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#McCann : Claudia - A Dear Friend Of Gonçalo Amaral Explains How Marinho Pinto One Of The McCanns Prime Witnesses Is Loved By The Judges - NOT

#McCann :The Corruption Continues -Libel Action- Marinho Pinto is a witness for the couple

The head of the bar of the Lawyer's Order, Marinho Pinto, will be a witness for the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral in the civil process that Madeleine's parents filed against the former coordinator of the Directorate of the Judiciária Police of Portimão, Correio da Manhã has found out.

Marinho Pinto has made himself available to testify, in person, against the former coordinator at the trial that was scheduled to start next week, but was postponed by the judge who granted the application made by the McCanns to hear several English witnesses via video more

#McCann : Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Heads For Portugal In Search Of The Truth. TRUTH - A Word As Foreign To the McCanns As Portugal Itself. Good Luck Pat xx

Maddie Case Files

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am going to Portugal next week and conduct my search for Madeleine. I was going to postpone the trip due to the Amaral trial being delayed until April, but since I am not sure I can depend on the trial occurring then either and it cost a ridiculous sum to change my airline ticket, I am going to go ahead as planned. I will keep you updated via Twitter @ProfilerPatB and on my Facebook pages - Pat Brown and Criminal Profiler Pat Brown (please like that page and communicate with me there as my friend page is maxed out at 5000).


#McCann : Retired Lawyer Faces Jail - Article By McCann Cult Follower Robert Mendick

Odious McCann follower Mendick remembered for his comment....A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve."

For almost five years, Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered the anguish of not knowing what happened to their daughter Madeleine.
Through it all, they have also had to contend with a sustained campaign of harassment conducted by a small band of fanatics convinced they had a hand in their daughter's disappearance.
Now, one of their main tormentors is facing jail for refusing to leave the McCanns' alone.
Tony Bennett has waged a campaign since 2007 against the couple – repeatedly accusing them of covering up the girl's death in leaflets, books and on internet postings.
On one occasion, the Madeleine Foundation, which he runs, handed out 1,500 pamphlets in Rothley, the couple's home village in Leicestershire, entitled "10 key reasons which suggest she was not abducted." more

Yes one can clearly see the anguish on the face of a father who claims his child was stolen ONLY days before by a paedophile but then he had a lot to be happy about , the 'fund' was stacking up and the gullible had been taken in  !

The World's largest missing person fraud was born.

#McCann : Kate Healy's Window Of Opportunity.

Jon, godparent to the McCanns' twins, said: "She was in an absolutely hysterical state - very, very distressed. She blurted out Madeleine had been abducted.

"Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed.

Madeleine was missing It looks as though someone had gone straight past the twins to get to her.

The window: I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim. The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it. Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a ‘red herring’


#McCann : #Jersey -There Was No "Damning Interim Met Report" AND A Quote From Kate McCann !

A Liar and a Crook

Quote From Kate McCann

(please refer to the Jersey ‘Haut de La Garenne’ case and other research published about their use and reliability).

It is vital to note that alerts by such dogs are classified as intelligence rather than evidence, as police officers familiar with their use will verify. These alerts must be supported by forensics in order to be used as evidence. The results of the forensic examinations did not identify any blood or Madeleine’s DNA. To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive.


#McCann : #Freemason - Portuguese Goverment Looks For Masons Among Politicians

Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, gave the Ministry of Internal Administration (equivalent to MSW) guidelines for the obligations of persons holding high positions in government to disclose whether they belong to Masonic lodges.

Informed the Lisbon daily "Diario de Noticias', guidance on the verification link politics with Freemasonry were included in the government report on the matter so-called Ongoing. The document contained a suspicion against a group of people from the former management of the Portuguese secret police and Ongoing media concern about attempts to control other media.

Portuguese newspaper reminds that even the prime minister on Wednesday denied that the Passos Coelho would require persons holding high public office to disclose whether they belong to Masonic lodges.

According to "Diario de Noticias", passing by the Prime Minister the matter to the ministry of public affairs, is de facto an investigation of alleged links with representatives of the Portuguese freemasonry intelligence services of the country, as well as top politicians, including MPs to parliament.

In August 2011 newspaper "Publico", revealed that some journalists were his editors to surveillance by the Portuguese secret service in the days of socialist governments. Information for agents to access mailboxes and SMS editorial staff representative confirmed the mobile more


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#McCann : Mom Arrested For Leaving Child Alone To Go Gamble At A Casino - Mom Cannot Afford Carter Ruck So There Will Not Be A Fighting Fund !

A mother wanted on counterfeiting charges has been accused of leaving her five-year-old son alone in a hotel room so she could gamble.

Xiao Xu Wu was charged on Wednesday with risk of injury to a minor after her son called 911 and said he was left alone at a Mohegan Sun Casino in New York.

Police said the 38-year-old Wu had pending immigration charges and was wanted in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on counterfeiting charges. She also was charged as a fugitive from justice and held on a $200,000 bond.

Scroll down for video

Jailed: Xiao Xu Wu was charged with risk of injury to a minor after her son called 911 and said he was left alone at a Mohegan Sun Casino in New York
Jailed: Xiao Xu Wu was charged with risk of injury to a minor after her son called 911 and said he was left alone at a Mohegan Sun Casino in New York
As CBS News reports, the five-year-old boy did not know where his mother was when he woke up from a nap to find himself alone, and called 911.

The dispatcher gently questioned him about her whereabouts and determined his mother was absent.

Police say the woman left her cellphone number on the nightstand with instructions not to open the door for anyone, but the boy said he could not read the note.
The state Department of Children and Families has taken the child into custody.

Slots: The mother admitted leaving her son alone at a Mohegan Sun Casino in New York to gamble, and told prosecutors she saw nothing wrong with it
At the slots: The mother admitted leaving her son alone at a Mohegan Sun Casino in New York to gamble, and told prosecutors she saw nothing wrong with it
The mother was arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor. The Courant reports Wu was also wanted on immigration charges.

According to the network, she told prosecutors she 'felt that there was nothing wrong with what she had done' by leaving her boy alone in the hotel room. 

In a statement to the newspaper, the casino said: 'Here at Mohegan Sun we do everything we can to provide the opportunity for all guests to act responsibly.

'When it comes to child care, we have multiple options available for guests including Kids Quest and Cyber Quest facilities. We have a no tolerance policy for things of this nature and are cooperating fully with all authorities on this matter.'

The case was continued to February 24.

It's not known if Wu is represented by a lawyer.

Watch video here

#McCann :#Leveson - The #Sun Reporters Arrested Today Are - Mike Sullivan - Graham Dudman -Chris Pharo And Fergus Shanahan

More to follow....

Jamie Pyatt already arrested and bailed as we know.

Sullivan - Crime Reporter

Dudman - Ex Managing Editor

Pharo - Newsdesk.

Shanahan - Ed Deputy Ed

Four current and former senior Sun journalists and one serving police officer have been arrested as part of Scotland Yard's investigation into police corruption.

The Metropolitan police have also launched a search at News International's headquarters in Wapping in a bid to secure any potential evidence relating to alleged payments to police by journalists.

Officers were accompanied by lawyers who arrived at the Sun's offices between 6am and 8am this morning. They are there to ensure "journalist privilege" in relation to sources is not compromised.

It is the first time since the phone-hacking scandal erupted that the Sun has been targeted in such a major way but sources stress the dawn raid has nothing to do with voicemail interception and solely relates to paying police for stories.

The four Sun employees arrested are understood to be Mike Sullivan, the Sun's crime editor, the former managing editor Graham Dudman, the executive editor Fergus Shanahan and Chris Pharo, a news desk executive.

The arrests came after information was passed to the police by News Corporation's internal investigations unit, the Management and Standards Committee. It was set up in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal that erupted last July by Rupert Murdoch and operates independently of News International.

It is understood staff and management at the Sun had no warning of the police plans to make arrests or to conduct a search at the paper's newsroom.

A statement from News Corp in New York said: "Metropolitan police service (MPS) officers from Operation Elveden today arrested four current and former employees from The Sun newspaper. Searches have also taken place at the homes and offices of those arrested.

"News Corporation made a commitment last summer that unacceptable news gathering practices by individuals in the past would not be repeated.

"It commissioned the Management and Standards Committee (MSC) to undertake a review of all News International titles, regardless of cost, and to proactively co-operate with law enforcement and other authorities if potentially relevant information arose at those titles.

"As a result of that review, which is ongoing, the MSC provided information to the Elveden investigation which led to today's arrests.

"No comment can be made on the nature of that information to avoid prejudicing the investigation and the rights of individuals."

The Management and Standards Committee has been charged with ridding the company of old practices and illegal activities such as phone hacking which led to the abrupt closure of the News of the World after 168 years last July.

One source said. "They are there to drain the swamp."

Scotland Yard confirmed in a statement that the investigation "relates to suspected payments to police officers and is not about seeking journalists to reveal confidential sources in relation to information that has been obtained legitimately."

Three of the four journalists were arrested before 8am on Saturday morning while the fourth was arrested mid morning, it is understood.

"Home addresses of those arrested are currently being searched and officers are also carrying out a number of searches at the offices of News International in Wapping, East London. These searches are expected to conclude this afternoon," the Met said in a statement.

A source said police were interested in everything from "notepads, emails, Post-it notes".

All four men were being questioned at police stations in Essex and London, police said. Twelve people have so far been arrested under Operation Elveden.

The operation is being supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and is being run in conjunction with Operation Weeting, the MPS inquiry into the phone hacking of voicemail boxes.

It was launched after officers were handed documents suggesting that News International journalists made illegal payments to police officers.

Others questioned as part of the inquiry include the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, the ex-Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson, the former News of the World managing editor Stuart Kuttner, the paper's former royal editor Clive Goodman, the former News of the World crime editor Lucy Panton and the Sun district editor, Jamie Pyatt.

Brooks and Coulson are both former editors of the News of the World, which was closed in July at the height of the hacking scandal following revelations that the murdered teenager Milly Dowler's phone was hacked.

Deborah Glass, the deputy chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said: "It will be clear from today's events that this investigation is following the evidence.

"I am satisfied with the strenuous efforts being made by this investigation to identify police officers who may have taken corrupt payments, and I believe the results will speak for themselves."

#McCann : The Fabricated Abduction - Nine Monsters And An Innocent Three Year Old Child.

The McCanns Lied -They Told Friends AND Family In England The Window Had Been Smashed And Jemmied - See For Yourself And Hear An Experts Opinion On That Very Window - Realize A One Million Pound Fund Has Been Created On NOTHING But The McCanns Lies ! Far Worse, Three Of Their Friends Knowing The Truth Of What Really Happened To Madeleine Went On To Try And Frame Robert Murat. Nine Monsters And An Innocent Three Year Old Child.

#McCann #Facebook Sues Alleged Clickjacking Spammer Sparking Row

Facebook suing a company HERE: for using techniques THEY used on behalf of HERE:-

H/T Spudgun

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#McCann Venom Soon To Be Exposed -2nd Victim - Madeleine Was Their First - Tony Bennett AND His Family - For Those In Doubt Let Me Remind YOU The McCanns Have NOT Been Cleared In The Disappearance /Death Of Their Daughter Madeleine.

Sally Morgan psychic fraudster has been exposed, however current UK libel laws allow you to claim to be able to speak to the dead and sue anyone who claims otherwise. Likewise with the McCann scam!

FACT: The McCanns do not want the case re-opened as this would mean returning for the reconstruction, this they cannot do because the entire setting was a fabrication, NEGLECT to prove abduction. This also includes moving cots from separate rooms and placing them together which McCann of course denies in his arguido statement.

FACT : The final summary clearly states that because the McCanns refused to return for the reconstruction PROVING there was a window of opportunity for an abduction leaves them STILL suspects in the disappearance/death of their daughter Madeleine.

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.

FACT : The McCanns have not been cleared in the disappearance/death of their three year old daughter Madeleine no matter how hard Carter Ruck try to spin it !

 And we are we are never required to do any of the following:
  • consider lack of prosecution as proving innocence,
  • consider a “not guilty” as proving innocence,
  • being happy or even agreeing with what resulted,
  • claiming that “justice was served”.

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#McCann #SallyMorgan : The Fraudsters !

Sally Morgan has been exposed as a con artist, this she denies and on that basis her lawyers in their infinite wisdom believe she has a good case to sue The Daily Mail for calling her Crystal Balls ! I had thought the McCanns took first prize for scamming but this woman is something else, preying on the grieving and vulnerable, she is obscene!

#McCann : Spokesman's PR Witch Hunt To Frame Captain Schettino Ends In Tears !

#McCann : #MillyDowler #Bloggerheads - A perfect Example How One GOOD Journalist Could Blow The McCann Circus Apart.

Tim Ireland from Bloggerheads ventures where other men fear to tread, it was Tim who exposed Bell Pottinger.  But Tim is not foolish enough to try and take on Carter Ruck although I believe he would have great success and find it a challenge, nothing is worth losing your home over . Tim could start with an FOI questioning Leicester Police as to why they held back a paedophile allegation when a child was missing ? And as for Clarence Mitchell well Tim knows all about him.....Tim, were he to investigate would very quickly discover that the ONLY facts holding the McCann case together are a mixture of toxic PR and lies!

However, back to Milly Dowler and his latest discovery on Surrey police and the NotW.

Paedophile Allegations

Clarence Mitchell Spin To The Media PLUS Brian Kennedy Paid Metodo 3 To Spin Fabricated Sightings.

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#McCann : How British Libel Laws Enable The McCanns To Commit Fraud.

Why British journalists are taught to be dishonest

The first thing I learned in journalism school was not to say anything bad about the police. If I did, even if I'd seen abuses of power with my own eyes, I could face a suit for damages that would ruin me, my editors and whatever paper had been unfortunate enough to publish my work.

Nick Cohen's new treatise on censorship, You Can't Read This Book, airs one of the more painful secrets of the British press - the slide, especially over the last 15 years, towards a culture where archaic libel laws give the wealthy and privileged "the power to enforce a censorship that the naive supposed had vanished with the repressions of the old establishment."

I recently spent some time in the United States, where the cultural attitude to freedom of the press is rather different. A country that produced Fox News and allows presidential attack ads to run on television can hardly be held up as a gold standard for fair and unbiased reporting, but if American journalism lacks deference, British journalism is crippled by a surfeit of it.

Where writers in the United States are used to having their articles cross-referenced by fact-checkers for accuracy, journalists in Britain have our work picked over by lawyers. I found myself blushing when I explained to fellow writers covering police brutality at Occupy Wall Street that where I come from, it does not matter whether or not what you write is true so much as whether or not it is actionable.

Actionability, moreover, is relative.

It's about money as well as legality.

The decisions writers and editors make about what to publish inevitably depend on whether the potentially aggrieved party is wealthy enough to sue.

This means, in practical terms, that journalists can and do say pretty much anything we like about, for example, single parents, immigrants, the unemployed, or benefit claimants.

Last year, however, when a group of chronically ill and disabled benefit claimants set up a small website campaigning against Atos Origin, the private company running the controversial new welfare tests, the French company lost no time sending out intimidating legal letters.

The real problem here is not just censorship, but self-censorship.

Cohen points out that British journalists, campaigners and others learn to modify our speech before it ever reaches the point of contention. I will never forget being quietly reminded by other activists, on a demonstration against corporate tax avoidance last year, to chant "tax avoider!" not "tax dodger!". The imprecision of "dodger" might have given grounds for a suit, and we'd already spent all our money on the placards.

These were young people quite prepared to be arrested in the course of a peaceful protest.

The risks of a defamation action, however, were much too high.

Under British civil law, the burden of proof in cases of libel or slander is on the defendant, not the claimant - if you're sued, you have to prove that what you said isn't libellous, and defendants must pay some court costs whatever the verdict.

The price of losing a libel case often runs into millions, so editors, activists and journalists are forced to take steps to avoid them at any cost.

In the British media, the cost of courage is prohibitively high - so young journalists are taught to be duplicitous from day one.

We are taught, or we learn on the job from decent editors shackled by the threat of libel costs, to withhold or obscure what we know in case it inconveniences the rich and spiteful.

What could be more dishonest?

Without a change in the law, journalists will continue to learn deference and duplicity in the very profession many of us entered to expose such things.

FOOTNOTE : Explained pure and simple, we are all well aware just how spiteful the McCanns are, they know journalists fear Carter Ruck so although they have many questions it would appear the price is too high to pay and as long as Carter Ruck 's fees are met the status quo will remain . The irony , the gullible British public pay to keep the McCanns out of jail. However, a few journalists on twitter were chatting among themselves and said there are a lot of questions as to where the money has gone, so who know's if they make enough noise sooner or later the McCanns may well be exposed , especially if said journalists realize that it is Carter Ruck feeding fom the fund!

#McCann : Hungarian Scam - NY Lawyer" In 20 years of doing this, never once have I experienced a situation where someone loses a relative and they talk about money. Every family just wants to know: what happened? How did it happen?”

The #McCann's Wish To Dominate YOU They Want To Take Your Money And Use It Against You - To Silence You . 60 Reasons Which Suggest Madeleine Was Not Abducted ? I ONLY Need One - I Do Not Believe Them.Gordon Brown Needs To Be Seriously Questioned About His Telephone Calls With The McCanns !

Gerry #McCann Odious Repugnant Arrogant - And Certainly GUILTY Of Lying . The Pair Of Them Make My Flesh Crawl - Paxman Appeared To Feel The Same Way !

#McCann: In The Bizarre World Of The McCann's - Tony Bennett Must Be Punished For EXPLOITING Their Lies ! A Pointless Exercise When It Is Self Evident The Couple ARE Pathalogical Liars As The Following Article Demonstrates

Gerry McCann, in Huelva, 24 hours after he claimed to have been incapacitated by a 'viral illness'


By Dr Martin Roberts
24 January 2012


"We'd never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else. But now we found ourselves in one of those tricky situations where we just didn't seem to have a choice." (Kate McCann in 'Madeleine,' pp. 205-6).

The McCanns have begun litigation against Tony Bennett for alleged defamation concerning, among a variety of other things, an earlier undertaking "not to repeat allegations that the Claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of...lying about what happened..."

At issue, in this specific instance, is not whether the McCanns have been unerringly truthful, but that Tony Bennett be prevented from alleging the contrary himself, or repeating such allegations by others, in any way shape or form. I.e., he may think what he likes provided he does not voice his own or others' opinion. 'A still tongue keeps a wise head,' so the proverb has it, although that particular stratagem didn't quite work for Sir Thomas More.

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, by Erving Goffman, was a groundbreaking book on the subject of social interaction. Here, in the context of 'reputation management,' we have a clear example of how society functions on the basis of pretences, albeit false ones.

The McCanns have lied. Kate McCann has admitted as much in her very own book, as she goes on to say, talking about the passage of information to the media, "As it happened, Gerry had a mild stomach upset which we used as an excuse to postpone the trip." (to Huelva).

The sales figures for Kate's book, 'Madeleine,' if they are to be believed, suggest that the book's overall circulation probably rivals the number of individuals who might have read any or all of Tony Bennett's apparently repeated allegations 'that the Claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of...lying about what happened...,' the global reach of the Internet notwithstanding.

So we have this altogether bizarre paradox in which, for the sake of 'keeping up appearances,' what people do or say, whether alone or in company, is not quite so important as how many other people know about it (the presentation of self, if you will).

But that in itself is not the paradox.
The real, and quite extraordinary contradiction in this instance is that Tony Bennett's apparent act of defamation consists of his having broadcast 'allegations' of lying to a wider public; allegations which carry a kernel of truth given Kate McCann's own published admission, to a wider public, that they, the McCanns, were prepared to lie - and did so, however 'badly' they may have felt about it afterwards. Remorse is relative in any case, as 'Madeleine' itself harbours various inconsistencies, and Kate McCann has continued to offer 'accounts of the truth' since.

It would be inappropriate, on several levels, to 'allege' anything at this point but, following upon Kate McCann's unequivocal declaration ('We'd never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else.') one has to wonder quite how to describe the ever expanding catalogue of 'errors in recall' on the McCanns' part, and whether such a euphemism is itself legally acceptable. Or whether the preferred option (much preferred no doubt) would be to silence discussion completely.

To friends and family members

'The shutters were 'jemmied open'/'smashed.' (They were not even tampered with).

There was a 'system' in place as regards 'checking the children'

For example, Jeremy Wilkins' third (Rogatory) statement to British Police (08.04.08): 'I assumed that Gerry was off to dine with the group in the Tapas bar, but I cannot precisely say this came from him or if I figured this out from our previous conversations regarding the checking system for the children.'

(The witness testimony of Mrs Pamela Fenn and responses during Rogatory interview of Fiona Payne and Matthew Oldfield indicate that there was no 'system' in place at all).

To the police in Portugal

(Thursday). When her lesson ended at 10:15, she went to the recreation area next to the swimming pool to talk to Russell until Gerry's lesson was over. Afterwards... they went back together to the apartment

The more recently published 'account of the truth' reads:

"I returned to our apartment before Gerry had finished his tennis lesson and washed and hung out Madeleine's pyjama top on the veranda." ('Madeleine,' p.64).

To the general public

(Tuesday) "We dropped the kids off at their clubs for the last hour and a half, meeting up with them as usual for tea." ('Madeleine,' p.59).

(Creche records archived among the case files show all the children signed in at 2.30 p.m., the younger twins signed out again at 5.20 p.m., nearly three hours later).

"Friday 4 May. Our first day without Madeleine. As soon as it was light Gerry and I resumed our search. We went up and down roads we'd never seen before..." ('Madeleine,' p.83).

(Kate McCann can be clearly heard, during an early filmed interview with the BBC's Jane Hill, explaining away the fact that the McCanns themselves did not physically search for their daughter).

"Since July 2008 there has been no police force anywhere actively investigating what has happened to Madeleine." (p.364).

(Leicestershire Police have stated in writing (June, 2011) that they view the investigation as 'on-going.').

"...they commented that the man didn't look comfortable carrying the child, as if he wasn't used to it." ('Madeleine,' p.98)

('They' made no such comment. One Smith family member alone described the child as being 'in an uncomfortable position;' uncomfortable for the child, that is).

Under Oath (to Lord Justice Leveson)

'There were no body fluids.'

(This statement refers specifically to media reports of biological material retrieved from the McCanns' hire car (for which hypothetical explanations are advanced on p.264 of 'Madeleine') and virtually denies the existence of a forensic report concerning an analysis of 'body fluids' conducted by the FSS in Birmingham, which is again on record and discussed, at some length, on p.331 of 'Madeleine,' by Kate McCann).

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#McCann #Leveson : The Carvi Seafood Restaurant Scandal !

A study in Journalism, Propaganda, Spin ... take your pick ...
Please remember as you plod through this that all of these news articles were based on one and only one *fellow diner* at the Carvi restaurant. The *fellow diner* is important! He or she was used by the British Press to significantly manipulate public opinion against the Portuguese police.

#McCann - How Long Would HE Sit On A Plane If A Sniffer Dog Indicated There Was A Bomb On Board ?

Military Working Dog in Afghanistan

A search dog trained to sniff out explosives is pictured with his handler patrolling through muddy fields with 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan.
These highly trained dogs are a vital part of the team as they bring security to the uncompromising areas of Helmand Province.Photographer: Sgt Rupert Frere RLC
Image 45153527.jpg from

#McCann 's Spokesman's Latest Project - Defending The Indefensible - The Sordid Past Of Carnival Cruise Liner !

The #McCann #Fraud : Refusal To Answer Police Questions - Taking Public Money On The Pretext Of Searching - YOUR MONEY Is Then Used Against You To SILENCE You If You Question Their VERSION Of Events !

Mrs McCann used her right to remain silent and only answered one question.
Her arguido status was lifted on 21 July this year. She and her husband have always denied any involvement in their daughter's disappearance.
The police inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance was wound up last month due to a lack of evidence.


1 On 3 May 2007 at around 2200, when you entered the apartment what did you see and do, where did you look, and what did you touch?

2 Did you look inside the wardrobe in the bedroom? She said she wouldn't answer.

3 (Shown two photographs of the wardrobe) Can you describe its contents?

4 Why had the curtain behind the sofa in front of the side window (a photograph of which was shown to her), been disturbed? Had someone passed behind this sofa?

5 How much time did you spend searching in the apartment after realising that your daughter Madeleine had disappeared?

6 Why did you say from the start that Madeleine had been abducted?

7 Assuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home to go to the Tapas to raise the alarm, not least because the supposed abductor could still be in the apartment?

8 Why did you not ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why did you not ask them later?

9 When you raised the alarm in the Tapas what specific words were used?

10 What happened after raising the alarm at the Tapas?

11 Did you have a mobile phone with you at that moment?

12 Why did you go to warn your friends instead of shouting from the balcony?

13 Who contacted the authorities?

14 Who took part in the searches?

15 Did someone outside the group learn, in the moments that followed, of Madeleine's disappearance?

16 Did any neighbour offer you help after the alarm was raised about the disappearance?

17 What did the expression "we let her down" mean?

18 Did Jane tell you that she had seen a man carrying a child that night?

19 How were the authorities contacted and which police force was alerted?

20 During the searches after police arrived, in which places were Madeleine searched for, and in what way?

21 Why did the twins not wake up during the search or when they went upstairs?

22 Whom did you telephone after the discovery?

23 Did you call Sky News?

24 Did you know of any danger of calling the media alerting them of the abduction, since this could influence the abductor?

25 Did you request the presence of a priest?

26 In what way was the face of Madeleine, in photographs or by other means, released?

27 Is it true that during the search you remained seated on Madeleine's bed in your room without moving?

28 What was your behaviour like during that night?
29 Did you manage to sleep?

30 Before the trip to Portugal did you make a comment about a bad feeling or premonition about it?

31 What was Madeleine's behaviour like?

32 Did Madeleine suffer from any infirmity or take medication?

33 What was Madeleine's relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and fellow pupils?

34 Regarding your professional life, in how many hospitals and in which ones did you work?

35 What was your speciality as a doctor?

36 Do you work shifts in emergency wards or other departments?

37 Do you work in the daytime?

38 Why did you stop working at a certain point?

39 Is it true or not that the twins have difficulty falling asleep, that they are restless and that this upsets you?

40 Is it true or not that at certain times you felt desperate at your children's attitude and that this upsets you a lot?

41 Is it true or not that in England you went so far as thinking about handing over Madeleine to a relative to look after?

42 At home (in England) did you give medication to your children and what kind of medication?

43 (Various films had been shown to her of the inspection by forensic dogs, where one can see their signalling indications of the scent of a human corpse and traces of human blood as well as the comments by the expert overseeing the exercise.) Having seen the film and after the scent of a corpse was signalled in her bedroom near the wardrobe, and behind the sofa by the window in the sitting room, Kate McCann said she could not explain anything more than she already had.

44 She was asked about the sniffer dog that signalled human blood behind the above-mentioned sofa. She said she could not explain anything more than she already had.

45 She was asked about the scent of corpse which was signalled in the vehicle she hired about a month after the disappearance, with number plate 59-DA-27. She said she could not explain anything more than she already had.
46 When the presence of human blood was signalled in the boot of the same vehicle Kate McCann said she could not explain anything more than she already had.

47 Confronted with the result of the sample of Madeleine's DNA, whose analysis was carried out by a British laboratory, found behind the sofa and in the boot of the vehicle, as previously described, Kate McCann said she could not explain anything more than she already had.

48 Did you have any responsibility or involvement in the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine?

49 Are you aware that the fact of your not answering the questions put to you jeopardise the investigation that was aimed at finding out what happened to your daughter, she answered: "Yes, if the investigation thinks that."

50 Do you have anything to add? She said: "No."

51 Her lawyer was asked to comment. He said he had nothing to state or request.
The questions put to Kate McCann

The questions listed below form a record of the interrogation of Kate McCann conducted by Portuguese detectives investigating the disappearance of her three-year-old daughter Madeleine during a family holiday.
The questioning came after Mrs McCann was declared an arguido, or suspect, in September 2007.


Monday, January 23, 2012

#McCann v Bennett - Unbelieveable When You Understand The PJ Summary States That These Two Scammers Are Still Suspects In The Disappearance Of Their Daughter. What Goes Around Comes Around And I Wish With All My Heart They Truly Get What They Deserve !

A BATTLE - PICKEDOn page 290 of ‘madeleine’, Dr Kate McCann writes this:

“We have taken action against one or two websites, but it has proved almost impossible to get this stuff removed from some of them, particularly those hosted in the USA. Friends flag up some of the worst offenders for us, but in the end it comes down to picking your battles”.
Well, I have been well and truly ‘picked’.I don’t mean this in any way unkindly, but for those of you who can type away your opinions on what really happened to Madeleine McCann without fear of inviting a libel action, think yourselves fortunate. It’s a freedom that might be curtailed later, if I lose this battle and if Lord Leveson has anything to do with changing press freedoms and internet law.

Finally, thanks so much to all of you who say kind things about my stand. They may not stop me going to prison, paying a heavy fine, or losing all my savings and my home, but I assure you they are a solace and a comfort at a time of stress, and I appreciate each and every one of them.


#McCann #CostaConordia : As Much As Clarence Mitchell Tried To Smear The Captain Of Being Involved In A Drunk Fuelled Evening With A Mystery Woman - Toxicology Results Are Clear.

#McCann #CostaConcordia : Carnival Splendor Fire - Costa Cruises Were Warned In 2010 - Dr Spin Will Be Aware Of The Consequences

#McCann #CostConcordia - Who Leaks Information To The Press And Then Is Not Available For Comment ?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#McCann #CostaConcordia : Unidentified Bodies Are Surfacing But They Are Not Passengers - Latest Spin - They Are STOWAWAYS - On A Luxury Liner ? - I Don't Think So !

#McCann #CostaConcordia - Mitchell May Be Embroiled In Covering Up Yet Another Crime !

#McCann : #CostaConcordia - The Skagerrak Foundation Far From Happy With Costa Cruises Spin To Blame The Captain WITHOUT An Investigation !

#McCann:The Express Gently Pick Up On The Words Of Gonçalo Amaral - The Sniffer Dogs WERE Cadaver And Richard Desmond Will Be Aware That In Spain This Case Is Classed As A Fabricated Abduction - The Police Are Searching For The Children's Remains


The case has to be re-opened, and I have faith that it will be,” he said. “It will either be when this current “procurador” leaves, or when the current chief of police leaves. It’s not something I am pushing for - even if I could - it’s just something I feel certain will happen.

And when it does, the first, most essential thing to be done will be a reconstruction of that very first night – the night Madeleine disappeared.

Because that’s what happened: she literally disappeared!

The reconstruction will have to involve all the parties: the McCanns and their friends. You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people’s statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth”.

An example of the power of reconstructions came only weeks ago in Spain where a father claimed his two children were abducted from a park.

A police reconstruction quickly proved that the father had never taken his children to the park: witnesses who had seen him arrive in his car but hadn’t noticed the children in the back seat, were surprised to discover that in the reconstruction the child-sized dummies in the back were clearly visible. The children’s father is now in jail – although the children are still missing.

Amaral explained that when Madeleine disappeared police didn’t organise a reconstruction in Praia da Luz “because there were so many journalists on the ground” – and once the heat had died down, “the McCanns refused.

AN INVESTIGATING judge in southern Spain will this week lift a secrecy order on the disappearance of two young children that has gripped the nation for more than three months.

It could cast fresh light on what happened to Ruth Breton, six, and her two-year-old brother Jose but could just as easily only fuel the mystery.

The children were reported missing by their father on October 8, 2011.

He approached a security guard in a popular public park in the city of Cordoba, telling him his children had simply disappeared when he was distracted and had taken his eyes off them for no more than a minute or two.

Jose Breton and his wife Ruth had just separated. He had weekend custody and had taken them to the park that Sunday.

Police launched a frantic search but the two children were nowhere to be found and no one had seen them. Even the park’s numerous security cameras had captured images only of the father, none of Ruth and Jose.

Police immediately noticed that Jose senior seemed to show no emotion. In a flat voice, he repeated his story several times, never changing a detail.

Yet there wasn’t a flicker of fear over what might have happened to his beautiful children. It was reported that he had shown no guilt either for having taken his eyes off them, nor anger that they may have been snatched by strangers to meet who knows what fate.

Detectives leaned heavily on him but he just kept repeating his story, virtually word for word. The children were playing, he took his eyes off them briefly and they were gone. Officers were convinced he was involved in the disappearance. A few days later detectives and uniformed police swooped on the country property just outside the city owned by his parents and little Jose’s paternal grandparents at Las Quemadillas.

They were accompanied by sniffer dogs and spent hours turning the place inside-out. They found nothing. In the next eight days they repeated the operation twice more. But there were still no clues. Although Jose stuck to his story he was arrested and questioned as a suspect. After 72 hours – the maximum a suspect can be held in Spain – he was handed to an investigating judge, Jose Luis Rodriguez.

After a closed-door session, Breton was ordered to prison on suspicion of illegal detention, kidnapping and simulating a crime. A secrecy order meant that whatever evidence there was could not be disclosed.

Last week, state prosecutor Jose Antonio Martin-Caro said that when the secrecy order is lifted on Wednesday there will be evidence to back-up why Breton is being held. He admitted, however, that what actually happened to the children remains a mystery. The police are convinced that the father did not take them to the park and knows what happened to them, but they have yet to get him to admit it.

The pressure has not let up on the paternal grandparents. The estate where they live has been searched at least half a dozen more times. Drains have been scoured, false roofs torn down and walls opened up. Last Wednesday a team of National Police divers dragged the River Guadalquivir where it passes through Cordoba and near to the grandparents’ property for a second time since the drama began.

The weekly Madrid news magazine Interviu reported that the father had let one ominous expression slip when a detective asked yet again: “Where are the kids, Jose?” “That,” he is reported to have said, “is my secret.”

"And to those who don’t know him, I will assure them that he didn’t"
Ruth Breton

Equally convinced that Jose senior is responsible for the children’s disappearance is their mother, Ruth. She broke her silence for the first time this month as the 100th day of their disappearance approached.

She told a rally near the Portuguese border: “Everyone who knows Jose Breton knows that he did not lose his children. And to those who don’t know him, I will assure them that he didn’t.”

The case bears a passing resemblance to the disappearance of British child Madeleine McCann on a family holiday in Portugal almost five years ago, in the sense that the mystery has a nation in thrall. Just as Kate McCann has clung to the belief that her daughter is still alive, so Ruth Ortiz is convinced her children are not dead. Also like Kate, she is determined to keep the spotlight on the case and not to give up until the mystery is solved.

Earlier this month she crossed the border into Portugal to put-up scores of posters with pictures of Ruth and Jose.

In Cordoba, a city visited by thousands of tourists every week, posters are being prepared in several languages, including English.

British expats are said to have offered to send posters to the UK as Interpol alerts police across Europe.

It has to be emphasised that there is nothing to connect the Spanish children’s disappearance with that of Madeleine.

Footnote : I may be wrong but having followed the case I do not recall this statement.

"Yet there wasn’t a flicker of fear over what might have happened to his beautiful children. It was reported that he had shown no guilt either for having taken his eyes off them, nor anger that they may have been snatched by strangers to meet who knows what fate".

For Richard Desmond it may be payback time, glad to see Ruth and Jóse have some publicity. Maybe Des will start a campaign with T.Shirts and wristbands!


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#McCann #CostaConcordia : Framing The 'Scapegoat' And Not The Cause Comes So Much Cheaper !

#McCann #CostaConcordia : Do We Believe The Chaplain OR Costa Cruises ATTORNEY Clarence Mitchell.

Mitchell in the past has posed as a police officer during the McCann farce ,he  also tried to put Robert Murat in the frame to 'clear' the McCanns.  His new role as an 'attorney' trying to frame the Captain of stricken vessel Costa Concordia will not be so easy .

An example , not a difficult decision as to whom to believe the Captain weeping in the arms of a Chaplain or Mitchell's version , an un-named 'witness' saw the Captain trying to flee the scene in a taxi !

With passengers now coming forward revealing footage of clueless staff members untrained and afraid, Mitchell will not find trying to cover - up this disaster as easy as a group of selfish, child neglecting doctors whose ONLY concern was for their reputation !

NOTE  : The PDF Requests Link shown in this video has been removed , we are unable check for ourselves the cries from staff members about this company. The COVER-UP HAS BEGUN

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#McCann #CostaConcordia : MITCHELL Spin Confirms The McCanns Are Involved In The Disappearance Of Their Daughter !

#McCann : #LisaIrwin : Searchers Threatened As They Search For Lisa's Remains.

The stories are identical. A faked abduction , parents who have lied , refused to co-operate with the police. NOW those searching for the remains of Lisa  (cadaver dog hit in the parents bedroom) are receiving threats ! I am not going to tell Val the kind of people who do this I am sure she will find out soon enough. The forum is open for debate.

To clarify, the Police are searching for a body NOT a kidnapper!

#McCann :Gonçalo Amaral's Request For A Postponement Has Been Accepted - This is To Enable His Lawyer To Become Fully Acquainted With The Case.

There's more, a rumour as yet unconfirmed that there will be a reconstruction using the group's witness statements. Amaral may not be able to prove Madeleine is dead but with Jane Tanner claiming to have checked every 15  minutes he can certainly prove abduction impossible as we can clearly see in this video by Paulo Sargento. Even 'Brunt of the Yard' had no problem in exposing the McCann's lies...oh yes and whatever did happen to the missing blue bag?

UPDATE : It would appear the libel trial has been rescheduled for April, no date yet.

#McCann #Leveson : The Smith Family - Did They Witness Gerry McCann With A Dead Madeleine In His Arms ?

The matching many have noticed how alike the jacket worn by Gerry McCann and their 'pantomime' abductor in PDL ?..The same jacket Martin Smith saw perhaps. Conveniently a strand of hair covers the dark loop seen on the outside on the back of McCanns jacket. I wonder if McCann lent his jacket for the occasion, it would surely have amused him had he done so....

Notice the folds and how both jackets seem to 'sway' out
on the left side of the hem.

Image : with thanks to PAMALAM