Monday, September 12, 2011

#McCann : #NHS: Group of doctors holidaying in Portugal leaves three year old dead !

What a headline, the media would have had a field day ! and I believe this is what the Goverment wished to avoid, already one of the doctors in the group  had faced a negligence charge.

Matthew Oldfield experienced a situation which consisted of a patient’s family member accusing the team lead by Matthew of the untimely death of his patient. This family member accused the team of making a late diagnosis which resulted in the death of said patient.

Then later, a police statement from another NHS doctor referring to Dr.David Payne, also a member of the group, performed an alleged paedophile act about Madeleine . No conspiracy , just trying to avoid a National Health Scandal .

Maddie had a sleep problem ,we know this from her star sheet on the fridge in Rothley, a little girl who just wanted a cuddle from mum and dad when she was afraid at night and could not sleep..BUT NO Maddie must stay in her bed and received a star if she did so....Kate has already confessed in her book her children were drugged and Madeleine 's PM would have shown this, the reason they had to hide her body.

Gordon Brown said only a few weeks ago as he raged about the corruption in News International 'The cover-up far worse than the crime' I cannot help but feel he was thinking of Madeleine.

Dr.Gaspar and HER FEAR of Payne .