Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thinking the unthinkable..

by Theresa Sampson
    September 21, 2007
    From the very beginning of this terrible tragic story, I believed Madeleines parents were hiding something.

     Obviously nobody can say how they will react in extreme circumstances, but they just didn't seem genuine.

     Wearing colored ribbons, setting up websites and leaving the country their daughter was supposedly abducted to get blessed by the pope, it's all so superficial. Questions remain unanswered, if an intruder entered the apartment why did they abduct Madeleine but leave the twins safe in there beds?

    Why did Kate and Gerry turn down the on site babysitting service to then leave the children alone?

     How could Maddeleines DNA be found in a car that had been hired twenty five days after her disappearance?

     Not to mention the person that was supposedly seen carrying a little girl wearing pajamas similar to Madeleine, conveniently only friends of the family recall seeing him.

    Kate Mccann was adamant she would stay in Portugal until her daughter was found but when questions became hard to answer she quickly was able to leave her daughters memory in a foreign country and return home to the United kingdom.

     I believe the Mccanns thought being doctors put them above the law.

     Her death may have been an accident, but they thought they were cleaver enough to cover it up and start this facade of an abduction.

     Whatever happened, innocent or guilty they will have to live with their consciences for the rest of their days. For the sake of Madeleine I think they should start talking so that little girls, poor soul can be laid to rest.