Monday, September 19, 2011

#McCann: Video interview with Julia the cleaner of Ap. 5A...who saw cots in separate rooms.

Witnesses from the outer circle and most important of all, staff members ,who entered apartment 5A with even the smallest  amount of information are vital. Julia the cleaner , saw two cots in separate rooms May 2nd, the fact the McCanns deny it  and go on to add there may have been a third cot !!! (there was not by the way ) indicates they had staged a crime scene...Julia also mentions that morning the children were not there ! were the children there on other occasions for her to make such a remark ?  This case really was text book and if  Gonçalo Amaral along with profiler Lee Rainbow had been allowed to do their job's the McCanns would be in prison for hiding a cadaver and fraud !

Video by HiDeHo along with some of her observations

The cleaner for 5A describes her meeting with the McCanns and how the case has affected her and her family.

She focuses on the McCann's exit from the balcony doors to the garden, when she arrived on Wednesday morning May 2nd.

One has to wonder why they didn't leave via the front or the living room patio door.

Was there something they were taking out from the bedroom that they didn't want her to see?

Just a thought......especially as the cleaner described seeing a cot in the McCann's bedroom despite their denials that it was there.

She has been so troubled and affected by the case, even three years later!

How sad to see the problems created by the McCann's.