Friday, September 16, 2011

#McCanns:#hackgate and why they have involved themselves.

I have come to know Steve Nott through hackgate and the very interesting story he had to tell of his own experience. Steve knew about hacking back in 1999 ,he went to the Sun and the Mirror and told them both how easy it was to listen in to someone's private voicemail. The Mirror even paid Steve for his story but then spiked it  ? since then Steve has worked tirelessly to get information out there and we all now know why Steve was ignored , they were most ,if not ALL hacking into personal voicemails to get a 'scoop'.

Today , a new turn of events, the MET have demanded  the Guardian hand over their source for the Milly Dowler exclusive. The two journalists involved are Amelia Hill and Nick, Nick is a thorn in the side of the MET because he also ran a story along with a photograph  naming the top men who were freemasons in the MET (several year ago now) a photograph that shows the MET infested with freemasons. Bill Bratton, the American officer who Cameron so badly wanted to head the MET, also a freemason and known racist who likes to call black people 'tribal and terrorists' wonderful chap to have around in a riot !

The plot thickens, Amelia Hill's boyfriend is a police officer in the MET and I would imagine is not a freemason, he has been accused of passing Amelia information and could face a life time in prison.

Murdoch's hand  of course is behind this latest chain of events, just a small example of how much Murdoch has corrupted the MET and why the McCanns will never be brought to justice they are under the wing of Capo de Tito.

There are also those who wonder why the McCanns have involved themselves with hackgate, are'nt they worried some have asked, well frankly no and when I read the e.mail that Steve Nott has just received refusing to let him be part of the Leveson inquiry I realized why.

Those who will be at the inquiry are...

1) Personal lawyer (Carter Ruck)

2) The MET

3) News International

4) A handful of reporters...

ALL of McCanns little gropies, or should that be groupies ?

You can read Steve's full account of Hackgate at his blog and a very interesting story he has to tell.