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January 2008. Madeleine had been dead just eight months and the McCanns were serious about a movie deal WHY? because Ed Smart had a movie up and rolling within eight months of Elizabeths return. The McCanns misjudged the publics revulsion at this latest grab for money stunt and this was quickly dropped to be followed in April by a book deal also dropped. The McCanns do not understand ,relating to the 'Smart scam' is very different, Elizabeth came home, Madeleine will never have such a luxury.

Madeleine the movie: One step too far

Last updated at 19:27 10 January 2008

Ever since their daughter Madeleine disappeared, Kate and Gerry McCann have ridden a wave of public sympathy.

True, there are some (including the Portuguese police) who have aired deeply hurtful suspicions about the couple since that terrible evening in May.

But the overwhelming public mood - particularly among parents of young children - has been one of compassion.
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Madeleine McCann slide Madeleine the movie pushes the boundaries of taste
Today, however, the McCanns risk losing much of that goodwill.

Incredibly, it emerges that they are discussing a possible multi-million pound deal to turn Madeleine's disappearance into a film.

To be blunt, isn't this pushing the boundaries of taste too far?

This paper fully accepts that the McCanns have no intention of profiting personally from any deal.

They want only to replenish the Madeleine Fund - now seriously depleted by the army of detectives and PR advisers employed in the hunt for their daughter.

But isn't the campaign to find her becoming an increasingly macabre circus - an industry feeding on itself, demanding ever more money while producing precisely no results?

As every agonising month passes, it becomes less likely that Madeleine will be found alive

.Instead of raising unrealistic hopes - and spending huge sums to keep the unseemly circus rolling on - shouldn't the McCanns' advisers be urging them to come to terms with that bitter truth?

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