Sunday, April 24, 2011

David Payne's call to child abuse ...?

David Payne phoned The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team on May 4th 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds.
And when questioned about this call by Leicestershire police, David Payne tried to deny it
but when questioned further David Payne was forced to admit he had made this call ???


Statement from  social worker Yvonne Warren Martin, who thought she recognised David Payne...Yvonne saw Payne in the morning and by the evening Payne was himself ringing 'child abuse' ...possibly Payne also recognised Yvonne.

Snippet about the phone call from Paynes rogatory...

"InP ortu gal?
"The, I mean, the other, there was a, the other person who contacted
me which I didn‟t mention while I was at the Police Station was one
of the Portuguese err newspapers and err you know asking, you
know for comments and err so that could have been what the, you
know, the number. I spoke, I did speak to the other, the friends of
Simon ALDRIDGE‟S who you know who kindly bought the phones
and they actually bought the phones to the Portimão Police Station
and I went downstairs and got the phones and then err brought them
back upstairs. Err in terms of you know whether I, we spoke to them
on the next day sorry, was that the question?”
"Well you spoke to them on the next day, the next day yeah that
Madeleine went missing, on the fourth.”
"That‟s when, well, there‟s text messages but what I‟m asking you is,
did you speak to them?”
00:22:29 Reply
"Err I don‟t remember having any text conversation with any err
Portuguese newspapers so I presume that Portuguese number, they,
sorry yeah the other, the, the other Portuguese person I spoke with
was err there was err a Solicitor in err Lisbon who err the
conversation it may well have been with Lisa LACARNIE because
that was a friend of their family who they, they‟ve got a business in
the UK but they deal with Portugal and Lisa said if you need any err
Portuguese advice then there‟s err Paolo, and again I‟ve got his
number in my other phone which might clarify that bit.”
"And err he err and I did speak to him again after that day so it may
well have been him just to say oh you know do you want any help,
do you want any advice, and err and that you know that‟s how it was
left at that, that stage so that might have been, piecing it together
from what you‟re saying.”
"Do you recall me telling you about the London number, which you
couldn‟t find in your phone?”
00:24:00 1485
"That number actually transcribes back to the Crime Specialist

Director inLondon.”
"Did you contact them?”
"Err I did yes. My, err you know my sister err had been in contact
with them and she was trying to do everything that she could
knowing the, err, the difficulties that we were having out there so
you know I did approach them just asking for advice but err I can‟t
remember, I don‟t think I actually spoke to anyone there, but for
some reason that wasn‟t carried forward.”
"But I mean, you know, just into the context of the conversation you
know we‟re in a strange country, we‟ve got no representeers we
don‟t know what‟s going on, all hell‟s broken loose and you know to
see whether you can do anything to help Madeleine come back, you
know and that was the lines that we were taking.”
"Do you remember who you spoke to?”
"I don‟t know.”
"The call was made on the following day at twenty three thirteen, so
that‟s late at night.”
"You don‟t recollect anything else about the conversation that you
had with that, was it you that made the call?”
"Err I, yeah I know that I got phone numbers from my sister which I
did you know ring them but I can‟t remember making one late at