Thursday, January 26, 2012

#McCann : #MillyDowler #Bloggerheads - A perfect Example How One GOOD Journalist Could Blow The McCann Circus Apart.

Tim Ireland from Bloggerheads ventures where other men fear to tread, it was Tim who exposed Bell Pottinger.  But Tim is not foolish enough to try and take on Carter Ruck although I believe he would have great success and find it a challenge, nothing is worth losing your home over . Tim could start with an FOI questioning Leicester Police as to why they held back a paedophile allegation when a child was missing ? And as for Clarence Mitchell well Tim knows all about him.....Tim, were he to investigate would very quickly discover that the ONLY facts holding the McCann case together are a mixture of toxic PR and lies!

However, back to Milly Dowler and his latest discovery on Surrey police and the NotW.

Paedophile Allegations

Clarence Mitchell Spin To The Media PLUS Brian Kennedy Paid Metodo 3 To Spin Fabricated Sightings.