Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writing the wrongs.

I had thought this was just another McCann supporter blog. However, I have read that the McCanns mention 'writing the wrongs' on their fraudulent site. I, by chance stumbled upon this rather childish looking blog sometime back and within moments had a viewer from Rothley.

I am going to stick my neck out and suggest that this is the McCanns themselves who are childishly 'writing the wrongs' .

I had always thought McCann, one day ,would like to explain away the blood found in the apartment but for him to do so would have been rather difficult as to admit to one dog picking up the blood spilt by Paul Anthony would also be an admission that the cadaver dog was maybe not so 'unreliable'.

What better way than to start your own blog as a third party , go through the files and explain away the PJ files findings.

Paul Anthony Gordon also made a statement to the police of how he was harassed by the McCanns groupies,'writing the wrongs' would rather they left that part out though, forget about the cadaver and concentrate on Mr. Gordon and his blood spillage.

I am looking forward to 'writing the wrongs' explanation as to why McCann had to go to Rothley to collect Madeleines pillow case for DNA and what happened to her hair and toothbrush...or does one not keep such precious momentos after your child has died?

I am anxious to also see if ' writing the wrongs'  mentions the cleaner who saw a cot in the room the McCanns are alleged to have occupied , the missing sports bag that McCann was seen with the day the parents decided would be the night of the abduction because you see I am unclear when Maddie died, I only know she is dead.


The ability to distil all germane information from a longer document into a readable and lucid, yet shortened, form is priceless. People are more inclined to read and comprehend that which is concise and clear than they are something longer. Hence, you have a better chance of getting your message across to a wider audience. But the peril of precis is that something vital might be missed.
There are two versions, on line, of the statement of Mr Paul Anthony Gordon, who stayed in apartment 5a about 2 weeks before the McCanns. One detail from his statement is important because it might very well explain why the cadaver dog, Eddie, reacted in the apartment. Mr Gordon cut himself shaving and bled for about 45 minutes. Eddie reacts to the scent of human blood. Here is how that incident is described in the precised version:

There were no other incidents whilst we were in Portugal except that I cut myself whilst shaving in the bathroom. The cut bled for about 45 minutes. As far as I know, nobody else cut themselves in the apartment.

Here is how the same incident is rendered from the full translation:
While we were in Portugal there were no incidents worthy of record,beyond this man that I have described, however there was a time when I cut myself shaving in the bathroom of the apartment. I would say that the cut bled for about a 45 minutes and that it took some time until the cut stopped bleeding,
during which period I walked around the apartment with paper tissues trying to stop the blood.

In the context of Eddie’s reactions, the added detail that Mr Gordon paced the whole apartment is important, because if he deposited even minute traces of blood anywhere in the apartment, that might have been sufficient to trigger a reaction in Eddie.
As Grime explains, the place where Eddie reacts is not necessarily where there has been a deposit, as, with time, airborne molecules that carry a scent can shift with movement of air in an enclosed space to a different location.