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The #McCann Legacy : Seven Dead Children.

Note: Mick Philpott just like Gerry McCann loves the camera the attention and both fancy themselves as celebrities . Both , famous for all the wrong reasons, dead children,  both are criminals.  Within days the Philpot family opened a webpage asking for donations to pay for their childrens funerals, to build a new house and support them through this tragic time. Not a lot of difference is there except the McCanns have corrupt politicians protecting them.The Philpots did not realize that !

Dead children and creating fraudulent funds,  not a good idea. Suspicion will fall on the family when they should be grieving but their Only concern is money.  McCann couple used donations to pay a couple of months mortgage . Mick Philpott ,far more adventerous wanted the public  to donate enough money so he may build a new home.

 Ricardo Paiva, said Portuguese police were suspicious of the couple's 'merchandising' operation in the months after Maddie disappeared. The Madeleine Fund they set up sold wristbands and T-shirts publicising the case and used the money to support the search.

Mr Paiva said they should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone, saying: 'People have been arrested for far less - even in the UK.'
Former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral wrote a book accusing the McCanns of covering up their daughter's death


A mother and father have been charged with the murder of their six children who died after a fire at their home in Derby.
Mick Philpott and his wife Mairead were arrested in Derby city centre on Tuesday in connection with the blaze at the house on 11 May. Last night, they were charged with six counts of murder, a spokesman for Derbyshire Police said. They were due to appear before Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court this morning.

Five of their children – Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jessie, six, and Jayden, five – died in the fire. A sixth, Duwayne, 13, died of his injuries in Birmingham Children's Hospital two days later.

Five days after the fire, the Philpotts faced the media in an emotional press conference. Mr Philpott thanked those who tried to rescue his children and spoke of how he and his wife had decided to donate Duwayne's organs for transplant, saying it "takes a bit of the pain away". The 55-year-old, who is believed to have fathered 17 children, was said by police to have made "valiant" efforts to rescue his children during the blaze.

Derbyshire Police's Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said last night: "Following the appeal yesterday a number of people have come forward with more information but I want to stress that the two charges this evening should not be seen as the end of the investigation. We are determined to get to the truth."

Source: Independent.

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#McCann #Leveson #pressreform: Clarence Mitchell And The Sinister 'PACT'

The McCanns ventriloquist now on board 'PACT'. The vile corrupt group expanding by the day......and another outlet to commit further fraud .

A charity, a lady, and a scandal

I bring to your attention the charity PACT:  Parents & Abducted Children Together.  The website of the charity informs us that PACT “works with the government, the police and other NGOs to improve the way in which missing childrenís [sic] cases are handled, so that they can be rapidly located and retrieved unharmed.” Abducted children: a fine charitable cause.  Tesco is associated with the charity. Among others, the trustees of the charity include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford, a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland and Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States. This is not all because the patrons include both Cherie Blair, wife of a former British Prime Minister and Laura Bush, wife of the former American president.   A very credible selection of people.

Those that donate money to charity, however wealthy they are, have limited funds to donate. A donation to one charity means a smaller or no donation to another. If asked by a friend or acquaintance for a donation to PACT, a charity founded in 1999 by Lady Meyer, the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, one might have done so in the belief that their donation was doing good. 

 But was this really the case?

As the accounts of the charity show, in 2010 income was £97,805 and expenditure, £80,491. In 2009, the income was £28,445 and expenses £87,640 leading to a loss, even after taking into account unrealised investment gains, of over £50,000. When we look at expenses we can see that over £49,586  of expenses in 2010 related to the salaries of Catherine Meyer (Lady Meyer) and her administrative assistant.  The Daily Telegraph understands that nearly 70 percent of that money was related to the salary of Lady Meyer. In 2009, expenses directly related to the salaries of Lady Meyer and her assistant was £63,877. It is quite easy to see why the charity lost over £50,000 that year. Donations to the charity seem to have done more to pay the Chanel-clad Lady Meyer her salary and expenses than they have done to assist abducted children.

People set up or involve themselves in charities for all sorts of reasons and not all of the reasons are necessarily altruistic. Improving social standing, developing contacts or trying to secure a knighthood might be included as to a reason for involvement. Donors to charities understand that this is case but do not begrudge such side benefits if the charity is hugely benefitting from their efforts. Donors to charities also understand that a charity might need to employ professional staff who need to be paid. What they do not expect is that the big-wigs at the top of the charity, the so-called great and good, are paid.

It makes a mockery of giving to charity if the charitable donations are going to a person who can use the funds to purchase more Chanel suits, designer clothes that the donors cannot afford for themselves. When a beggar on a street informs us he is “homeless and hungry” and requests a donation, he might not be telling the full truth about his condition, but at least he is being honest as to who is to be the recipient of the donation .

#McCann :Horoscopes - Of Death - Deception - Lies And Dark Secrets.

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#McCann #Leveson #pressreform: Etan Patz - Pedro Hernandez Has Confessed To the Murder Of Etan Patz - He Is Now A Suspect But Yet To Be Charged

The basement that was recently dug up by police after cadaver dog hits.


#McCann #Needham BUT Not Charlene Downes - No Political Help For Young Charlene!

The ONLY persons of interest to the police (not bent cops at Scotland yard) in the disappearance of Maddie McCann remain her parents.  Confessed child neglectors who did NOT neglect their child at all but the only plausible excuse they could come up with to explain her vanishing from the face of the earth.

Ben Needham, we now hear may have been dead for years lying under rubble very near to where he disappeared , a tragic accident or something more sinister ? The Greek police have asked the British police for assistance OR have the Brits already sent in the cadaver dogs which is why this area is now of interest?

Charlene Downes name does not not even appear on the missing persons list. Charlene's family had no political clout to call on to help search for their missing child, no shady corrupt PM's, bent cops or corrupt CEOP agents to give them manuals not for public consumption on how to act when your child is 'abducted'.....

A plea from the family of Charlene and the fear that racial tension may have led to bent cops allowing her killers to go free.

"SOMEONE out there knows what happened to Charlene... please, please just tell us."
Karen and Robert Downes were inconsolable after the dramatic collapse of the trial of two men accused of being behind the disappearance of their daughter.

But despite their clear shock, the couple say they will not rest until they get justice and "closure" from their living nightmare.

Mrs Downes, who remembers November 1, 2003, and the last wave goodbye from her beloved Charlene like it was yesterday, said the collapse of the trial of two men -- one charged with murder, the other of disposing of the teen's body -- came "like a bolt from the blue".

She said: "I just said no, no, no, this can't be happening.

"All I have lived for since the last trial is justice.

"I thought this would be the year our family could start to move on, once someone was behind bars for taking our little girl away."

Veering between anger, sorrow and confusion, Mrs Downes said the whole family was near "hysterical" with grief.

"My family has been through so much," she said.

"The first hung jury last year was hard enough, but we thought at least at the end there would be someone behind bars for this.

"To know there is nobody paying for this crime is heartbreaking."
Yesterday's not guilty verdicts on Mohammed Reveshi and another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, brings to an end a two-and-a-half-year wait since the two men were arrested, and four-and-a-half years since 14-year-old Charlene disappeared.

But Mrs Downes still holds on to the hope of one day finding out what happened to her daughter.

Speaking from her home in Buchanan Street, Blackpool, she added: "Please God, I just wish we could find her.

"I know someone out there knows where she is and what happened to her, please, please just tell us.

"We need closure. I want an end to this for my family, but there can be no closure until we know what has happened to Charlene. I may live the rest of my life not knowing and that makes me angry.

"I will never stop searching for her, fighting for her. I just want justice for her, for my little girl."

Charlene, a pupil of St George's High School, would have been 19 last month and her mother still sent a card home which read, "missing you on your birthday".

The pain of Charlene's disappearance, and the pressure of the trial, has taken its toll on the family but, ultimately, has brought them closer together.

Mrs Downes added: "It's been hard for the kids and my husband and I have felt the strain.

"But I have a wonderful family and we have stood together.
"My mum has been great and I still have three beautiful kids that I love and who have been very supportive.

"Although I will always hold Charlene close to my heart, and there will always be a part of me missing, I'm their mother too and we need to get on with our lives."

Dad Robert has said he will find it difficult to come to terms with the end of the trial.

He said: "As the father I have to be strong for my family, but this news has come as a terrible shock and everyone is very upset.

"Now I will have to deal with it in my own way in my own time. I will cry my tears in private."

Read more:

#McCann: Corries Tale - Sellie

The story of Madeleine McCann. The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

#McCann #Leveson #pressreform : Reconstruction For Missing Ben Needham - Something The McCanns Refuse To Do!

#McCann #Leveson : Kerry Needham -"It was a shock to my system when I saw the newspaper report this morning"

The mother of a boy who went missing in Greece 21 years ago has dismissed a report that the toddler died at the time in a building site accident.

Ben Needham, of Sheffield, went missing during a family visit to the island of Kos in 1991 when he was 21 months old.

A Daily Mirror report says Greek police believe he may have been buried under rubble near his family's farmhouse.

Kerry Needham said: "I was horrified when I saw that. I know my son is alive and well and out there somewhere."

The newspaper said Greek police wanted to excavate the now-overgrown mound of earth and rubble on a property neighbouring the farmhouse which Mrs Needham's father was renovating at the time of her son's disappearance.

However, Mrs Needham told BBC Radio Sheffield: "That mound of rubble was already there when Ben was still there.

"I find it very, very unlikely that Ben is there, unless he buried himself.

Start Quote

Once it is proved that Ben is not dead... then maybe the Greek police will continue in their efforts to try and find him”
Kerry Needham Ben's mother
"It was a shock to my system when I saw the newspaper report this morning. It is obviously an awful thought for myself and my family to have to deal with."

Police support

She said South Yorkshire Police, who have been supporting her during her search for Ben, could not confirm the report that Greek investigators now think a full excavation should be carried out.

"If that is what the Greek police want to do, then fine. Once it is proved that Ben is not dead, as I know, then maybe the Greek police will continue in their efforts to try and find him," she said.
Mrs Needham said she was continuing to receive support "24 hours a day, seven days a week".

A South Yorkshire Police statement said: "The investigation into the disappearance of Ben Needham remains with the Greek authorities.

"Should they request any help or support from South Yorkshire Police we will look to support them where we can and within our resources.

"The force's role is primarily to provide ongoing support to Ben's family, in particular his mum Kerry.

"South Yorkshire Police continues to undertake a review of material gathered locally during the past 20 years with officers also working with other agencies to examine any material held by them that might further the review."

Source: BBC

#McCann #Leveson #BROOKS : Find Luke Durbin..

As the British Government continue to suck up to the McCanns,  the most evil  of parents to have ever walked the earth, let' us remember real missing people.Luke Durbin.

#McCann:Evil Kate vs Kerry Needham Facing Devastating News

Evil Kate McCann continues to exploit every single missing child to cover up the guilt for her own dead child Madeleine, who died on her watch, she herself told us she knows what happened, she was there!  Kates evil on par with Rebekah Brooks and her lapdog hug a hoodie Dave, corrupt to the very core of their souls, sick individuals playing on genuine parents misery

Meanwhile,  Kerry Needham has received the most devastating news and we all know on this dig cadaver dogs will be present. Cadaver BUSTER who can hit on a body even when under water, I am sure will be there.

The police suggested a scenario to uncle Stephen that Ben died while in his care.

Missing toddler Ben Needham may have been buried under rubble at a building site following a tragic accident, Greek police believe.
The search for the Sheffield boy, whose disappearance 21 years ago became one of the highest profile missing child cases in recent memory, is to be relaunched as officers seek to dig up a mound near where he was last seen.
Authorities on the island of Kos are working alongside British police and have asked them for 3D ground scanning equipment to check for bones beneath the surface.
But Ben's mother Kerry Needham, who insists her son is still alive, does not believe he will be found there.
Clinging to hope: Ben's mother Kerry, 40, believes police will not find her son under the rubble and insists he is still alive
Clinging to hope: Ben's mother Kerry, 40, believes police will not find her son under the rubble and insists he is still alive
The 40-year-old, from Ecclesfield, Sheffield, was shocked to hear detectives are planning to excavate the site next to a farmhouse which her father Eddie was renovating at the time.
Greek police decided to officially reopen the decades-old cold case after a JCB driver claimed he had been digging just 50 yards away from where the boy was last seen.

Ben disappeared on the afternoon of July 24, 1991, after his young mother left him with her parents while she went to work at a hotel.
Eddie and Christine Needham took him to a farmhouse belonging to their friend Michaelis Kypreos, where the couple ate lunch as their grandson played outside. But when they realised Ben had fallen silent, they discovered he was nowhere to be seen and called for a police search team.
Still seeking answers: A young Kerry Needham on the island of Kos, where her son Ben went missing while in the care of her parents
Still seeking answers: A young Kerry Needham on the island of Kos, where her son Ben went missing while in the care of her parents
Nightmare: Grandparents Eddie (left) and Christine (right) were looking after Ben while young mother Kerry (centre) was at work
Nightmare: Grandparents Eddie (left) and Christine (right) were looking after Ben while young mother Kerry (centre) was at work
According to the Daily Mirror, three main theories have emerged: firstly, that Ben wandered away and was caught under rubble as it was unloaded from a truck; that he was killed in an accident and buried in a shallow grave where the building waste would later be dumped; and lastly, that he was murdered and his body was hidden on the site.
However, Ms Needham recalls the rubble was already there when she visited the area with Ben and his father, her then boyfriend Simon Ward.
She said: 'My dad was renovating the farmhouse. There was some building work going on but it was further down the lane from the farmhouse where Ben was.
Mystery: Baby Ben, who was just 21 months old when he vanished in July 1991
Mystery: Baby Ben, who was just 21 months old when he vanished in July 1991

'The area where they are referring to is to the left of the property. That mound of rubble and waste was already there while Ben was still there.
'So I find it very unlikely to believe that Ben is there unless he buried himself. But we have got to try and turn it into a positive way of thinking and if the Greek want to satisfy that Ben is not up there then fine.
Ms Needham, who was just 19 when her son vanished, spoke of her shock upon waking up to the news that investigators were pursuing the new lead.
'It's an awful thought for me and my family to have to deal with,' she said. 'But it is now showing after 20-plus years the Greek police are actually interested in doing something with the case. I believe that has been prompted by South Yorkshire Police involvement and their genuine support for me and my family.
'And if this is what the Greek police want to do then that's fine - and if the British police can assist them then that would be excellent.'
Ben's file was re-opened after JCB driver Konstantinos Barkas came forward to reveal he had been digging on the site when the boy went missing.
He told the Mirror: 'Yes, I was the man with the JCB that day. Loads of earth was being taken to clear the ground for the new house down the road.'
The 61-year-old said he does not believe Ben was abducted.
Last year South Yorkshire Police sent Detective Chief Inspector Matt Fenwick to Kos, where he and a colleague were told of the theory that the child's remains would be found on the building site.
A Greek source told the Mirror: 'This idea is a lot more plausible than Ben being abducted. A stranger would have needed to be watching the house and then would have snatched him in broad daylight before secreting him off the island by boat or plane.'
Never found: Ben, who slipped out of his grandparents' sight at a farmhouse owned by their friend, would be 23 this year
Never found: Ben, who slipped out of his grandparents' sight at a farmhouse owned by their friend, would be 23 this year
The source added that detectives on the island knew a dumper truck had been driving on the track near the house in the days and weeks following the disappearance.
Even still, the boy's mother thinks he was taken and that a white car seen in the area that day could be a vital clue.
Ms Needham is holding on to the hope that no remains will be unearthed from beneath the rubble.
She said: 'Once it is proved that Ben is not dead, which is what I know and I believe, then maybe the Greek police will continue with their efforts to try and find Ben. They can put their minds at rest and then widen the search.
'I have now got to gather my strength and keep fighting. The one thing I don't want to happen is for the British public to think "OK then Ben's dead and we no longer have to search for him".
'I believe Ben is not dead - he is still alive and he is well and he is living out there.'
Computer-generated image showing how Ben might have looked aged 10
National Missing Person's Bureau handout photo of a digital created image of Ben Needham and how he is expected to look now aged 18
Appeal for sightings: These computer-generated images, released in the last decade as hopes of ever finding Ben faded, showed how he might have looked at the age of 10 (left) and 18 (right)

Read more:

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#McCann: KEVIN HALLIGEN EXTRADITION DECISION - Issued on the internet tomorrow (23 May) around 10.00am

Kevin Halligen : The MADDIE Rat Who Tried To Sue The Fund Screamed The SUN.

Kevin Halligen - known to the McCanns originally as Richard Halligen until they suddenly found out one day that he was using multiple aliases - has been in Belmarsh Prison for 948 days - over 2.5 years.

For most of 2008, he was the lead investigator for the McCanns, the boss of what was said to be an international private detective and security agency. Then the McCanns sacked him, having paid him £500,000 PLUS expenses.

Worse was to follow. He was exposed by the Evening Standard in August 2009 as a serial con-man and fraudster who, instead of looking for Madeleine, had spent most of his time and money (a) knocking back double whiskies in a posh London club and (b) living the high life in New York and London with his girlfriend Shirin Trachiotis.

Even worse was to follow: in October 2009, whilst living it up in a £700-a-night 5-star Oxfordshire hotel, he was arrested, wanted by the U.S. to face a $2 million fraud charge. He has been in Belmnarsh ever since, for 948 days - or just over 22,750 hours.

Ever since October 2009, he has been fighting extradition, believed to have cost the taxpayer a hefty 5-figure sum, as it's understood that he's on legal aid.

TOMORROW (23 May) the Supreme Court will deliver a final judgment on whether or not he should be extradited, and will promulgate the decision ONLINE at about 10.00am at this link:
 - then click on the box 'Supreme Court Live'.
Details of tomorrow's court sittings are at

A summary judgment will be read out in open court ar around 9.45am.

Even if the decision goes against Halligen, there is still the possibility that he could appeal to the European Court on Human Rights.

Halligen signed a contract with the McCann Team worth half a million pounds. He would be able to inform the Scotland Yard Review Team of the precise purpose for which he was hired by the McCann Team, how he was supervised and monitored, and just what he did to advance the search for Madeleine.

It is not known whether the head of the SY Review Team, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, has yet asked any of his staff to talk to Kevin Halligen. Nor is it known if, when they went to Barcelona, any of Redwood's men interviewed the McCanns' lead investigator during the previous year, Antonio Gimenez Raso. Raso was arrested in February 2009 and has since spent the last 1,192 days in prison, awaiting trial on charges of being a member of a violent drug gang for a decade, for five years of which he was a senior police officer working for the Catalonian Regional Police drug squad (see Research Section on this forum). After leaving his police post in late 2004, he immediately went to work for controversial Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, where he worked very closely with Brian Kennedy, the Cheshire businessman who has for 4.5 years run the McCann Team's controversial private investigations. Until he was thrown into jail, that is.Research Tony Bennett.

Mark Hollingswoth Investigates The McCanns

#McCann : Tuseday May 2nd - Too Many Questions.

Uploaded by on 2 Jul 2011

Join discussions about the Madeleine McCann Investigation:

The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann
Visit my website

While compiling the video it became clearer that Rachael's statement appears to be an effort to show that Madeleine was alive on Thursday...

It's a very complicated video to watch, but, for those aware of the case it shows how she seems to have knowledge of what happened but has not been kept in the 'loop' enough to avoid conflicting statements with the others...

1) Rachael has the day of the tennis wrong...

- Madeleine's group played on Tuesday, not Thursday

2) Rachael claims she chatted with Kate from 9.30 - 10.00am by the pool until Madeleine arrived for lessons....

- Kate played tennis from 9.15am to 10.15am so (whether Tuesday or Thursday) would not be lounging by the pool chatting with Rachael any time prior to 10.15am. - On Tuesday (the correct mini tennis day), Kate went back to the apartment as the maintenance men were fixing the shutter that Gerry had broken and also showed Kate how to use the washing machine, so, even if rushing, she would not have had time to relax and chat with Rachael prior to mini tennis in the 15 minutes between her lesson and Madeleine arriving.

3) Rachael claims that both Gerry and Kate were there, with her, when Madeleine arrived for mini tennis......

- Gerry played tennis from 10.15 - 11.15am on the other tennis court and could NOT have been present.

- Kate claims in her book that she returned from the apartment leaving the maintenance men fixing the shutters and returned DURING Gerry's tennis lesson (which finished 15 minutes AFTER mini tennis was finished.

4) Rachael claims the last time she saw Madeleine was at mini tennis...

- Mini tennis was on Tuesday so was the last time she saw Madeleine on TUESDAY?

- Jane Tanner last saw Madeleine when she was playing tennis with Rachael at lunchtime on Thursday, at the time the Last Picture was taken. Jane claims that Gerry and Madeleine were shouting at them from the rec area.....Rachael makes no mention of seeing the children (including Madeleine) and does not claim to have seem Madeleine for the last time during their game.

5) The police ask Rachael which tennis court the children played on...

- Rachael describes Court 1 but the children played on Court 2..but WHY did the police ask her that question? (Because they suspected she was not there?)

Rachaels statement deserves closer scrutiny imo. I was not aware of some of the details above until compiling the video and considering these details only relate to mini tennis one has to wonder about the rest of her statement.

This is not a video for casual observers of the case. It may be too complicated to watch for some people.

My intention is to have it as a reference for those that are studying the discrepancies and, along with the rest of the series of videos, (yet to be completed) a possible reminder for the 'authorities' involved in the case.....HiDoHo

Monday, May 21, 2012

#McCann:The Tennis Tournament.

by Paulo Reis

On the afternoon of May 3, 2007, it was planned a tennis tournament, only for men, organized by the Ocean Club management. The Tapas 7 and their children went to the beach. Madeleine and the twins spend the morning at the crèches and had lunch with Gerry and Kate, in the apartment. The children were taken back to the crèches between 2:30/2:50 pm, according to Gerry's statement to PJ on May 10, 2007.

After lunch, the McCann couple spend some time at the tennis court and later Kate went jogging to the beach. Gerry stay playing. They met again around 5:30 pm, in the area near the Tapas Bar, where all children from both crèches were having “high tea”.

Kate said that she and Gerry went back to apartment, with the children, around 5:40 pm and gave them bath, together (statement to PJ, September 6, 2007). They thought about taking the children to the playground area, after bath, but decided not to do it, that day, because the children were really very tired. Just before 6:00 pm, Gerry left the apartment and went to the tennis court.

Kate had just finished to take a shower, around 6:30/6:40 pm, when somebody knocked at the door (the door facing the swimming pool). She put a towel around herself and went to the door, where she saw David Payne. Payne went to the apartment to help take the children to the playground, according to Kate, because Gerry asked him to do that. more

#McCann: Paulo Reis - A Strange Couple And Lack Of Evidence In The Hire Car.

Paulo has left this information on his twitter page (2 links) for those who are interested in searching for the truth.

A post from TEZZA , the same poster from the above link.

After reading Paulo's links I then remembered the statement from Yvonne Warren-Martin. I  have no idea if there is a connection.

Someone also reminded me on twitter 'They've taken her'

 She identified herself and presented her credentials and immediately began talking to the mother of the missing child as she was visibly upset with the situation.

- During the conversation the mother told her that she did not understand why a couple had abducted her daughter.
- However, the third individual overheard this conversation and interrupted Ms. Martin and took the McCann couple away from her. 

 This same individual came shortly afterwards to tell her that the couple did not want to talk to her any further and did not require her help - an action that appeared quite strange to her.

Suzanne Pilley murder trial there was no body and NO forensic evidence, cadaver dog BUSTER hit where Susan's dead body had been hidden.

#McCann #Leveson #pressreform: #Twitter Employees Who Have Gone Too Far - How To Place An Official Complanit When Bullied On Twitter

The McCanns and their twitter employees appear to have stepped over the line. I have taken advise from an MP to pass this message along to fellow bloggers. Report the libel abuse to Twitter and lobby your MP's explaining the games the McCanns are playing on the internet with their abusive staff members , they may not want to listen at first but plenty of evidence online to show them what is going on. Take screenshots of all abuse to show as evidence.

For those of you who unaware of what is happening the McCanns 'employees' have put together a 'hit' list which they call a 'hate' list. The hate list contains names of those who question the McCanns version of events as to what happened to their daughter Madeleine.Those who do not 'believe' are to be targeted , intimidated and hopefully destroyed online.

#McCann #Leveson :Murdoch Instrumental In Publishing The 'Sam Koala Scam'

Read this and think 'The Maddy Story'

NEWS LIMITED AUSTRALIA did not inform the Australian public that Bob the Koala died in March 2009!

Sam the scam, Sam the koala is an impostor!

This story remains suppressed as of 14 December 2011.

On 12 February a paper was published that for the first time revealed that the stuffed “Sam the Koala” sitting in the National Museum of Victoria is an impostor or fake.

Yes, the original water-drinking Koala is a different animal!

That was a male Koala, later renamed “Bob”, who had been captive as far back as 2006!

The paper by zoologist and author Raymond Hoser, went further and showed that the original video shot showing a water-drinking Koala at Mirboo North in February 2009 was effectively a bootleg, a “set-up” and not a random encounter as alleged until now.

The paper published in Australasian Journal of Herpetology (Issue 8 pp.1-64), went further and detailed the fairly simple (and easily copied) forensics behind exposing one of the most successful frauds in recent Australian history, including various other activities all successfully designed to raise large amounts of money, running to the many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As it happens, most of the money raised ostensibly went to worthwhile causes (evidence to the contrary has since emerged) and a logical question to be asked is why the investigative corruption author, Snake Man Raymond Hoser chose to expose the fraud at this late stage.

In response he said:

“Most of the money likely to be raised by “Sam the Koala” has already been raised, so I don’t think I’m upsetting too many people. More importantly, the public interest is best served by telling the truth and so it is better that it come out sooner rather than later …the fraud and the story is just too big to hide”.

As to how many people were knowingly involved in the fraud, the exact detail remains unknown, although claims by some involved suggest that many well-known people were included. Significantly, the main man involved in the fraud, CFA fireman David Tree has admitted to his part in the caper and since justified it along the lines that it diverted people’s attention away from the destruction of the black Saturday fires.

The paper can be found as hard copy from publication date of 12 February 2010 or online from 19 February 2010 at:

and following the links.

Further inquiries phone: Snakebusters/Raymond Hoser on 9812-332 or 0412-777-211 (Warning: Lines may be busy, so you may be asked for your number for a “callback”)

On 7 February 2008, a series of Victorian bushfires killed 173 people and caused massive property losses and death of wildlife. On 10 February a supposedly original video emerged on the internet site “Youtube” that depicted CFA Fireman David Tree feeding an allegedly injured koala a bottle of water. At the same time (as in the next day), newspapers worldwide, promoted the video and four associated still camera photos taken at the same time, with the Koala gaining “celebrity status” and being named “Sam the Koala”.

The official (Government) version of the story as dutifully reported in the mainstream media (including the Age and Herald-Sun), from then until present stated that the same Koala was cared for by a Mrs Colleen Wood until it’s death on 6 August 2009 and then lodged with the National Museum of Victoria, whereupon the same stuffed animal remains as of February 2010.

In summary the video depicted was carefully planned and executed and not an unexpected and random act of kindness caught on film as alleged by Tree and agents. It was in fact a bootleg of at least two similar acts both predating the making of this video and known to all or most people most actively promoting “Sam the Koala”.

The depicted Koala had been “planted” for the express purpose of making the pre-planned video and associated photos and was Mr Tree’s second attempt at making a famous “bear” named “Sam”.

The origin of the idea goes back at least as far as 2003 and probably further.
The stuffed Koala at the Museum, now identified as “Sam the Koala”, is female and is not the same koala depicted in the original video and photos.

It is therefore an impostor or a fraud.

The originally depicted Koala is a male, identified by the relevant parties shortly thereafter as “Bob the Koala”, allegedly captured in Boolarra two days before the (now female) “Sam”.

For the first time ever it can reported that the same “Bob” was in fact a long term captive, having been held by Wood at least as far back as April 2006.

A secondary “swap” was the attribution of the relevant still images.

In the first instance and for some months thereafter, photos were consistently credited to “Russell Vickery” of the Herald-Sun.

However post-dating a report in the Herald-Sun on 12 August 2009, relating to a (then) proposed “Sam the Koala” trademark opposition by the Victorian government through the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), the media and other sources commenced crediting the photos to DSE employee Mark Pardew, including “rebranding” this information on the web on earlier news clips without noting this editing.

The photos credited are the same four identical images raising further questions as to reasons for the “swap”.

Besides the fraudulent and deliberate swapping of Koalas identified as “Sam” shortly after the making of the February video, an act that evidently is known to many involved with “Sam the Koala” since February 2009, a large number of illegal and dishonest activities have also been uncovered.

The common thread and motivation has been to scam enormous amounts of money in the form of cash donations from well-meaning members of the public or to divert attention from culpable acts and negligence that led to the massive destruction of life and property on 7 February 2009.

Because the fraud has remained undetected to the public at large (or at least undisclosed) and there has been a transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars to participants and entities they control, the “Sam the Koala” campaign has apparently been highly successful.

Keywords: Koala, Sam, Fraud, Impostor, Money, Wildlife, Conservation, Department of Sustainability and Environment, DSE, Museum of Victoria, John Brumby, Premier, Corruption, Lies, Dishonesty, Venomoid snakes, Phascolarctos cinereus, stuffed, news media, Herald-Sun, swapped, bushfire.

Limited numbers of printed hard copies (at cost) are available at:

Please note that in retalliation for publishing the details of this scam, Ray Hoser was harassed and wrongly charged by DSE for fabriacted offences, and then had 11 cops and DSE raid and trash his home and business on 17 August this year, killing a number of reptiles in the process.

They also got a raft of adverse news stories printing lies about Hoser in the Murdoch press who of course had been the main instrument publishing the Sam Koala scam for the DSE and hence tried to destroy Hoser's good name and business in the classic "hate media" reporting style endemic in the Murdoch tabloids.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#McCann: #Murdoch's Sam The Scam - Whistleblower Ray Hoser "the fraud and the story is just too big to hide”.

Whistleblower Ray Hoser who exposed the scam in Australia run by Murdoch's rags and just like the 'Maddy story' sold plenty of copy came in for some heavy duty revenge from Murdoch's hateful press.....

#McCann: Ricardo Paivo - The McCanns curious behaviour, as witnessed by Inspector Ricardo Paiva, 03 September 2007

Processos Vol X
Pages 2533 - 2534

Date: 2007/09/03

For : Goncalo Amaral

From Ricardo Paiva, Inspector

Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

During the course of the ongoing investigation, various personal contacts were made by the undersigned with Kate and Gerald McCann, within my task of serving as communication element between the police and the McCann couple.

Within this context, the undersigned was present during various "strange" behaviours by the couple, who gradually began to react in a very negative manner to the increased investigative activity carried out by this police force, especially during the use of the English sniffer dogs for detecting cadaver odour, when more evidence arose in the investigation for the hypothesis of the death of Madeleine McCann.

Several times, the McCann couple said that the attention of the police should be maintained focussing on the abduction hypothesis, which, in the couple's opinion, was the only scenario that occurred and that the police should not forget to continue to investigate the suspect Robert Murat.Strangely, Kate also made several requests, three months after the disappearance of Madeleine, that the police should take blood, hair and nail tests of Madeleine's twin siblings, because, as she said, she remembered that on the day of Madeleine's disappearance, in spite of all the commotion and noise made by the authorities and other persons who were looking for Madeleine in apartment 5ª of the Ocean Club, the twins never woke up, having been transported to another apartment, they remained asleep, due to which she now presumes that they were under the effect of some sedative drug that a presumed abductor had administered to the three children in order to be able to abduct Madeleine, a situation which Kate refers to being possible according to what she read in a criminal investigation manual given to her by the British authorities, that would have been the procedure of the abductor in the real case involving abduction, rape and murder of the girl.

Today, when the undersigned went to the McCann's temporary residence to notify them of the need to present themselves at the police station to make statements, being able to take their lawyer with them, Kate McCann immediately reacted in a negative manner, making comments such as "what are my parents going to think" and "what is the press going to say when they find out" and that "the Portuguese police is under pressure from the government to finish the investigation quickly".

With regard to Gerald McCann, he constantly insisted in giving the undersigned letters and emails that he was receiving, mostly from psychics and mediums, whom he had selected and which mainly contained information without much credibility about the possible whereabouts of Madeleine and her presumed abductor.

More recently, and even before Kate's interrogation, during a telephone call between Gerald McCann and the undersigned, he made a reference regarding the investigation, that he was certain that the police did not have any proof that could incriminate them with regard to the death of Madeleine McCann and he said that the police were wasting their time in directing the investigation around the parents.

I bring this to your knowledge.
Ricardo Paiva


Intercalary report compiled by chief inspector Tavares de Almeida, for the attention of the Criminal Investigation Coordinator, 10 September 2007
........the media suggested the possibility that the children could have been sedated to be kept asleep and allow the parents some rest.

Distant in time, Kate’s father, the grandfather of the child, Brian Healy, admits to the press that Kate could have administered some medication to the little girl, Calpol, to help the child (the children??) to sleep, contrary to what his daughter Kate has been stating.

Kate, through the PJ inspector that acted as “liaison” with the family, asked why samples weren’t taken from the twins in order to test that hypothesis. She knew well enough at that time, more than 3 months later, that such an exam would be worthless.She went even further and said that we – the investigation – should verify that the abductor had sedated Madeleine, in order to accomplish his action and that he had also sedated the twins…to consummate the acthowever she didn’t say that at the right moment.

What we certainly know is that the sedatives have timings to act and timings to be expelled, that vary between six and 200 hours.

The McCanns’ medical knowledge is enough to know this, even if their professional activity never included performing toxicology exams.

When the media informed that blood had been detected “in the car and in the apartment”, Kate and members of her family come to the public with the simple excuse that it had been someone, who had access to the apartment, that had placed the evidence.

Now they even admit it was the criminal investigation body that placed the “false” evidence (blood and cadaver odour in the apartment and in the car).

In an attempt to justify the blood, Kate went even further, informing, on that occasion, that Madeleine sometimes suffered nosebleeds.( Observations from Jill Havern forum)

Pat Brown on Kates sedating of the children
Ricardo Paivo : Kates Fucking Tosser!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

#McCann : Mari Olli - Kate Insists In Her Book That The Girl Mari Olli Saw Could Really Be Madeleine.

Is this why Mari Olli appears to be shall we say somewhat nervous ? Have the McCanns requested Olli to play a future role ?


They had questions about a statement by Mari Olli, a Norwegian who swore she’d seen Madeleine in Marrakesh and had rung the Spanish police.  Kate explains how the Spanish and Portuguese police did nothing about it. The CCTV camera in the shop wasn’t checked in time.Kate insists in the book that the girl Mari Olli saw could really be Madeleine.

#McCann : Alan Johnson Former British Minister.

by Paulo Reis

Alan Johnson, former British Minister of the Interior, who stepped down in May 2010, argued yesterday that Theresa May put pressure on the Portuguese government to reopen the investigation into Maddie case. Perhaps this low quality politician has a bad habit, from the time when he was UK-s Interior Minister – giving orders to judges, magistrates and public prosecutor’s. I thought that, in UK, the rule of Law and the independence of the courts was something respected by the Government, since long time more

#McCann: Spain Huelva - Where Is The Army Of Media ?

by Paulo Reis

"On August 3, the couple drove from the fateful Algarve resort of Praia da Luz across the border to the Spanish town of Huelva to put up posters. With them were Gerry’s brother John and a cameraman hired to take footage for the website findmadeleine. Once in Spain, the couple were followed around by an army of media (...)" more

#McCann #Leveson :Word Change To The FUND Reveal It's Sinister Purpose And New Objectives!!/ChrisRStedman/status/203663499245789185/photo/1

Enid O'Dowd Forensic Look At The Fund.

The video footage of Gerry McCann laughing was taken 6 days after he claimed his daughter was snatched by a paedophile. Meanwhile ,the people of the village in PDL had not gone to work for a week,  they were busy searching for Madeleine. Gerry and Kate did not search for their child.

Friday, May 18, 2012

#McCann : Extradition - Kevin Halligen May 23rd 2012 - Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files.

#McCann :Murdoch And The Papal Knights Of Malta.

Knights Of Malta Initiation

#McCann : Rev. Haynes Hubbard - Times Of Transition.

Times of Transition

                The Pastoral Unit comprising Christ Church, Gananoque and Church of the Redeemer Rockport are awaiting the arrival of their new Incumbent, Rev. Christine Downey who will relocate with her husband Benjamin from the Diocese of Huron and begin her ministry with them on May 1st. Also, the people of St. Mark’s, Barriefield will welcome their new Incumbent, Rev. Haynes Hubbard, his wife Susan and family who will relocate from the Anglican Chaplaincy in the Algarve, Portugal on July 1st. Please continue to hold these parishes, clergy and families in your prayers as they continue through this time of transition.

I have heard Susan is already in Canada.

 Bizarre, there is something flesh crawling about this entire case.

#McCann : Subject - Paulo Reis.

Lessons on how the McCann brainwashing system works . It is OK to think for yourself and change your opinion as long as that opinion agrees with the McCanns' version of events.

I am only going to say this once. I appear to have achieved the ultimate in blogging and have done a 'Daily Mail' I posted a comment from Paulo Reis on the McCanns without checking and I cannot remember the source of the blog or even where I found the article ( I will not make such a mistake again). I copied the post in its entirety where it claimed Paulo had removed the link. Had I checked I would have found this to be untrue. I have apologized to Paulo and hope that he accepts my apology.

As for the rest of you who have given Paulo so much grief because Mari Olli cannot get her way and have her mugshot removed from the internet , that is yours and her problem! So, you must now return to your pit and think up a new angle to hound Paulo with , this one has been explained in words that even a three year old could understand.

However, all is not lost, going by the stats it has proven what a small group you actually are  trolling for the McCanns' 24/7.Interesting !


Paulo Reis : My Opinion About Gerry & Kate McCann

The message to those of you who have trolled my blog with malicious intent remains.

Get A Life You Sad People.

troll-webI smell a troll.