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#McCann File Kept Secret. The Worlds Largest Missing Person Fraud Continues

Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann
Sunday July 1,2012

By James Murray

THE Home Office is refusing to release secret files on the Madeleine McCann case to avoid diplomatic ructions with Portugal.
The documents are believed to record discussions with the Metropolitan Police about sensitive details of the baffling case.

Rejecting attempts by a newspaper to see the files, the Home Office said there would be “specific detriment to the UK’s relationship with Portugal” if they were released.

It also claimed disclosure of three of the documents would “stifle discussion” between officials.
A Met review of the case was ordered last year after pressure from the Home Office and David Cameron.

Sources said there were “serious concerns” within the Met that they were investigating a “foreign” case over which they had no jurisdiction.

Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are convinced she is still alive. She was taken in May 2007 from a holiday apartment on the Algarve.

The #McCann Daily - For Those Who Remain Interested In The HOAX

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#McCann:Video - Analysis Of Trick Photography.

I took the decision to close this blog following my conversation with an officer at Scotland Yard.The conversation that took place left me cold and made me realize I am wasting my time but more importantly, yours. However, many people still visit and it is no hardship for me to post links as and when they become available.  

I think I should make it clear that the officer I spoke with at Scotland Yard had nothing to do with the so called 'Operation Grange Review' which is why our conversation was so interesting. The officer concerned gave me his name and a reference number if I should ever wish to contact him again. But there really is no need.

The last photo of Madeleine that wasn't and the tennis court image , an interesting video analysis.

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#McCann:Philpott Funerals - Six Philpott Angels Will Be Buried Today - The McCann Legacy - Dead Children And Fraudulent Funds.

philpott fire

Mike Philpott, back centre, with his children, wife and mistress

Church officials say Mr and Mrs Philpott, who are in custody awaiting trial, will not attend the service in St Mary's Catholic Church in Derby.

The BBC reported earlier this month family sources had indicated that Mick and Mairead Philpott will not attend despite wishing to.

Derbyshire Police have appealed for people to show respect and restraint towards mourners who will be at the funeral.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said the day of the funeral will be a sad one for the Philpott family, their friends, the local community and all those affected by the tragedy.

#McCann: Tell Me LIES.

Hammering away


Let’s go back to what we alluded to briefly yesterday, Gerry’s visit to Portugal in January 2009.

Why bother to bring it up again?

Who needs mysteries?

Let’s answer the question indirectly by going back to what the Blacksmith Bureau has been all about since its inception. As we’ve said over and over, we don’t claim to know what happened on May 3 – no theories, no clues and no accusations that the parents were involved in their child’s disappearance, the thesis mentioned on BBC’s Panorama recently. We agree, in a sense, with all those funny little defenders of the McCanns who claim that “nobody” knows what happened that night and the case is a mystery.

But we don’t deal primarily with the mysteries of the Madeleine McCann Case but with the evidence of the Madeleine McCann Affair, a quite different, though related, subject in which the child herself plays almost no part and with the parents at the centre, just as Kate McCann’s book Madeleine, a key primary source, has the parents at the centre, beginning and end, with the child consigned to a section of some twenty pages out of 383.

Unlike our elusive abductor the parents have been extremely visible, although it is a peculiar sort of visibility in which, as we mentioned yesterday, their prominence on our screens and pages is in sharp contrast to the shadows surrounding almost everything important that they actually do. Nevertheless their recorded words provide primary evidence about them.

And that is the rather lengthy answer to the question posed above: Kate and Gerry McCann are known and proven liars, utterly comfortable when deceiving, completely capable, as Kate McCann makes clear in her book, of not giving themselves away in public when acting a part.

Nothing Personal

These aren't opinions or criticisms of the parents' characters but statements of fact. In other, happier, circumstances they might matter very little – most of us, after all, have known somebody who lies a lot and after a while we grow used to handling it.

“Oh Brian exaggerates a bit,” we say, or “gosh, I don’t think Charlie has as much money as he claims”. And as long as they don’t invite you to get involved in some smashing new financial opportunity, or offer to accompany your husband on an overnight trip to Brighton, the relationship can survive.

Again, it is a common accusation that our politicians lie all the time, so are the McCanns anything special? But politicians don’t, not, at least, in the way the McCanns lie. What they do, and have to do, is avoid answering some questions, in other words, be “economical with the truth”. If they are caught out in provable porkies, rather than evasions, they’re on the way out.

But the McCanns’ lack of truthfulness is not on this trivial, evasive level, as the Portugal visit and Madeleine, demonstrate. On page 206 of the latter we read of a situation which the couple decided to deal with by, as she admits, lying. Even if the situation had been serious they could have been evasive and postponed their planned Huelva meeting with journalists with apologies or with circumlocutions avoiding an outright lie.

Kate McCann is such a liar that the idea of doing the latter appears never to have occurred to her! The pair of them felt, she tells us, that if the journalists found out that the police were coming to their home at 10AM it would be some sort of serious disaster, implying, of course, that a lie might be justifiable. But what was this disaster that might justify the fibs?

With the clever disingenuousness which characterises so much of her book she avoids giving any reasons for its importance.

Go on, tell us

“We didn’t feel good about this at all,” she writes, in a paragraph which should be carefully compared with paragraph 2 and the one sentence paragraph 3 on page 243 to see how she works. “We didn’t feel good about this at all, but even if the judicial secrecy law had not prevented us from giving the main reason [come, come, Kate], can you imagine what would have happened if we’d announced to the journalists heading for Huelva that the police were coming to do some forensic work in our villa?”

Well no, the Bureau can’t imagine it,really can't and we don’t have the facts to do so. But the rhetorical question is a device – she has simply hidden the motivation for their behaviour by addressing the reader directly and leaving us to provide the answers ourselves – exculpatory if you’re a McCann supporter, otherwise if you’re not. Cute, eh?

Warning: tedious evidence ahead

Now, back to Gerry McCann and the January 13/14 Portugal affair, with the usual warnings that we’re going to quote primary source evidence at some length and if the old concentration span can’t take it, please skip.

He came, he saw, he porkied

Gerry McCann made his arrival in Portugal a well-planned major media event. His team released his arrival date in advance, together with steers that it was worth covering: as a result the cameras were waiting for him when he arrived at the airport and journalists from both countries were gathered to conduct their interviews, subject: why I am in Portugal.

The words can all be found, verbatim, on the McCann Files, as can his television interview. He was there, he said, to discuss with his advisers “what can still be done in the on-going search for Madeleine.”

“What we're really here to discuss is, errr... how we can work with the authorities to explore areas where other things can still be done that... that might make a difference and I think, errr... you know, this is the first visit that I'm here in, errr... Portugal but I expect it will be the first of, you know, several over the next few months.”

“Q: Do you plan to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities?

GM: Of course.”

“The purpose of this visit was to, errr... really look at what can still be done in the search, we want to be, you know, looking positively, not backwards - looking forwards. 'Cause, you know, we want to find our daughter. It's pretty simple really.

“In an exclusive interview to the Portuguese News agency Lusa, Gerry McCann stated that he has no intention, at least for now, to promote any process against the Portuguese state or any other entity, namely media outlets, highlighting the fact that the important thing is to forget the past and try to keep searching for his missing daughter.”

“He assured journalists that it is the first of many visits to set up new operations in the search for his daughter.”

He was asked what he was looking for on this visit.

“ We are going to analyse if in fact everything was done to find Madeleine [this is in a 24 hour visit]. If the authorities acted correctly. And, more importantly, to find out if there is any lead that we can explore.”

At the end of the visit “A friend " [in fact one of Clarence Mitchell’s golems]said “Gerry is very pleased with his trip and in future, when the time is right he may well return with Kate, as a couple together.”


There we are. Every single word was an outright lie.

Thanks Kate

As Kate McCann so foolishly let slip on page 335 of Madeleine there was one, and only one, reason for Gerry McCann’s trip. She writes:

“We had already spoken to our legal team on several occasions about taking action [against Amaral] and knew that the only way of assessing our chances of success would be to seek advice from a Portuguese libel lawyer. We had first talked on the phone to Isabel Duarte on 28 November . She was really understanding and sounded nice. By this point we felt as though we had been condemned by an entire country , so to receive sympathy from someone in Portugal was like stepping into a welcoming warm bath. Six weeks later, [i.e. January 13/14] Gerry went to Lisbon to meet her.”

He hadn’t come to “discuss things with the Portuguese authorities. He hadn’t “come to see what can still be done in the on-going search for Madeleine.” He didn’t “analyse if in fact everything was done to find Madeleine,If the authorities acted correctly, and, more importantly, to find out if there is any lead that we can explore.”

Watch him lying here:

Can you look at that video of McCann lying his head off to a dozen different reporters and be sure that you could tell when he is telling the truth and when he isn’t? We can't.

Gerry McCann, like Cliff Richard who travels to the Algarve unnoticed on a regular basis, could have flown in to Portugal unnoticed and unrecognised; instead he chose, without any necessity, to lie to the public as a conscious concealment strategy.

Some things just won't go away

And so we come to the crunch: Mr McCann, a demonstrably proven liar, is the last person who claims to have seen his daughter alive; Gerry McCann and his wife are the only people who claim first-hand knowledge of an abduction; Kate McCann is the only witness who claims that the bedroom window was open at 10PM on May 3.

Decency suggests that we should hesitate before disbelieving their versions of the truth, but reality demonstrates that their unsupported words cannot be relied on.

And there is, we regret to say, a further factor. The Portuguese archiving dispatch, whose author Menezes had, for obvious reasons, no access to the above proof of repeated lying (yet who still accepted, even then, that they had not told the truth about the “checking”) has this key paragraph justifying his conclusion that they should be released from their arguido status.

“The non- involvement of the arguidos, the parents of Madeleine, in any criminal activity seems to result from the objective circumstances of them not being inside the apartment when she disappeared, from the normal behaviour that they adopted until said disappearance and afterwards, as can be amply concluded from the witness statements, from the telephone communications analysis and also from the forensics’ conclusions, namely the Reports from the FSS and from the National Institute for Legal Medicine.”

That is five reasons. One of them is “the normal behaviour that they adopted until said disappearance and afterwards, as can be amply concluded from the witness statements.”

But we've seen the proof that Gerry McCann is a practised deceiver.

And the evidence of Kate McCann’s book, previously quoted, and the further evidence on page 122 that she was adept at masking her feelings when necessary, so successful in fact that she was publicly criticised for being “cold “ and “poker faced” while actually in emotional turmoil behind the façade, shows the same aptitude.

So Mr Menezes’s sentence, representing some 20% of his justificatory reasons, obviously loses all its force.

Go on, give us a rebuttal

Whenever the BB demonstrates facts like these, the supporters of the parents, so verbose at other times, fall strangely silent, or attack the messenger with abuse and, curiously,"boredom". Unlike their enthusiastic contributions when the evidence is open to opinion, like the angels-dancing-on-a-pin interpretations of the dog’s activities, they never have anything to say in actual refutation of the claimed facts we present. Yes, reading about facts which are uncomfortable to your case but which you are intellectually incapable of challenging could be boring, couldn't it?

Anyway, until we see that this key aspect of their behaviour is being evaluated by investigators we’ll just go on hammering away with these facts taken from the pair’s own words – a source which grows larger and more suggestive with every passing year.

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#McCann:Father Simulated A Crime Scene And Fabricated An Abduction Just Like The McCanns.

Diggers brought in as search continues for Córdoba's missing children
ThinkSpain , Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Diggers and bulldozers have been brought as the search for Córdoba's missing children - six-year-old Ruth and two-year-old José Bretón - continues in their paternal grandfather's farm, "Las Quemadillas".
No trace of the youngsters has been found since they disappeared on October 8th last year.  Their father, José Bretón remains in custody on suspicion of fabricating their abduction from a Córdoba park.  Their mother, Ruth Ortiz, was helping police with the search of her estranged husband's family property yesterday.
The search has so far been concentrated on an orange grove next to the main farmhouse, as well as on an adjacent plot Bretón's parents used as a tip.
Bretón was has been brought from prison to the property today to participate actively in the search.  His wife is not present at the property today, but her lawyer is there to represent her.  Bretón's lawyer is also being represented at the farm today.
Ruth Ortiz was asked by the judge yesterday to confirm whether there had been any changes at the farm, structural or otherwise, since she was last there with her estranged husband, José Bretón.
Initial reports suggest that Ortiz pointed out "three anomalies" in different parts of the two-storey property, but that after checks were made, "nothing significant has been found".
This latest search of the property, which has already been the subject of numerous rigorous searches, has been ordered by the judge in the case, in a final attempt to find evidence of the children's whereabouts before Bretón is formally arraigned on June 15th.  A confrontation between Bretón and Juan David, a cousin of Ruth Ortiz, has also been scheduled for the same day, to throw light on a conversation the two had in prison and which the father of the missing children allegedly divulged the fate and the whereabouts of his offspring.

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McCann: Dispatches Investigates - MET Corruption - Operation Bohan.

I am placing Ian Puddicks video here for further exposure. Last week a Scotland Yard police officer was arrested for passing information over to the media, he is now out on bail. The arrest and the officer concerned are important steps and go toward exposing corruption within the Metropolitan Police Force.

Published on 6 Mar 2012 by
Chris Plumley Channel 4 Dispatches investigates City of London Police Corruption, Operation BOHAN & Kroll.
Operation Bohan was a £1,000,000 Counter Terrorism Operation to arrest Ian Puddick

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Gerry McCann: “(...) it was common for Madeleine to have nosebleeds."

"When asked if on any occasion Madeleine was injured, he (Gerry Mccann) says that he has no comments. When questioned, he said that he is the usual driver of the car. In addition to the deponent, the car was also driven by his wife Kate, his sister in law Sandy, and a cousin of Kate’s by the name of Michael."

"When asked if he has anything to add, he said that he has not seen any proof that his daughter Madeleine is dead, and therefore he will continue to search for her in the hope she is alive. He knows nothing more than what has been said."

"The defense lawyer said that he wishes the arguido to be asked again if Madeleine bled. To which he (Gerry Mccann) said it was common for Madeleine to have nosebleeds.He says that he doesn’t know if infact his daughter bled while on holiday in Portugal, because he does not want to be influenced by the news in the Press, regarding the detection of human blood in the apartment where his daughter disappeared."

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#McCann: #PubGate #NancyGate - Were The McCanns Horrified That Cameron Could Forget His Daughter And Leave Her In A Pub ? - Remember NEGLECT For The McCanns Is Only An Alibi To Explain Maddies 'Disappearance'


Minister, David Cameron, and his wife, Samantha, accidentally left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, alone for fifteen minutes in a Buckinghamshire pub. Apparently, the Camerons—along with their three children, and two other families—had gone to The Plough for Sunday lunch. Nancy snuck away to the bathroom, the Camerons went home in separate cars, and it wasn’t until they got home to Chequers that David and Samantha compared notes and realized that neither of them had Nancy. Panic ensued, and, as a Downing Street spokesman explained, “Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well. The prime minister went down straight away to get her.”

You’d think that was that, particularly as the Camerons, who lost a son, Ivan, to cerebral palsy in 2009, have shown themselves to be parents of the most devoted caliber. But the British public has seized upon the anecdote with disproportionate interest—at one point this morning, #Nancy was trending on Twitter—and Cameron, by discussing the mixup, has shown that he is sensitive to the criticism. There are a couple of factors that make the Nancy story, like the Seamus story, an emblematic tale that may well haunt Cameron for years to come. The first—understandably irresistible to Internet wags—is that the Cameron administration has recently announced that it plans to sponsor free parenting classes. (In a new twist on the usual fallacious analogies that liken household finances to national budgets, this led people to suggest that if Cameron couldn’t look after his daughter, he surely couldn’t look after a country.) There is, of course, a class element to this: when working-class parents screw up with their kids, it’s a sign of pathology, requiring state intervention, but when privileged parents do they can apologize for their absentmindedness and promise, next time, to take a head count. more

Comment: The story is two months old and Murdoch bided his time , his purpose, to do the most damage so he chose the week Cameron would be at Leveson to realease it through the SUN and to coincide with this evenings Dispatches on Channel 4 'Murdoch, Cameron and the £8 Billion Dodgy Deal'...

Murdoch would like to do so much more harm to Cameron , for instance expose the McCanns but he cannot do that without bringing himself and Brooks down and as much as he despises Cameron, Brooks is everything to the dirty sleazy warmongering digger.

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#McCann: From God's Lips On Jane Tanner 'Sighting' - Note The Word Probably.

It would appear HiDeHo's contact with Scotland Yard and interest in her video's pointing out the groups blatant lies, discrepancies, too polite a word where a missing toddler is concerned has resulted in vile abuse toward a woman who has worked tirelessly in Madeleines defence. Those who have no interest in the truth are now holding on tightly to Jane Tanner's 'sighting'...So lets listen to God himself on what Tanner is alleged to have seen...Listen carefully  P.R.O.B.A.B.L.Y. carrying a child. Probably carrying a child could never be misunderstood in a million years for the description that Tanner later gave no matter which side of the fence you are sitting on. The detail of the pyjamas could never be misunderstood for PROBABLY carrying a child. I hope HiDeHo also sends this video to SY I think they may find it very useful. The date is important ,it is before McCann managed to persuade Gordon Brown to 'help' release information on their fabricated abductor.

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Ben Needham : Cruel Hoax - Ben Needham's mother contacted by man demanding £500,000 for information about her son

The mother of Ben Needham, the British toddler who disappeared in Greece more than 20 years ago, says a man is demanding £500,000 to reveal what happened to her son.

Ben was 21 months old when he vanished from the island of Kos on July 24 1991, close to an old farmhouse which was being renovated by his grandparents.

His mother Kerry Grist, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said yesterday that private investigators in Greece had contacted her through her Facebook page to say a man was offering information but wanted assurances that the original reward of £500,000 was still available.

“We then emailed the detective agency saying unfortunately the reward was no longer on offer and the benefactor who offered the reward had lost contact,” she said.

“When the man was informed of this he said without any money there would be no information.”

Mrs Grist added: "Why is somebody being allowed to blackmail a family like us? We just want to know where Ben is. It felt like he was making me put a price on my son's life.”

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#McCann:Cadaver Dog Search With Snoopy And Missy. The Year 2000. An Incredible Story.

Missy clears a canyon where accused cop killers Jason McVean and “Monte” Pilon may be hiding.

In July 2000, in a courthouse in rural Utah, a grisly tale of violent death and corpse mutilation unfolded.  Witnesses recounted the events of October 25, 1998, when former federal drug informant and alleged methamphetamine cook John Pinder beat ranch hands June Flood and Rex Tanner with a baseball bat, then executed the pair and mutilated their bodies. Pinder, recently convicted of double first-degree murder, was an eccentric rancher with a penchant for weapons and parading his pet male African lion around town. Earlier in 1998, he gained national attention when I prosecuted him for letting his lion cruise Main Street in the back of a pickup truck.

After Pinder shot Flood and Tanner, he wrapped their bodies in explosives and blew them into small pieces.

Not satisfied, he gathered the remains with the aid of another ranch hand, then temporarily stashed them in large garbage bags hidden in bushes.

Returning the following morning with two ranch hands, he burned the remains in a steel drum.

Still distressed that some of the remains were identifiable as human body parts, he once again gathered the remains and blasted them over a large parcel of ground, burying much of the remains and debris.

Cadaver Dogs Find Critical Evidence

It was a homicide investigator's nightmare.

The bodies were blasted twice and burned beyond any recognition, with no visually identifying features remaining. Tiny fragments were spread over acres of ground.

Fortunately for the detectives of the Duchesne County (Utah) Sheriff's Office, Snoopy and Missy were ready to go to work on the case. Missy, handled by Sgt. Wally Hendricks, and Snoopy, handled by Sgt. Dave Boren, are specially trained as cadaver search dogs. They had recently proven their skills in locating a Native American burial site, following reports that some bones had washed away in a flood. A medical examiner's investigation revealed that the site dated back well into the early 1800s. The dogs' work made it possible for appropriate reburial of the remains.

Snoopy and Missy identified the bushes where the body parts had been temporarily stashed, and the canine duo lead investigators to a pair of feet, clad in distinctive stockings. Mates for the stockings were later discovered in Flood's home.

Investigators also found the skull and some facial flesh of the male victim.

Prosecutors still worried, however, about proving that Flood was indeed dead, since nothing more than her feet had been identified, even though the Utah State Crime Laboratory had been able to identify some flesh fragments through DNA analysis.

A year after the initial discovery and Pinder's arrest, detectives gained an important lead when Filomena Valencia Ruiz, the ranch hand present at the time of the beating and murder, agreed to testify against Pinder in order to avoid the risk of the death penalty.

Investigators learned of the second explosion and burn site.

Missy and Snoopy again went to work. Sniffing over acres of ground, they located several fragments of human tissue, and one key find - part of Flood's skull. Now prosecutors would have no difficulty in conclusively establishing  Flood's death.

More significantly, and highly critical to Pinder's ultimate conviction, the dogs' discoveries corroborated the co-defendant's testimony about the chain of events and the second body mutilation more

#McCann: #Valencia - Cadaver Dogs Search For Missing Three Year Olds Body.

The child was being looked after by two women who say he hit his head and died.

They put the body in the rubbish.

The judge in Instruction Court 17 in Valencia, has ordered the two women who were looking after a three year old child, who is now dead, to prison without bail.

The judge has accused the women of homicide, abuse and crime simulation.According to reports the two women have admitted to the judge that the child died when he hit his head accidentally, and that they had decided to throw the body in to the rubbish.

A search, which started on Friday, continues for three year old Johan David this morning in the Dos Aguas rubbish tip, according to the National Police who are supported by the canine unit from Madrid specialist in locating bodies.

The child’s disappearance was denounced last Wednesday when under the care of the two women who are friends of the mother.

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#McCann: Cadaver Dog MORSE And His Handler Martin Grime NOW In Evidence In the Bianca Jones Murder Trial WITHOUT A Body. WARNING Disturbing Testimony.

Bianca Jones Murder  Disturbing Testimony.

DETROIT (WWJ) – It was day-one of testimony in the D’Andre Lane’s preliminary exam in Detroit. Lane is charged in the disappearance and death of his 2-year-old daughter Biancha Jones.

First on the witness stand was the defendant’s 8-year-old daughter Il’Andra. Under questioning by Assistant  Wayne County Prosecutor Qiana  Luller, the youngster testified how her father became angry when she wet the bed, punishing her with the urine-soaked underwear which tore the underside of her tongue.
 Disturbing Testimony On Day One Of Bianca Jones Murder Trial
Bianca Jones

Il’Andra said Lane held the underwear to her face.
“And, when the panties went in your mouth, how did that feel?” asked Luller.

“Weird,” the girl said.

After identifying a photo of what she referred to as “the stick,”IL’Andra testified that her father had used it on Bianca when she wouldn’t answer his questions.  ”She got whooped with it,” IL’Andra said.

Also testifying on Tuesday was a British cadaver dog trainer who said one of his dogs hit on the scent of decomposition  in the closet of the children’s room at Lanes’ home.

Lane has maintained his innocence, saying Bianca was taken in a car-jacking in early December.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has said there was no car-jacking and that Lane’s story was not consistent with the facts of the case.
Once again we have a dead child and the parent simulating an abduction. We even have a description of the phantom abductor.
$17,500 reward for missing Detroit 2 year-old, Bianca Jones

#McCann: Bianca Jones Murder Trial - FBI Dog Handler Martin Grime And His Cadaver Dog MORSE Are Involved In This Murder Case. Grime Has Already Given Testimony On The Capability Of MORSE.

D'Andre Lane, father of missing 2-year-old Bianca Jones, to stand trial for murder

D'Andre Lane (left) and Bianca Jones
(Credit: Oakland County Sheriff's Dept./CBS Detroit) (CBS/WWJ) DETROIT - D'Andre Lane, the father of missing 2-year-old Detroit girl Bianca Jones, will stand trial in his daughter's presumed murder.

On Tuesday, 36th District Court Judge Ruth Carter announced she found there was enough evidence to continue with the trial, CBS Detroit reports. Carter said she was struck by the testimony of Bianca's 8-year-old sister, Il'Andra, who said Bianca didn't move or make any noise when she usually did in her sleep.

"That's what struck me about Il'Andra's testimony, was that she noticed that BB (Bianca) never got out of bed, that she never saw BB moving around. And then her father went to get BB after they were in the car and brought her out covered, and then she remained covered when they were in the car," Carter said, according to CBS Detroit.

Lane has pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse and murder in connection to the Bianca's disappearance. Prosecutors say the toddler, whose body was never found, was abused on the day of her disappearance. Lane denies that he has anything to do with the disappearance and claims his daughter was taken during a carjacking in early December.

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, an extensive investigation determined that there was no carjacking.

A cadaver dog trainer testified that one of his dogs hit on the scent of decomposition in the closet of the children's room at Lanes' home. However, Bianca's body has not been found.

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#McCann : Without NEGLECT There Can Be No Abduction. Is NEGLECT The BIG LIE That The World Has Swallowed ? I Believe It Is....Still Today Many People Believe 'Neglect' But A Lot Less Believe Maddie Was Abducted.

Gerry McCann told us in 2007, before he involved PM Gordon Brown that Jane Tanner is not sure she saw anything !

The #McCann Legacy : First Reactions - Proving The 'Abduction' Was A Simulated Crime Scene Thought Up By The Tapas 9. They Should ALL Be In Jail Along With The Philpotts!

#McCann : The Philpotts Remanded In Custody On Grounds That They Might Interfere With Witnesses.

The McCann clan know ALL about interfering with witnesses

Beaming: Mairead and Mick Philpott on their wedding day. The couple stand accused of killing their six children in an arson attack
Beaming: Mairead and Mick Philpott on their wedding day. The couple stand accused of killing their six children in an arson attack