Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#McCann: Let Something Positive Come Out Of the Maddie Affair As Extradition Is Granted To Search For Justice for Anni !

The McCann cover-up has been exposed ,we now know the McCanns were hacked and did a deal with the devil.. MURDOCH , there is no other let the cards fall where they may and let Anni show through Madeleine JUSTICE does not mean shut away behind bars, they must live with what they have done !

Monday, September 26, 2011

#McCann : As The Amanda Knox Appeal Wraps Up The Slander Thrown At Italian Justice Smacks Of McCann Propaganda.

Larry King and HARD questions he should have asked the Knox family...reminds me of Piers Morgan and his interview with the McCanns AND all the questions he should have asked but did'nt !

#McCann : Paul Stephenson CORRUPT And Out..INNOCENT Officers Have No Need To Resign AND Expensive Gifts Are Used To Bribe !

#McCann : Met #Police rejects FOI request about payments to Carter Ruck -

More information to show just how deep the corruption in the MET goes and also how deep the McCanns are involved in this corruption.

Jenny Jones, in an article over the week-end said it is plain to see many officers in the MET are involved, more than 50 certainly, maybe more than 100... a very brave lady.

   outrageous obstructionism

Sunday, September 25, 2011

#McCann : Corrrupt MET USED Carter Ruck Without Authorisation To Gain Legal Advise For Their Buddy JohnYates !

#McCann: Blacksmiths Question... And An Explanation As To How A Sordid Dirty Cover-up works !

Two very different tragedies but the recipe for covering up remains the same , one requires, the head of Goverment , the police and of course Murdoch. Blacksmith asks where do the McCanns fit in ? they 'fit in ', right in the middle of the most sordid ,sleazy people one would never wish to meet in an entire lifetime. And they would be very unwise to think of double crossing Murdoch if they have already been 'compensated 'for being hacked !

Hillsborough disaster and the cover-up

.....Why the Establishment had wriggled out of all blame, smeared the fans as killers, lied about their actions and refused to take any responsibility for the deaths, thus denying the deceased justice and the bereaved closure.

And he said if he could be granted one wish before he died it would be to find out what was said between Margaret Thatcher and police chiefs when she visited the Leppings Lane terrace the day after the disaster.

Because someone in high places had told him that Thatcher decided it was imperative that the police were exonerated. That the consequences for a force she treated almost as her private army, would be immense if (as Lord Justice Taylor’s report later demanded) they took the rap for 96 deaths in their care.

And so the cover-up began with her press adviser Bernard Ingham briefing the media that the disaster had been caused by a “tanked-up mob”.

Three days later the Thatcher-supporting Sun’s infamous front-page about fans urinating on the dead and stealing from their pockets appeared after collusion between the Police Federation and a Tory MP. The story went round the world that drunken fans killed their own. And the truth was buried.

So for Trevor Hicks, the Thatcher documents, which constitute the minutes from that Sheffield meeting and other correspondence with her ministers, could be the smoking gun that proves a conspiracy which went right to the top of the Tory government.

Read more:

#McCann: Madeleine... an ANGEL

#McCann :Greed, thanks to their very good mate Murdoch, enables the McCanns and their lawyers Carter Ruck to become even greedier !

Out-of-court payouts to phone-hacking victims put no cap on lawyers' fees
               Rupert Murdoch, hand on heart
Rupert Murdoch's out-of-court settlement to Milly Dowler does not reveal the legal fees involved. Photograph: Paul Hackett/Reuters
Remember the moment, only four or so months ago, when a long, dogged media fight to reform England's libel laws (and the antics of no win, no fee libel lawyers) seemed on the brink of success? All three big political parties had finally signed up for change. America had twisted the screw by, in effect, deeming the "justice" meted out in the Strand not fit for export purpose. It was victory at last. And then Rupert Murdoch dropped the ball – or, more accurately, the mobile phone.

Farewell to eye-watering damages, fat legal rewards, to specialist flocks of barristers and hungry solicitors haunting every court? Not exactly. Here comes £2m for Milly Dowler's family, plus another £1m to charity (following hard on the heels of News International's £100,000 for Sienna Miller and that £400,000 for Gordon Taylor).

Just watch the winding queue of lawyers gathering at Lord Leveson's inquiry door. Yes, the eagles are back in town.

Now, of course, the big money awards cited up above don't involve libel at all – more its most favoured profitable successor, privacy. And none of the sums relate to anything decided after a formal hearing. They're all Murdoch out-of-court settlements with phone-hacking victims. Any test of the true state of affairs comes further down the line, as a handful of selected hacking cases make it through the courtroom door.

Will there be any more £2m payouts in Dowler mode? No. That's certainly a one-off. Indeed, several lawyers I spoke to don't really regard it as a legal settlement at all because, with Milly's murder, the victim who had her phone hacked was dead. This is just a humbled Mr M diverting the £3.7m bonus he might have paid his son James to a more immediately worthy cause. It says again how floridly sorry he is. It seeks to draw yet another quavery line under scandal.

But still, those millions may be seen as flashing lights in the court of public opinion.

They turn up the expectation switch.

They create a new class of victimhood – and the headlines they make cannot be brushed aside.

Before Max Mosley's victory over the News of the World, the biggest privacy award in the Strand (to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas) was a mere £14,000 – pretty close to the modest tariff applied across Europe for section 8 breaches of the convention on human rights.

Mosley levered that up to £60,000. The Sienna Miller settlement, anticipating a case that might well have been brought to court, sets a high bar at £100,000. It says to prospective litigants that even if you can fully prove the offence and show clearly how it infringed your rights, reality caps your ambitions.

But hey! There's a News International £20m minimum pot to sup from. The legal fees in question - contingency bonanzas or not – won't be revealed if they're paid out of court.

Prospects for libel reform itself are beginning to slide back into some post-Leveson "grand bargain" that makes press regulation part of any deal. And the grander the bargain, the longer it will take – if it can ever be sealed at all.

Enter, pretty amazingly, the Dowler family as suddenly erudite champions of contingency fees.

Listen to the dawn chorus of £500-an-hour operators seeking to double their money.

No wonder our once bedraggled eagles are airborne again.

No wonder small or struggling papers without £3m in their back pockets begin to despair.

Victims of the hacking crisis, in sum, come in many shapes and sizes, and from many directions.

Thank you, Rupert: and goodnight.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

#McCann: Jane Tanner four years later still unaware she ALMOST caught the abductor !

#DontBuyTheSun : Concert to be held this evening in memory of James McVey and the 96 victims, MURDOCH's SUN spat upon.

Fazakerley 9, The Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Liverpool Sound City are proud to present the Don't Buy The Sun Concert, in memory of James McVey - an event to celebrate the life of James, the 18 year-old Liverpool FC fan who tragically died after being set upon at a party in Walton on October 9th, 2010 and the ninety-six Liverpool FC fans who died at the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989.

#McCann : Gonçalo Amaral Book Ban OVERTURNED.

#McCann #Hillsborough. Murdoch covered-up for 96 deaths, a three year old was simply childs play .

Hillsborough, a stark reminder of Murdoch coverage and why the SUN should be shut down.

The young teens along with Jennifer Elliott ,daughter of actor Denholm Elliott, who have taken their own lives after Murdoch parasite reporting,  hounded to their graves so they may sell their obscene ' scoops'..

Friday, September 23, 2011

#McCann #SUN use Mari Luz for public to pity McCanns and top up their dwindling fund !

Shameless report by Gary O'Shea...

Reports today also said the McCanns may run out of money to find Madeleine in the next four months.

Donations to the The Find Madeleine Fund are dwindling according to reports in Portugal.

And the couple may have to sell their story to the international press to top up the fund.

#McCann #SUN LIES...

The five-year-old?s parents feared she had been snatched like Madeleine McCann when she vanished on January 13.

Last night Maddie?s parents Kate and Gerry were ?extremely saddened?.

Mari had gone to buy crisps from a stall yards from home in Huelva.


Her decomposed body – still in her pink leotard – was spotted at 4pm by a security guard at a port near the city. Reports said she had a face wound and fractured skull.

Huelva is less than two hours? drive from Praia da Luz where Maddie, four, disappeared on holiday in Portugal last May.

The McCanns, both 39, of Rothley, Leics, said their ?thoughts and prayers? were with parents Juan Jose, 34, and Irene, who had been sure Mari was being held alive.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: ?They had developed a sense of unity with Mari Luz?s parents. Both families were going through similar agonies.?

#McCann : #Murdoch gutter press have blood on their hands are they trying to victimize a future suicide ?

Apology ... Jack Tims
Apology ... Jack Tims


On top of this, Murdoch’s minions reject the inconvenient facts of climate chaos and attack the greens as “a threat to the prosperity and well-being” of the world (The Australian September 02, 2004). Whereas a real threat to the well-being of the world and its people is Rupert Murdoch, as I first discovered long ago.

These days, Murdoch’s war-mongering is compulsive and his disregard for human wreckage is both calculated and global; but in the beginning, what marked his output was a casual (and sometimes fatal) disregard for the frailties of humans.

Murdoch’s rise to power took off in Sydney in 1964, when he acquired an afternoon tabloid, the Daily Mirror. On March 12, the Mirror front paged a report on “promiscuity” among the pupils of a city high school, which was based on the contents of a young girl’s diary. The resulting uproar led to the diarist and a fellow student being expelled from school. A job well done.

That’s where the story ended as far the Mirror was concerned, though not for those involved. The 13 year old schoolboy named in the diary, Digby Bamford, was found hanging from his backyard clothesline, having committed suicide. This news was “cordoned off” from public consumption. Even rival papers kept the secret, until a disgruntled Murdoch journalist tipped off an independent magazine. The author of the “school sex” diary was examined by a doctor from the Child Welfare Department and found to be a virgin.

During an interview years later, I reminded Murdoch of this event and his reaction was sharp: “Don’t you ever make mistakes?” Of course I do. Many. After acquiring the News of the World in London in 1971, Rupert discovered another diary, while he was campaigning against a popular BBC TV show, Top of the Pops. His paper accused its stars of “promiscuity” with young dancers in the audience. One of these was Samantha MacAlpine, aged 15, whose “leatherette bound book”, according Murdoch’s news desk, “could well blow wide open the scandal at the BBC”. The day after this report, Samantha MacAlpine committed suicide.

The News of the World tried to cover itself with the headline, THIS GIRL WAS A VICTIM … NOW SHE IS DEAD, but the coroner stated that Samantha’s diary was “pure fantasy…. unconnected with reality”, (like much Murdoch journalism). A Scotland Yard officer accused the paper of being “ludicrous and irresponsible”. As is the Murdoch style, the evidence from the inquest was kept from the readers. Also suppressed was the statement of the forensic pathologist, that in his opinion, Samantha had died a virgin.

Glen McMullan News of The World, admits he is the reason Jennifer Elliott  killed herself.

McMullan: "There was no wrongdoing here at all. There was just someone who had fallen on hard times and actually was very fragile."

Paul McMullan's story about Jennifer Elliott alleged she was begging outside a London Tube station, and was working on occasions as a prostitute. Mr. McMullan told me the paper had acted on information it received as a result of a payment one of his colleagues made to a police officer.

McM: "The going rate for that kind of thing might have been two to five hundred pounds, and that would have been authorised, and he would have been paid, and that's one policeman kept happy, and he would have been on the lookout for another story, because, you know, money is money."

"Do you know for sure that this story came from a policeman? Do you know for sure that he was paid for the information?"

McM: "Yes, that's what I was told. I was put on the story, saying 'this has come from a policeman who has told us that this is really the person, go and find her'".

The reason why Paul McMullan was particularly concerned about this story, and why it was playing on his conscience is because of what happened next:

McM: "There was a few stories about her over the coming years about how she was still struggling with drugs and then I remember the last one, which was reporting on her suicide, and ... err ... yep."

"She took her own life?"

McM: "She did, yeah."

"Do you think what you wrote had any effect on that? Do you think that decision had anything to do with what you wrote and what you did?"

McM: "Yeah, I'd totally humiliated and destroyed her. It wasn't necessary. She didn't deserve it. She was having a bad time after her own dad had died, and, yeah, I went a step too far. And it was based on, now, a criminal act, so you've got to question in some cases, criminal acts perpetrated by journalists aren't always justified and in this case it was not. Not only was it not justified ,it was downright wrong - I sincerely regret it, and again, if there was anyone to apologise to, I would, but they're all dead - mother's dead, she's dead, father's dead. So in any way seeking atonement, I can at least say in this case we were wrong."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#McCann : John Stalker is not a Freemason..

John Stalker is not a freemason but clearly those around him were. Maybe John was sending out a message to the McCanns 'and their secret' as a warning sooner or later freemason or not the truth will out, although four years down the road and their 'secret'  does not look like beng outed.

Also John's comment about one of the group having murdered Madeleine, no one has ever suggested the child was murdered, a domestic accident. John also had no problem in placing evidence on Murat yet makes excuses for evidence found around the McCanns.

I have been advised that when the Goverment use the term 'national security' as Madeleine has now been classed under, there is no 'national security' as such , it is a term they use when they wish to cover up one of their dirtly little secrets...glad that's been cleared up.

#McCann: Madeleine McCann DNA an accurate match !

DNA samples that are a "100 per cent match" to Madeleine McCann have been found in her parents' hire car and holiday apartment, it has been claimed.
Sources close to the case said the traces - understood to be blood - were being treated by Portuguese detectives as strong evidence that Madeleine died in the apartment before her body was placed in the car.
Police in the Algarve apparently now believe they have enough evidence to charge her parents, Kate and Gerry, with "accidentally" killing the four-year-old and hiding her body. A file on the case will today be sent to a prosecutor who could order the couple to return to Portugal to face charges this week.

The McCanns had no intention of returning to Portugal ,they ran away and someone hired for them the BEST extradition lawyer money could buy, just ask PINOCHET !
The McCanns, who were named last week as official suspects in the case, have claimed that they were being "framed" over their daughter's disappearance 131 days ago.

But a source close to the Portuguese investigation said that the prevailing mood among detectives was that: "The parents have a lot of explaining to do."

The source claimed that two DNA samples found in the McCanns' hire car - one apparently a full match to Madeleine and one partial - were of a type that suggested they had come directly from her body, rather than from clothes she had worn.
The development came as:
  • Social workers and police met to discuss the welfare of the McCanns' two-year-old twins, who could be placed on an "at-risk" register.
  • Police in Praia da Luz were preparing to search the villa where the McCanns had been staying until Sunday.
  • Kate McCann faced fresh slurs in the Portuguese media, with claims that she was aggressive towards her children and sometimes "out of control".
  • The McCanns were given police advice on how to deal with hate mail after a backlash against them gathered pace in Britain.
The McCanns have vowed to fight to clear their names, and hired two of the country's leading solicitors, Michael Caplan QC and Angus McBride, to advise them.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the DNA evidence - analysed by the Forensic Science Service in Britain - was regarded by Portuguese police as crucial.

A sample that was a full match to Madeleine's DNA was allegedly found on the windowsill of the McCanns' apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. Although the nature of the sample was not disclosed, previous reports claimed that blood had been found by sniffer dogs.

One Portuguese newspaper claimed that "biological fluids" with an 80 per cent match to Madeleine were found under the carpet in the boot of the McCanns' hire car, which was rented 25 days after she disappeared.

Forensic experts in the UK have pointed out that if the samples found in the car were hair or skin they would be of little evidential value as they could have rubbed off Madeleine's toys or clothing.

But there were fresh reports claiming that both samples were blood, and one source close to the inquiry told The Daily Telegraph that the nature of the samples led police to believe that they had come from Madeleine's body being placed in the car.
The Portuguese police's theory is apparently that Madeleine was killed by accident by one or both of her parents, and that her body was hidden before being disposed of a month later using the hire car.

The McCanns have reacted with fury to the claims, accusing the police of a "stitch-up" and pointing out that they could not have moved a body when the eyes of the world were constantly upon them in the weeks after Madeleine's disappearance.

Their distress was heightened when it emerged that Leicestershire's child protection team met to discuss the welfare of their two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, who could be placed on an "at-risk" register if they were considered to be vulnerable.

Social workers were expected to visit the family home in the village of Rothley this week to assess whether the children were being cared for properly and whether they had been in any way traumatised by the events of the past four months.

Child welfare experts said social services were obliged to investigate any case where parents were suspected by police of harming their children, and that placing the twins in foster care could become an option if the McCanns were charged or forced to return to Portugal for long periods.

Police in Portimao were expected to hand over a file on the case to a senior prosecutor, who would decide whether to bring charges or order further inquiries.

Officers were poised to search the villa that the McCanns had been renting for the past three months, and which they vacated on Sunday when they flew back to Britain for the first time since Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple have been subjected to constant smears in the Portuguese press, but there is also evidence that public sympathy in the UK may be on the wane.

Police confirmed an officer had discussed "security issues" with the McCanns amid fears that they would receive hate mail, and a BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in debate on the subject of "do you support the McCanns" was abandoned after a large number of messages condemning them were followed by demands from listeners that an ongoing police investigation should not be the subject of a radio phone-in.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#McCann : Where did all of this evidence go ? Certainly not the words of that sardine muncher Amaral ! even stranger ALL links have been deleted !!!!

The Daily Mail 2007-11-02: New forensic tests appear to support the theory that Kate and Gerry McCann could have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance, it has emerged. Sources say the results from a second batch of testing, conducted at a laboratory in Birmingham, have been passed to Portuguese detectives via Leicestershire police. These findings are alleged to include the discovery of the girl's DNA - believed to have been obtained from Madeleine's bodily fluids and hair - in the McCanns' hire car which was rented 25 days...

#McCann . LAZZERI part of SUN team...check your facts LAZZERI no shutters were jemmied. NO one I repeat NO ONE saw a window open !

SHUTTERS HAD BEEN JEMMIED.. MADDIE WAS GONE John Askill and Julie Moult in Praia da Luz, Portugal, and James Clench in London (Lazzeri noted as part of "Sun team".)

#McCann : LAZZERI reports 'Maddie is dead'

#McCann :LAZZERI quote OR will she pass the buck to Veronica ? :Madeleine killed in the apartment...!


1145 words A pervert sneaked into Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment - and killed the terrified tot to shut her up when she screamed, police now believe."

#McCann: #Anthony pull a McCann and open their own fund asking for really could'nt make it up !

Cindy & George Anthony have created this foundation along with others asking for donations to help children. It has been stated that they take 80% of the donations for administrative costs. In other words, they pocket 80% for themselves.

How can you help children with only 20% of donations?

Furthermore, they have purchased (2) new Jeeps, and travelled since the Murder Trial ended. They are to appear on Dr. Phil show on September 12, 2011 whereby Dr. Phil has made a donation to this foundation - thus paying the Anthony`s for the interview.

All this equals BLOOD MONEY.

#McCan: Little Morsals Blogspot...

Monday, September 19, 2011

#McCann: Video interview with Julia the cleaner of Ap. 5A...who saw cots in separate rooms.

Witnesses from the outer circle and most important of all, staff members ,who entered apartment 5A with even the smallest  amount of information are vital. Julia the cleaner , saw two cots in separate rooms May 2nd, the fact the McCanns deny it  and go on to add there may have been a third cot !!! (there was not by the way ) indicates they had staged a crime scene...Julia also mentions that morning the children were not there ! were the children there on other occasions for her to make such a remark ?  This case really was text book and if  Gonçalo Amaral along with profiler Lee Rainbow had been allowed to do their job's the McCanns would be in prison for hiding a cadaver and fraud !

Video by HiDeHo along with some of her observations

The cleaner for 5A describes her meeting with the McCanns and how the case has affected her and her family.

She focuses on the McCann's exit from the balcony doors to the garden, when she arrived on Wednesday morning May 2nd.

One has to wonder why they didn't leave via the front or the living room patio door.

Was there something they were taking out from the bedroom that they didn't want her to see?

Just a thought......especially as the cleaner described seeing a cot in the McCann's bedroom despite their denials that it was there.

She has been so troubled and affected by the case, even three years later!

How sad to see the problems created by the McCann's.

#McCann: Lies and discrepancies backed up by amoral lawyers Carter Ruck who are also only in it for the money ! !


1. Not admitting of moral distinctions or judgments; neither moral nor immoral.
2. Lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong.
3. Above qualifications are all that is required to work for a garbage law firm !

#McCann: When one lives by the sword one must also die by the sword.

Several MP's who are on twitter now have information from the police files. They have the statement from the cleaner of Ap. 5A who saw cots in separate rooms the morning of May 2nd,  the Gaspar statement ..and have been informed this was held back for sometime from the Portuguese investigation by Leicester police... left one MP to respond ( his words ) 'scratching his head' and last but not least the PJ report, their findings of the investigation explaining why the McCanns were made arguidos in the first place.

MP's have also been requested to investigate why the McCanns are still asking for donations and for people to sign a review when they already have one...again one MP in particular is very curious as to the McCanns motive.

Also information has been forwarded on with reference to the 'Indian' sighting McCanns and Mitchell clearly all lied.  What they do with this information is up to them OR maybe they already know, who knows and quite frankly I have come to the point whereby I can say, who cares ?

David Bret answers the troll-ops who work for Mudochs Sun  and lets be frank where else would folk like this get a job ?

And a beautiful young lady Stephanie has produced her last video, she now knows the McCanns are involved and believes with all of her heart Madeleine died in the apartment.

Stephanie, we all wish you well and thank -you , you will be dearly missed AND yes it is hard when the truth hits you right between the eyes, they are involved and Carter Ruck can never change that fact no matter how many people they try to shut-up !

And to end with a quote from David:

At the end of the day, had her parents looked after her instead of leaving their children alone while they were dining with friends, Madeleine would never have gone missing in the first place...end quote

BUT they did not leave the children alone, Kate McCann is well aware Paulo Rebelo discovered 'their little set up of neglect'  which prompted her to write to him asking to 'share' information, he placed her letter in the police file where it belongs. Rebelo was on the right track. However, as long as everyone still believes in the neglect issue the McCanns know they are safe , for without neglect abduction is impossible. The McCanns are liars and it is a great shame the British public believed their biggest lie of all. The lie of neglect !

#McCann: #SUN TROLL-OPS Lazzeri and Hartley TROLL for the McCanns..

An article by Spudgun , the headline is mine.

Madeleine McCann: The SUN 'Target a TROLL' NAMES in FULL!

After the conviction of Sean Duffy, an Aspergers Syndrome sufferer whose main hobbies appear to be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and posting despicable and hurtful comments on the Facebook tribute pages of tragic individuals who had lost their lives, it coerced the SUN newspaper into action, prompting them to create their ‘TARGET a TROLL’ Campaign!

Kate and Gerry McCann, ever the intrepid publicity hunters, quickly latched on to this ‘CAMPAIGN’ and procured for themselves, (via their infamous PR Mogul-at-large, Clarence Mitchell), EXTRA COVERAGE and column inches galore about the most obvious, heartrending topic and pre-occupation which is perpetually close to their hearts; THEMSELVES.

On the back of the Duffy case comes their NEXT targeted troll; a 17 year old kid called Jack Tims who created a puerile website entitled “If I get 1 Million Likes I’ll let Maddie Go”; a childish prank that deserved to remain entirely in anonymity and obscurity, receiving the very little attention it warranted.

Now, thanks to “Britain’s Soaraway Sun” their THREE MILLION estimated DAILY circulation figures ensure that the pubescent Tims is afforded all the attention that he clearly craves!

ANOTHER ‘TROLL’ target, named in the report is David Bret. According to the Sun:-

“Blogger David Bret, 57, has also targeted the McCanns with posts wrongly accusing them of being involved in Maddie's abduction — even accusing Kate of being involved in her death”.

I have read MUCH of Mr. Brets’ ramblings, and I have never known him to assert EITHER of those accusations. Nor does the Sun offer any evidence in support of it.

However, I would imagine that David, a renowned International Biographer, will be more peeved at being referred to as a mere BLOGGER than being embroiled in this piss-poor publicity stunt for the McCanns!

HOWEVER, all things been equal, and given that the “Soaraway Sun’s” Campaign is designed to TARGET the hurtful and spiteful TROLLS who suggest that the McCanns may be complicit in the disappearance of their daughter; it is only FITTING that we should all enter into the true spirit of the campaign and “REPORT” them!

So here are a few for starters:-

“McCanns are back in frame” ~ Report detailing the apparent involvement of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter after leaked FSS reports suggest that DNA recovered matched Madeleine. For extra EFFECT, the report uses big, bold word type for CORPSE and BLOOD, making for a truly salacious story.

The TROLLS involved??

Step forward ANTONELLA LAZZERI and CLODAGH HARTLEY from the....erm.................SUN!

How about:-

“Blood found in McCann Car” ~ another in-depth report that points out

“Sources said analysis of samples taken from the villa produced “significant” new information that could even lead to arrests within days”.

This particular TROLL was merely referred to as the ‘Online Reporter’ for the .....................SUN!

Let's try:-

“Catch 22 Quiz Mother Faced” ~ Detailing 22 of the less salubrious questions that Kate didn’t answer, including

“WHAT did you do with her body”.

Another anonymous TROLL, this time writing for the .......SUN!

My PERSONAL favourite:-

“Maddie Special Report” ~ A FOUR page SPECIAL spread, on the McCann case, published in 2008, a year after Madeleine’s disappearance, and including SPECIALLY invited and edited comments from the PUBLIC, including:-

“KATE and Gerry McCann plan to write a book about their "year of hell" since Madeleine went missing. This is distasteful, sickening and outrageous. How can two suspects profit from the loss of their child? The sooner this couple are brought to book for child abandonment, the better”


“WHAT about the year of hell that child has had if she was abducted and is still alive? It's always been about money with Kate and Gerry”


“A MISTAKE is using salt instead of sugar. Leaving three babies alone night after night for the whole holiday, even after Madeleine told them she had cried, is wilful neglect and the sooner the McCanns admit their guilt the better for this world”

TROLLS indeed!

All carefully selected and edited for her “Soaraway” report in the SUN by ANTONELLA LAZZERI!

Of course, since those devil-may-care days of free speech, the Sun has since learned new information about the investigation which changes their whole perspective on how they report the case.

NOT information that suggests that the McCanns are INNOCENT of any of the accusations that the Sun previously published, of course; just information that reporting it can cost you a cool ONE Million pounds!! Just ask Richard Desmond over at the Express!

Best not.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

#McCann #Petition for a full public enquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance

#McCanns: The betrayal of little Maddie by her own family.

Subido por el 17/09/2011


This is my last video, I am leaving this account.

I am investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from the beginning. I will never forget the day I learned of the disappearance of Madeleine. My father called me to tell me this, newspapers had just announced it. We did not know anything yet! We did not know it was Madeleine. I quickly hired to find Madeleine, I made a lot of things... Sites, blogs, videos,
I launched a lot of message on the internet to find Maddie. In only one hope to find her.
Eh yes, before I supported the McCanns.

Afterwards, there were many people who came to tell me that the McCanns were guilty.
But I did not listen! Madeleine was alive for me and his parents were innocent. I sent messages of support often to Kate and Gerry, later I began to have suspicions about the McCanns. I always tried to find excuses to justify the evidence they had against them, for me, Madeleine could not be dead ! She was alive !

But May 8, 2009, everything changed! I realized that Madeleine was really dead. I saw all the evidence they had against them. I felt betrayed, I could not believe it. It took me a while to realize this hard reality, I started to delete all the videos I had done to support the McCann. I left my old account to come to this one. Several people had warned me, I did not listen that day, it was a real shock!

When I arrived in the account Fannie312, I wanted to show my opinion on the matter and make a tribute Madeleine. But today, I'm tired... I'm tired of always receiving attacks, to be the wicked...
There are people who have behavior that bothers me, I was honest, I held promise, even when I respected the agreements, I received the blame. or people who do not speak to me and I do not even know why?

I called this account Fannie, because my name is Stephanie.
This account is the number 3, because June 3, 2003 I was struck by a car.
This account is the number 12, because I was born May 12, 1989.
(Madeleine and I have the same numbers.)

For my own personal history, I know that justice is something very complicated. There are people who will be able to do anything to escape the responsibility. Lie, manipulate, make threats ...

It's been eight years since I try to know the truth to my story, I still have not found anything!
But I will continue to keep fighting to the end, I will not give up, I want my justice !

There are many people who are outside, when they should be behind bars of a prison.

You may remain for many years waiting for justice for Madeleine. But if it's something important to you you must continue! continue to the end! I continurais to follow the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, hoping one day know the truth about this mysterious disappearance.

I will continue my blog on the police investigation, and I always keep the same opinion, that Madeleine died May 3, 2007 in the apartment 5A in Praia Da Luz and I am sure that one day the truth will be.

I thank the people who were trying to understand me and those who understand me. It was a pleasure to get to know some people, I apologize if I hurt people, but it was not my attention.

For those who still hope of finding Madeleine alive, good luck with the search.

God bless Madeleine and all of you.

I'll have a new YouTube account, I do not know if I'll make videos for Madeleine.

If I make videos of Madeleine, I would stay neutral.

I will not give you my new address of my new youtube account. It will remain personal.

I'm sorry if my English is not very good, I hope you understood me.

Goodbye Stéphanie.

#McCanns #hacked :Telegraph report McCanns on list of hacking..

An executive from News International, the tabloid’s parent company, allegedly deleted potentially incriminating emails from an internal archive shortly after Scotland Yard began its second investigation in January.
It is also alleged that the contents of a reporter’s desk were removed following his arrest before police had an opportunity to conduct a search.
The allegations came as The Daily Telegraph learnt that detectives have been handed a list of potential telephone hacking victims linked to the Madeleine McCann case.
The list of 67 names and numbers includes Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of the missing child, and politicians including Nick Clegg and Sir Menzies Campbell. It was handed to officers working on Operation Weeting, the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into telephone hacking at the News of the World last year.
The alleged mass deletion of emails, reported by The Guardian newspaper last night, has exacerbated tensions between News International and Scotland Yard.

#McCanns #hacking led to explanations of cadaver odour found to the folks back home !

Well, how else can one explain such ludicrous coverage from the British press ? The McCanns were being hacked left right and centre and someone was reporting snippets of conversation from their voice mail..Ross Hall , News of the World EXCLUSIVE cuddle cat was on a ledge/shelf..

McCanns comment has always been the dogs are unreliable, so why would those in the British media be trying so hard to cover for the McCanns by explaining away cadaver dog findings unless they had heard it from the McCanns themelves ?

Police also failed to realise that Mrs McCann, who is a GP, had come into contact with six patients who died before she went on holiday.

#McCann : Transcript - Gonçalo Amaral interview with 'Querida Julia' on his new book to be launched in October


Júlia Pinheiro JP Program "Dear Julia"


clip: In the family home there are many cases of pedophilia and abuse of minors, many fail to be reported, but only last year , 70 arrests were made. This year through the month of August 56 people had been arrested ... ... ... ... ...
JP: I have someone here with me who has certainly encountered many of these situations, and he is in the process of preparing a book called "Life without defense, disappearance, abduction and abuse of children in Portugal." It's Goncalo Amaral , please give him a warm welcome.

'JP: Now, let's talk about another kind of worry. Stay tuned right now because there are things that do not happen only to others.JP: 'Why did you feel the need to write a book on this subject ?

GA: Well, both the severity of the issue and also because there is very little information on this subject, little has been done. As I have said here several times, we are reacting to cases. The Police and the institutions, they try to give answers but we need to go further, we need to study and try to see why this happens .My book seeks to answer why so many children disappear.Children are vulnerable to victimization and are targets for abuse, mistreatment, neglect, and then they disappear, they are also abducted and abused

.JP: Goncalo Amaral has been very closely linked to cases of children who have disappeared, never to reappear. One has to do with the case of ... .. the case is solved, the Joana case, is it not?

GA: There have been other cases ....

JP: These cases very often bring the media when a disappearance or abduction is reported,  but almost always there is a history of sexual abuse.

GA: Yes, there is , always,  and even in the case of Joana that raises an important question as to how do we detect these cases and the case is detected by school teachers alerting the National Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth at risk. Certain behaviour in a child raises suspicions of abuse,  abuse was then confirmed , but she did not confirm who was sexually abusing her, she was also the subject of neglect.This issue of family and school is not only so we can detect cases but to prevent the formation ...

.JP: In this aspect we have to rely on the teachers and the people who interact with very concrectamente ..

GA: Yes, because this is a very multidisciplinary. One area that involves psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, technicians, social security, police, magistrates and nobody can say that this is the solution. For example, I might say, as the Police, the solution is this but the matter must be discussed with everyone.It is an area that involves people from various areas of intervention because in fact the problem is not just a police or court case. When we watch these cases for judicial intervention it is the last thing that must happen. Prevention and education is what should have happened first. But this does not happen in our country, it does not exist.If you notice the schools do not educate anyone .... look, to give an example:nobody is prepared to be a father. Suddenly one becomes a father and suddenly there is a  child, you can learn to change diapers but do not learn to be a father.It seems that part of us cannot be taught. Today,  this concept of being a father was to have a son, plant a tree and write a book, today is the exact opposite. First plant a tree, write a book then later, have a son. There are things that are being changed in our society and it seems that we are not  following ..

..JP ... ... ... ... ... .. is also a lawyer, he has also managed to defend someone like a paedophile in court?

GA: I can tell you that I recently entered a stage and advocacydo not give to Attorney ... though it was not the ideal way. It's hard.

JP But Dr.... here just talking (about pedophilia case) has a point when he speaks of police as to how involved. 

GA: I remember one case in the Azores, where my colleague who was preparing a final report ... while doing the report he was full of emotion, a three year old child, the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the mean old man and even thento report the facts, we have to be objective and we must find all the evidence.But let me tell you what they say in these cases there are no witnesses, there is only the word of the adult and the word of the child. Not so. It may be that expert evidence, can be taken to children ... ..For example in the case of Joana,  sperm was found on underwear which would have been in the vaginal area....but we had no body. It is possible to do and it is psychological testing when evaluating the child, as has happened in other cases, to tell if the child is, or is not telling the truth.

JP: But as a person who is as experienced as Gonçalo Amaral, how does he measure the true voice of a child?

GA: I speak from my experience about a case that happened in the Algarve, a mother who reported the situation and there was even the intervention of the Committee on Protection of Minors, and when the child is heard, along with an expert, a psychologist, she is telling the story, drawing what had happened, what had happened ... It is a material witness. Those documents that the child is a child is ... So how to speak with age and that began to express themselves by drawing, as in many cases ...: Children usually do not lie but it takes some care, but I can tell you that many of the cases that happen within the family has everything to do with everything: the maltreatment, domestic violence and even the lack of security. The main source of danger to the child is in the home where they live.I like to leave here, if you give me a chance ... there is a very interesting project, which is taking place which is the "Workshop of the hazards, the Hazard House" in Lousã. A project of the City Council where Lousã alert for a number of dangers. And I think it is out there in terms of training, is one of the ways ...

JP: and his book now out in October will also talk about it ...

GA: I will do speeches, talk about it in the siage.Children in the family are more dependent, up to 11, 12, 13 years and the cases occur within the family, acquaintances, neighbors.gns and sources of danger, what types of risk, what behaviors and the end result: The disappearance, abduction, death ,children are very vulnerable to victimization .
Translation: Many thanks to my dearest friend in Portugal, link supplied for video.

#McCann #hackgate Day 120: now that the McCanns have been EXPOSED makes much more sense.

#McCann : Pamela Fenn, her statement in full , discussion on the MM forum.

#McCann 'Cesspit' by Blacksmith.

#McCann : Astounding interview and yes the mantra goes on !

Macabre interview with the McCanns from Germany . Kate ,more like a Stepford wife droning on 'there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm...Evident also BECKMANN did not believe a single word they said.

NO evidence Maddie has come to any harm... NO?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

#McCann use the gutter press to continue their macabre folklore .We can see for ourselves just how 'distraught' he was !

#McCann :"Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one person, a lot of others fall, too."

#McCann: Leicester Mercury have lost their balls !

I would imagine the Leicester Mercury have been warned after this chilling comment was left under one of their articles and has been shown once again around the internet. It may be four years old but could so very easily be very close to the truth, the impact ,more stunning today, so yes Leicester Mercury you censor as much as you like in fear of Carter Ruck BUT we all remember when you once had a spine, to have let this comment pass the very same thoughts crossed your mind !

#McCanns - IDOL . Sewer Press Sun Attack on Tony Farrell.


It should also be said that The Sun is another of Rupert Murdoch’s media rags which has no credibility whatsoever in terms of honesty or integrity and which I’m sure is involved in the same corrupt practices as it’s incestuous, and now defunct former sister paper, the News of the World.

#McCann: People connected to Madeleine McCann case that have since died.

I hope PAMALAM does not mind me adding Mari Luz . A victim twice over thanks to the McCanns and their mouthpiece Mitchell !

Friday, September 16, 2011

#McCanns:#hackgate and why they have involved themselves.

I have come to know Steve Nott through hackgate and the very interesting story he had to tell of his own experience. Steve knew about hacking back in 1999 ,he went to the Sun and the Mirror and told them both how easy it was to listen in to someone's private voicemail. The Mirror even paid Steve for his story but then spiked it  ? since then Steve has worked tirelessly to get information out there and we all now know why Steve was ignored , they were most ,if not ALL hacking into personal voicemails to get a 'scoop'.

Today , a new turn of events, the MET have demanded  the Guardian hand over their source for the Milly Dowler exclusive. The two journalists involved are Amelia Hill and Nick, Nick is a thorn in the side of the MET because he also ran a story along with a photograph  naming the top men who were freemasons in the MET (several year ago now) a photograph that shows the MET infested with freemasons. Bill Bratton, the American officer who Cameron so badly wanted to head the MET, also a freemason and known racist who likes to call black people 'tribal and terrorists' wonderful chap to have around in a riot !

The plot thickens, Amelia Hill's boyfriend is a police officer in the MET and I would imagine is not a freemason, he has been accused of passing Amelia information and could face a life time in prison.

Murdoch's hand  of course is behind this latest chain of events, just a small example of how much Murdoch has corrupted the MET and why the McCanns will never be brought to justice they are under the wing of Capo de Tito.

There are also those who wonder why the McCanns have involved themselves with hackgate, are'nt they worried some have asked, well frankly no and when I read the e.mail that Steve Nott has just received refusing to let him be part of the Leveson inquiry I realized why.

Those who will be at the inquiry are...

1) Personal lawyer (Carter Ruck)

2) The MET

3) News International

4) A handful of reporters...

ALL of McCanns little gropies, or should that be groupies ?

You can read Steve's full account of Hackgate at his blog and a very interesting story he has to tell.

#McCann #hackgate #Freemasons in the Met have closed ranks !

#McCannn : #Fraud - #Ireland not so dumb !

#McCanns : Further indication's the non-abduction was staged.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

#McCann: Lawyers for the McCanns say he is using the book and the court case to take 'revenge' on them for the end of his career. (archive)

Gerry McCann was made a suspect in his daughter Madeleine's disappearance after a British expert said he should be investigated for 'homicide', a Portuguese court heard yesterday.
Criminal profiler Lee Rainbow recommended that police on the Algarve investigate the doctor and his wife Kate because of 'contradictions' in his statement.

The report by Mr Rainbow, of the National Policing Improvement Agency, was sent to Portugal in June 2007, a month after the three-year-old disappeared.

Read more: