Monday, March 21, 2011

Staff member: Maria Julia who saw the apartment before the McCanns had 'staged' the fabrictaed abduction..

«Voice Over: Maria Júlia, the mother of the two sacked employees, ended up asking recently the dismissal from the Ocean Club, after 16 years of working there. It was she who cleaned for the last time the McCann family apartment, just the day before the girls disappearance.

Maria Júlia (former Ocean Club employee) – When I went there on Wednesday [2nd May 2007], they were there. It was they who opened the door for me, they told me to get in and then they told me that they were leaving. They even told me something about the balcony… yes… I understood that they were going to the balcony, and even thought they were going to the balcony. But no, they really left. They went out from that door, that door…the door that gives access to the garden [the balcony double glazed door] and that was it, they went out, never again… It was the only time that I was with them.»

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«In regards to her duties directly related to the apartment, she states that the last time she entered there was on the Wednesday, the day before the facts, more precisely on the 02 of May, where she carried out cleaning. Questioned, says that contrary to what has been established, on Thursday, the 03rd, she was doing something else, and did not have the opportunity to pick up the rubbish bags;

. She remembers that when she entered the apartment (A), on Wednesday, that inside she came across the parents. After being allowed to enter, she carried out her work, as they had already left. While she was there, she did not come across any child, supposing that they were in the crèche;

. During the time she carried out her work, she remembers having seen, given the scenario presented, that the couple slept in the room opposite the entrance way, where she came across a children’s cot.

This room gives access to an exterior garden which is called the ground floor, and to a veranda.

In the room closest to the door of the apartment, there was a bed pushed to the wall (where she assumed the missing child slept) and a second cot.

 All these beds were ‘messy’ and this told her that they had been used. She states further that in the room closest to the door, was another bed, which was not used;

. On the Friday following, the day after the disappearance of the child, she states that due to the police activity, she did not clean Apartment A;

. Questioned, states that on the days preceding the facts, she only entered the apartments to carry out her duties, and did not come across any element/object or strange fact that called her attention and which could be directly related to the disappearance; »