delete ‘Madeleine was playing tennis, they were having a lesson’, because that, well it wasn’t Madeleine that day at all.

Erm, it says ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’, I’ll try and preserve it as much as possible, ‘I recall that one of the guests’, erm, ‘a man from Southampton came up’ full-stop. ‘His daughter’, it was his three year old daughter, ‘his young daughter was having a’, this, it may be word perfect, ‘was having a’, erm”.

1578 “We have got ‘His daughter was playing tennis’?”

Reply “Well, yeah, his, his daughter was having a tennis lesson, you know, a kid’s tennis lesson, I mean, she was only, she was probably the same age as E and E, they were in the same, they were all at the same clubs but they had, there were, there were a certain number of children so they had them in two groups, so they didn’t always do the same thing, you know, Beavers and the Lobsters or something. Erm, and, yeah, she was having a, a sort of, well kind of a kiddies tennis lesson”.

00.56.50 1578 “Yes”.

Reply And the question about Madeleine then, this is exactly the same as Madeleine and E had done the day before.

 Erm, and that’s where that very famous picture of Madeleine with the tennis b*lls was taken, so.

But it wasn’t Madeline on this day, Madeleine and E were in the same group and I think they’d been done on, you know, the Tuesday or the Wednesday, they had come up, so they all, there were two kind of mini kid groups, mini club kid groups and they did, you know, they were on like a rota and they did things at different times and on different days.

So Madeleine was not there at that point at all.

And I think that’s important, particularly, because of what the man said, if Madeleine was potentially being photographed by anyone, it was absolutely clear that Madeleine and E were not there that day.

It says ‘I recall that a guy from Southampton came up, his daughter was playing tennis, he wanted to take a picture’, erm, ‘but casual’, maybe ‘casually expressed to us how uncomfortable he felt in doing so’”.