Sunday, January 8, 2012

#McCann : HiDeHo Has Left A Poignant Message And I Believe It Should Be Shared By Everyone Who Cares For Little Maddie.


I am a little fish across a big ocean (in Toronto)...My videos may be a little irritant in their side, but not worthy of using up precious resources.

I have no agenda to see them incarcerated. I couldn't care less if they are charged and go to jail. I only want the truth to be known, which, in my opinion is the worst possible fate (in their eyes) for them.

If they were innocent I would be using my energy to fight on their behalf, as many other people would do.

However, there is innocent, guilty and not proven to be guilty, which brings with it a lifetime of guilt.

A few years back, neighbourhood kids set fire to our house. The neighbour was able to identify them but was never interviewed. The kids parents gave them alibis and, apart from an article in 'Crimestoppers' nothing was ever done. This does not make them innocent!

I may not have known it was arson had it not been for the neighbour telling me he tried to get in to save my son but was forced back by the heat...It was Thanksgiving and my son was with me and my daughter was at a friends so I never had a concern for their safety. He saw the boys dancing on our roof and thought it was my son and his friends, which is the indication that it was arson, but took two weeks for the police to acknowledge and finally confirm from forensics that an accelerant had been used creating a big hole in the tiled floor.

During that week the kids bragged they poured lighter fluid and set fire to our cat.

It was a life changing event but I did not feel the need to have them sent to jail. If nothing else I knew that their parents knew and hoped that somehow it taught them a lesson....rather than see them all getting into the 'system' and learning to create more havoc.

I was able to avoid wasting my energy on the anger even though I saw them after that. I felt pity for them.

I knew, however, that it affected my children who were 13 and 14 at the time. My son grew to over 6' and, from what I understand, became quite intimidating to the 'leader' of the group. A few years later, while participating in a training course my son was (unbelievably) paired up with the one responsible and though I contacted them to explain the situation and to see about having it changed, my son assured me not to worry.

He continued the course with the person that had set fire to our house and held his head up high, only communicating when necessary and with a sense of self control and self esteem, not allowing the other chap to control his feelings and knowing that this 'kid' was 'suffering' thoughout the duration of the course.

Hopefully the 'kid' has moved on in his life and gained from not spending time in jail and noone hurt.

After the fire we were split up as a family for 3 months and moved into an old farmhouse on Christmas Eve. Because of the location, Jess was not able to go anywhere during the week so he taught himself lead guitar (going from Greenday to Jimi Hendrix 'Red House' in three months) and was able to learn and play the drums because of the quiet location.

He has subsequently been creating music on a computer based 'studio' (which I occasionally use for the Madeleine videos), and of course he spent time drawing and creating portraits, one (so far) of Madeleine which I also use in the videos, and I used the farmhouse in the video I compiled of him and his girlfriend singing...(though this one is not representative of his abilities)

When I compile the videos about Madeleine, I do it from my heart. I do not follow agendas, I let the information lead me in the direction it takes me. I did not look at the McCanns and feel they were guilty and set out to prove it.

I looked at the discrepancies and statements and saw that they started happening early in the week. Why would that happen if something happened to her on Thursday night?

I waited for something to change, or prove me wrong in my belief that something happened earlier in the week. I felt there had to be SOMETHING to prove Madeleine was alive during the week. All I see is a few questionable photos that could have been taken at any time during the week and was quite shocked to see EVERY statement from those that had thought they had seen her during the week, after Sunday, were mistaken or questionable at best.

What are the chances there is not ONE piece of reliable information to show Madeleine alive during the week? (including the DNA issue).

There is nothing that I have found!

When you have all the information for a story, you can only communicate it in the best way you know how...

I have no agenda....Just to make a video that uses the details and discrepancies contained in the files and to search for the truth.

I take a lesson out of my son's book....

I do whatever I believe is the right thing to do and do not let adversity corrupt my path in life...Whoever creates the adversity has to live with it for the rest of their life, but with adversity there are lessons to be learned and satisfaction when previously unrecognised goals are achieved as a result. I can't live my life allowing others to affect my motivation.

If we all continue to show the story for its contradictions and discrepancies, then one day it will be believed and maybe Madeleine's body will finally be found....She can then be laid to rest with the dignity and peace that she deserves and her family can finally grieve and receive some closure.

What happens to the McCanns is irrelevent to me..

Little Madeleine is what's important to me....

(apart from my own son and daughter of course!)