Friday, May 11, 2012

#McCann: Private Eye 'Maddy Story Not Dead'

Confirmation from Panorama that the Sun, News International and the McCanns pressured Cameron to review the case.

Confirmation only this week that it was BROOKS who asked Cameron as a favour for the SUN supporting him to review the McCann  case.

Kate in her bewk confirms there is a deal in place with News International  (BROOKS) to spearhead the 'Maddie story' which is why we have had a McCann fest of garbage and will continue to do so for years to come...add to that a non amazing revelation one of the Sun's reporters   ANTONELLA LAZZERI
              actually edited the latest drivel from Kate.

By August 24 2007 Gerry McCann was over Maddie and he had moved on.  Kate in Portugal alone and crying , was that the night she phoned Ricardo Paiva and told of her dream , Madeleine buried on a hill . The 'Dream' that brought the cadaver dogs in making them both suspects and ending Gerry McCanns dreams of a political career on child sex abuse ?.....please see link provided

This  confirms that the McCanns have Brooks by the balls, if Murdoch finds out the McCanns were hacked he is finished but more importantly his baby, the SUN will set!

Had the McCanns not been involved in Madeleines disappearance their story would have been another Milly Dowler, but the McCanns made a pact with satan himself and well it's all far too late now isn't it and rest assured there will be a paper trail on how much the McCanns were paid for their silence.

Private Eye, take note only mention the 'maddy story not dead ' . Madeleine, as everyone knows including Brooks is dead and has been for several years.

Private Eye, No 1313, 4 May - 17 May 2012, Page21

by our Criminal Staff
There was rejoicing in Fleet Street last night at the news that the Madeleine McCann story might still be alive.
There hav been sightings of the story in the Daily Express and the Daily Mail for years, but now the police have confirmed that a mock-up of the missing child could appear in all papers very prominently. Said a senior police chief,"We have discovered this thing called Photoshop which PC Laptop has asked his 12 years old son to operate and which has yielded an important lead story. We are going to follow this up with new mock-ups at regular intervals. As last we are getting somewhere, ie. Portugal, for an agreeable fact-finding trip."