Monday, May 14, 2012

#McCann #Brooks #Leveson : Mari Olli - Mari and Ray Pollard ( may be "stirring up a hornet's nest"...)

Mari Olli  appears a little nervous!

For those who are only just beginning to put two and two together, Clarence Mitchell has provided the British media with fabricated stories and hoax sightings for years. Rebekah Brooks will be able to confirm this as will the McCanns, if placed under pressure.

Correspondence between Mrs. Pollard and Jounalist Paulo Reis

Ray Pollard mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.comHello,
I am thankful for your work and efforts to clear the Madeleine case. But can you please remove my picture (Mari Olli)  immediately! I have informed the press that I regret, the use of my picture, because the whole case is traumatic enough for me to handle.
My highest wish is that we can get a answer about what happened and a clarify. Please remove the A1 security web and the information about Rays brother Tony Pollard, because this has nothing to do with the case. A1 security has nothing to do with the case and they are not base in Alhurin the Grande. Please confirm when this is done.
Kind Regards
Ray and Mari


Fom: Paulo Reis
To: Mr. and Mrs. Pollard,

About the “order” you “gave” me, demanding the immediate removal of the picture of Mrs. Mary Olli from my blog, my answer is short and clear: No!
I will correct the reference to A1 Security, because you said that company is not based in Alhurin Grande. You think this information “has nothing to do with the case” of Madeleine McCann disappearance. That’s your opinion. I think this detail is worth mentioning. And I am the Editor of my blog.
Anything else, please pay attention to the fact that none of you is a judge or sit in a Court, so any “orders” or demands made in such a way as you did, are completely worthless for me. If you want to “upgrade” your demands and send it through a Court, please be advised to get a lawyer with a good command of Portuguese and Chinese language.
I am a permanent resident of Macau Special Administrative Region, in China. So, only the local courts have the legal power to give me “orders” similar to the one you emailed me. And Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macau.
Paulo Reis

To Recap on Mari Olli

The Norwegian social worker who says that she saw Madeleine McCann in Morroco is married to Ray Polard, born and raised at Leicester, and the couple lived for some time in Groby, a ten minutes ride from Rothley, where the McCann live, and five minutes from the hospital where Gerry MaCann works. Mari Olli and her husband live in Spain, Málaga. Since Madeleine disappeared, Polícia Judiciária had to send teams of investigators to 256 diferent localities, in Portugal, to investigate alleged sightings of the missing child, according to Carlos Anjos, president of ASFIC, PJ Inspector's Union.