Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gerry McCann: Screenshot of his concern and understanding at the' commercial loss' the press must endure by not publishing the police files.

'However, the Press must understand that if they publish they would be putting the publics lives 'at risk'......said Gerry McCann

I don't know about you but I can feel the sweat running down Gerry's neck as he pulled out all the stops to prevent these files from reaching the public domain....  The Gaspar statement, must have made him choke over his full English breakfast, not only his but thousands of mums and dads who did not believe the McCanns in the first place...Yes, how the pair of them must have been sweating....the truth just a thumping heartbeat away...The lives and well being of Kate and Gerry McCann would be at 'great risk' if the world should discover their macabre secret. The McCanns are fronting the greatest missing person fraud the world has ever seen, how would it look for TRANSWORLD complicite in the search for a dead child. The fund not a fund at all but a business and the money going straight into the pockets of Madeleines parents. The money used to pay ever mounting court fees in Portugal, there is NO search for Madeleine AND Gordon Brown should be in jail, his words only this week 'The cover-up is bigger than the original crime'....yes Gordon how very true !

SCREENSHOT to prevent the press publishing the police files.. Carter Ruck must have had a super injunction  in place to protect the McCanns...the only 'lives at risk' would have been theirs for all the lies they have told.