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McCann : Brian Kennedy -The FUND Money Is For Legal Expenditure - Maddie Dead Two Short Weeks AND McCann Is Cheered Up By The Fund Claims His Mum !!!!!

McCann : Martin Brunt Disagrees With Susan Healy On The Distance Between The Tapas Bar And The Apartment

McCann : Dirty Desmond From The Express Said It Is Common Knowledge The McCanns Were HACKED By Several Newspapers...Where Is The McCann Outrage - Where Are The Milly Dowler Headlines ' MCCANNS HACKED ' ? Why The Silence ?

We are now in a position where we know for a fact there are reporters out there who listened into conversations between the McCanns and their family members...who are they and what do they know ? ARE they willing at a later date to sell their stories ? one of them I am sure is Ross Hall  (arrested and implicated in phone hacking ) Lori Campbells partner (Lori who fingered Robert Murat ) and one cannot help but wonder what they discussed between the sheets !!!

The SUN almost certainly hacked the McCanns and heard conversations on medicating the childreen between family members, Kate's parents I would imagine..The Sun even went so far as to ask Kate directly with a headline 'DID YOU SEDATE MADDIE'? articles have been blocked from online NOT deleted....The article goes on to say the McCanns admit giving the children.....see link here

The McCanns have never admitted to giving their children any medication publicly but  a family member ? possibly and this was overheard by hacking and then printed in the SUN newspaper.....the drugging of the children to ease troubled minds was then explained away in Kates book in the most ludicrous of ways , it was the 'phantom abductor' who sedated the children on two separate evenings !

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McCann : Lisa Irwin - Cadaver Dog Has Hit Inside Lisa Irwin Home Her Remains Have Still Not Been Found - Plans Now To Search A Well

McCann :Privacy is for paedos; fundamentally nobody else needs it" - Paul McMullan at Leveson Inquiry

Thank-you Mr. McMullan and that may explain why we have so many child abuse cover-ups by the British Goverment !

The GASPAR Statement - Paedophile allegations against Gerry McCann and Dr.David Payne.

McMullan: "Privacy is the space bad people need to do bad things. Privacy is for paedos. Privacy is evil" #leveson

BBC News (UK)

"Privacy is for paedos; fundamentally nobody else needs it" - Paul McMullan at Inquiry

McCann : Why Kate Healy Calls Ricardo Paiva The 'F**KING TOSSER'...Her 'DREAM' Was Their Secret NEVER To Be Shared With Gerry !

McCann : Swingers And Pampas Grass ! Allegations Continue To Swirl That The McCanns Are Swingers !

Richard Desmond has confessed it is common knowledge the McCanns were hacked by several newspapers and now the McCanns have kicked the British media in the teeth will the swinging revelations be proven ?

Matthew Steeples

I've heard that they are or were into those kind of activities.

veniviedivici nobby-Lobby

The BBC episode on the scam used a lingering shot of Pampas grass in it !

By *he_original_polo  Woman 46 weeks ago
a Primark shoebox in Leicester

I thought the international sign of the swinger was pampas grass in the front garden……… please don’t tell me I have been walking around with pampas grass sticking out the front of my knickers for nothing!

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McCann : Metropolitan Police Corruption At The Highest Level

"Andy Coulson was the editor [of the News of the World] and he is f*****g big pals with a lot of powerful people including police officers."

........Enter Clarence Mitchell Hackgate Day 120

McCann : Well Known FACT That The McCanns Were Hacked !

Re Q "... it was well known that some of their papers were hacking..." 16:11:43; RD A "Yes....."

McCann said stories that appeared in the press became "highly speculative" and that "unless our phones were hacked, which I don't think they were, these were simply made up."


STUNNING- Ian Hurst - alleged that police MET corruption goes right to the very top.

McCann : A 'Sighting' The Parents Most Certainly Would Have Ignored !

Most Hurtful And Unhelpful

A Sunderland couple told police they saw Madeleine McCann 28 hours after she disappeared.
Richard and Susan McCluskey reported seeing a "lifeless" child of about Maddie's age being carried by a drunk-looking man who was with a distressed woman, who they were "almost certain" was her mum Kate.

Also in his second statement, made after watching news coverage of Kate and Gerry McCann returning to Britain from Portugal, Mr McCluskey added: "Another thing which has played on my mind is the coverage of Mr McCann walking off the aeroplane holding one of his young children.

"The way he was holding the child over his left shoulder reminded me of the man carrying the child from the white van in Portugal.

McCann : The Sun posed the question directly to Kate McCann: “Did you sedate. Maddie?”

Articles of this nature have of course been removed from the SUN, a deal with Murdoch very early on it would appear !

The tide of public opinion has now started to turn against the family from Rothley. "Did you sedate Maddie?," asks The Sun, the notorious British tabloid, referring to the speculation that Kate McCann, a doctor, may have given her daughter an overdose of a sedative. The McCanns say the accusation is "completely ludicrous."

  • Catch-22 quiz mother faced | The Sun |News|Multimedia|PA Videos
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    8 Sep 2007 – The McCanns managed without a car until 25 days after Maddie vanished. ...DID you sedate Madeleine?” The McCanns admit giving the children ...

  • McCann : The Moment McCann Realized Kate Screwed Them Both !

    It must have been quite a revelation for the control freak Gerry McCann to hear how the dog search came to be in Portugal , his own wife had screwed them both. Robert Murat at that time, the only arguido (suspect) in their faked abduction , framed by four of their friends, yes all was going to plan.

    So there they sat in a Lisbon court, confident they were going to screw Amaral for every cent he had and suddenly the ' f**king tosser' Ricardo, told the Court it was Kate all by herself that had led to them both being made arguidos.

    McCann arrogant and oh so confident made a vital mistake, leaving Kate on her own she weakened and called  Ricardo,  and thats when the dog's told the world Madeleine was dead !

    Footage of McCanns reaction, he could not wait to lay into Kate or get as far away from her as possible, he decided to do the latter and Fiona took his place !


    A second officer, Ricardo Paiva, said Portuguese police were suspicious of the couple's 'merchandising' operation in the months after Maddie disappeared. The Madeleine Fund they set up sold wristbands and T-shirts publicising the case and used the money to support the search.

    Mr Paiva said they should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone, saying: 'People have been arrested for far less - even in the UK.'
    Former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral wrote a book accusing the McCanns of covering up their daughter's death


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    McCann : Kay Burley states McCanns court the press therefore they are fair game !

    Alistair Campbell totally oblivious to the fact it was friends of McCann who framed Robert Murat.

    McCann : Folklore Of An Abduction - SCENE 1 - Take One Very Large Bedroom AND Read The THIRD Statement Of Silvia Batista !

    The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window
    The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window

    Why would an actress (Lisa Donovan ) have to sign a document swearing to never speak about her part in the McCanns MOCKUMENTARY ? Well ,she may have to do this if the scene was shot in a room much larger than the bedroom it is claimed Madeleine was snatched from .

    Watch HiDeHo's video and the space around the cots in the room, the actress is able to walk around and behind the cots with ease. NOW read Silvia Batista (staff member) and her comments about the much smaller room in Apartment 5A..

    Quote :

    Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.The deponent recalls that the cots that were used by the babies were placed in the middle of the room and aligned, and therefore she found it strange that someone could have taken Madeleine from the bed where she was sleeping up to the window, because there was no space to get through.

    The McCann documentary, analysed by forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento

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    McCann : Cadaver Dog EDDIE Alerted To The Death Of Madeleine And Kate Prout - Police Today Have Confirmed Remains Found Are Those Of Kate Prout

    Human remains found on a farm in Redmarley, Gloucestershire, have been formally identified as belonging to Kate Prout, who was murdered by her husband Adrian in 2007.

    A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "I can now confirm that the body recovered from Redhill Farm, Redmarley, yesterday afternoon has been formally identified as that of Kate Prout.

    "The identity of the deceased was confirmed through the use of dental records."

    Mrs Prout's family have spoken of their relief following the discovery, with Richard Wakefield, her older brother, describing the years since her disappearance as having been like a "prison sentence" for him and his wife, Linda.

    "We've been like prisoners. It's been like a prison sentence for us, having this over our heads all this time.

    "But now, that relief has come, so hopefully when we get Kate buried we can all get on in our lives."

    Last week, Prout, 49, who was convicted of his wife's murder in February last year, dramatically confessed to killing her and took officers to an area of woodland on his £1.2 million farm to reveal where he had buried her.

    Police used specialist forensic experts and cadaver dogs trained to locate decomposed bodies in the search for the 55-year-old former teacher at Cobhill woods, which started on Monday.

    Gerry McCann Represents The Smug Elite Who See Themselves As Above The Law, Remote From The "Great Unwashed".

    A great one liner from the Sun's gutter reporter Trevor Kavanagh , describes McCann prefectly , however the slurs were aimed at Max Mosley who may yet have the last laugh when Kavanagh along with  his mate Tom Wells are thrown in the gutter along with  the SUN.

    The hypocrisy of the SUN bragging about free speech but not when it comes to a tiny missing three year old  whose OWN father has an alleged paedophile incident against him !

    McCann : Cadaver Dogs Help Find The Remains Of Kate Prout !

    FORENSIC tests are due to take place today on the human remains found in woods at Redmarley – as Kate Prout's family braced themselves.

    Detectives last night said they hoped the discovery was "the final chapter" in the investigation to find the body of the 55-year-old farmer's wife.BREAKTHROUGH:  Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson. Inset top; Kate and Adrian Prout. Inset above; Woodland in Redmarley where human remains were found.
    Officers hunting Cobhill Rough, Redmarley, found the remains close to where killer husband Adrian Prout said he had buried Kate following his prison cell confession last week.

    Just over four years to the day that the case escalated from a missing person search to a murder investigation, Gloucestershire Constabulary believe they found what Kate's family had begged her killer for – the location of her body.

    "We have found human remains close to the location Adrian Prout identified as the place he buried his wife," said Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, leading the investigation.

    "No formal identification has taken place, however we have informed Kate's family of recent developments. I hope this will mark the final chapter of these harrowing events for Kate's family."

    This week, using diggers, forensic archaeologists, a deposition expert and cadaver dogs, officers pinpointed where the remains lay in a 10x20 metre area outlined by Prout.
    Police were keen to remove the remains last night.

    The detective who originally led the inquiry, Acting Detective Superintendent Neil Kelly, retired after the trial, but he returned to the scene yesterday.

    Prout, 49, who had always denied his wife's murder, confessed last Thursday.

    The next morning he was taken from Garth prison in Lancashire where he is serving a minimum of 18 years in jail, to his former home.

    In woodland, neighbouring the 276 acre farm, which he and his wife had fought over amid an acrimonious divorce, he showed detectives where he believed he had buried her.
    He was questioned again this week.

    Police are understood to have been told he strangled her, wrapped up her body and buried her in a pheasant enclosure on Bonfire Night 2007 following a row over how their £1.2million Redhill Farm home would be split.

    But he didn't report her missing until November 10, and even ran a pheasant shoot at the farm two days after he had buried her.

    Police initially treated her disappearance as a missing persons case but she took no valuables, nor her car, and no money.

    For five weeks officers searched the farm and surrounding area – at the height of the investigation more than 100 officers searched arable land, a pond, a reservoir and the woodland where the remains were located yesterday.

    Undeterred by drawing a blank, they pressed ahead with a "no body" murder prosecution, thanks to a welter of circumstantial evidence based on diary entries chronicling a bitter divorce and a violent marriage.

    Prout was jailed in February 2010 – for three years more than he would have been sentenced to, had he revealed where his wife's body lay.

    Convinced of his innocence, his fiancee Debbie Garlick pressed for him to take a lie detector test. In August he reluctantly took the test, and failed.

    Last year Mrs Prout's brother Richard Wakefield appealed in The Citizen for her killer to reveal where she was, and told of how his family had been hurt by Mrs Garlick questioning court evidence and giving credence to claims she could still be alive.

    He said: "We would like to know where she is, bring her back and give her a proper burial, to put her at rest. It's more important than anything."

    Yesterday Mr Wakefield said he would prefer not to comment.


    McCann : Kate Prout Remains Found AS British Media Continue To Censor Cadaver Dog EDDIE Who Alerted To Maddie McCann AND Kate Prout's Death !

    British Media CENSOR Cadaver Dog Eddie To Protect McCanns !

    A post-mortem examination of human remains found by officers searching for Kate Prout, murdered by her husband in 2007, is to take place later.

    Last Friday, Adrian Prout took police to Redhill Farm at Redmarley, in Gloucestershire, to show them where he had buried his wife's body.

    After a four-day search, detectives discovered the remains on Thursday.

    He was jailed for life for her murder in February 2010 after a trial. Police said he had now admitted killing her.

    A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said officers were hopeful of a formal identification of the remains later.

    He added officers were likely to stay on site for much of Friday.

    A post-mortem examination of human remains found by officers searching for Kate Prout, murdered by her husband in 2007, is to take place later.

    Last Friday, Adrian Prout took police to Redhill Farm at Redmarley, in Gloucestershire, to show them where he had buried his wife's body.

    After a four-day search, detectives discovered the remains on Thursday.

    He was jailed for life for her murder in February 2010 after a trial. Police said he had now admitted killing her.

    A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said officers were hopeful of a formal identification of the remains later.

    He added officers were likely to stay on site for much of Friday.

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    STRANGE that the McCanns never complained about the DOZENS of fake sightings or fabricated suspects? NO. That's because THEY invented them.




    McCann : Attorney General FINAL Report

    McCann : Fake Forum Comments Are Eroding Trust In The Web

    Trust in information on the web is being damaged by the huge numbers of people paid by companies to post comments online, say researchers.

    Fake posters can "poison" debate and make people unsure about who they can trust, the study suggests.

    Some firms have created tens of thousands of fake accounts to flood chat forums and skew debate.

    The researchers say there are reliable ways to spot fakes and urge websites to do more to police users.

    The researchers from Canada and China say paying people to post comments is an "interesting strategy in business marketing" but it is not a benign activity.

    "Paid posters may create a significant negative effect on the online communities, since the information from paid posters is usually not trustworthy," they more

    Pat Brown In Search Of Maddie

    McCann Lies About Taking A POLYGRAPH!

    The McCanns and The Polygraph

    Daily Mirror, 19 September 2011

    The Kate Prout murder case has thrown up a number of interesting issues: the use of sniffer dogs and the successful conviction of Adrian Prout, without a body being discovered, are two. The third issue of interest is the failure of Mr Prout to pass a Polygraph test. An act which led ultimately to his confession to the murder of his wife.

    New readers to the site may be interested to know that back in September 2007 the McCanns, as part of their PR 'fight back' against the action of the Portuguese police in making them arguidos, made it known - albeit through the inevitable use of their proxy 'friend of the family'/'source' - that they would be willing to take a lie detector test to clear their names.

    "They have said all along that they want to co-operate fully with the Portuguese police," the anonymous 'friend' assured us comfortingly, adding that they had "received no such request from the Portuguese authorities". Just so we could be clear when apportioning blame.

    Once the frantic headlines, such as 'McCANNS: WE'LL TAKE LIE TEST', had been successfully embedded into the nation's newsstands, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns spokesperson, stepped forward to pour cold water on the idea. Principally on the grounds that such 'evidence' was not admissible in a Portuguese court.

    Curses on those 'bumbling' Portuguese authorities! Not only had they been so lax as to make no request for the McCanns to take a lie detector test, it wasn't even admissible in their courts! What were they playing about at? Not asking for something that they couldn't even use anyway! Unbelievable!

    And so the Portuguese authorities got a slippery double beating, for what was actually no story in the first place. Ahhh, the beauty of PR, media control and proxies!

    And there the matter lay...

    Until November, of the same year, when a "shocked" Don Cargill, chairman of the British And European Polygraph Association, spoke to the Sunday Express. He revealed that he had spoken to "the McCanns' people", with regard to taking a lie detector test, and they had come back "with a list of conditions that would have been impossible to satisfy".

    Mr Cargill said: "Kate said she'd take it to prove her innocence but in reality, she wasn't willing. I was dumbfounded, to tell the truth."
    The accompanying headlines, such as 'KATE REFUSES LIE TEST', were clearly unhelpful and so, as usual, Clarence Mitchell was afforded the final word on the subject: "Gerry and Kate don't need to do one as they are telling the truth."

    So there we had it. The Oracle had spoken and we could all go to bed happy

    McCann ' We Did'nt Murder Maddy'

    NOTW Hacking News

    McCanns - We Wanted To Shout ' We Didn't Murder Maddy' Shout as loud as you like Kate. believes you.

    NOTW Hacking News

    I didn't speak to one journo today who was supportive of either McCann, especially Kate. Much false piety, but behind their back

    NOTW Hacking News

    Leveson Inquiry: Kate McCann 'I Felt Totally Violated' KateMcCann - A bit of me, with lashings more of me.

    NOTW Hacking News

    Was told 10 days ago, the SUN is on it's last legs. anyone?

    NOTW Hacking News

    I see James Murdoch stood down as director of the companies that publish The Sun, The Times & The Sunday Times. THE SUN - Close to death.!/NOTW_Hack_News

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Lisbon Appeals Court - McCanns Lose Their Case Against Dr.Gonçalo Amaral For Freedom Of Speech !

    McCann : PJ Forensic Documents

    Free Speech And The Case Of Missing Maddie McCann

    Eddie's track record as an enhanced victim recovery dog is impressive. He detected the scent of human cadaverine at the McCanns' holiday flat, Kate's clothing, Cuddlecat, and the McCanns' rental vehicle in 2007, indicating the likely possibility of Madeleine being dead. Madeleine, living or dead, has not yet been found. In another case, in 2008, Eddie detected the smell of human cadaverine in missing Kate Prout's living room. Her husband was convicted in 2010 for the murder. This month, he confessed to the murder of his wife and led the police to where he buried her body.

    EVIDENCE of a dead body inside murdered Kate Prout's home was discovered by a sniffer dog, it has emerged. The "cadaver dog" homed in on an area in the living room of the Redmarley home more

    McCanns Tell Inquiry Of Distress And Disgust


    McCann told the inquiry there were "sinister reports" circulating about the couple's involvement in the youngster's disappearance. He said the reporting quickly became highly speculative.

    His wife told of her distress at reports that her daughter was dead and said she felt her voice carried no weight against the power of the media.

    Asked about a newspaper claim that the couple had sold Madeleine because they were hard up,  McCann described it as "nothing short of disgusting".

    The pair said they were browbeaten into doing an interview with the News Of The World (NOTW) when the newspaper's then editor Colin Myler called and berated them for doing an interview with Hello! magazine.

    The McCanns Are A Nasty Couple . But A reflection Of Our Times !

    R.F.Wilson writes from London: How dare the McCanns take us all for idiots! The have effectively commercialised child abduction, manipulating the press to the full, and now they have the nerve to insist that the media was harassing them and intruding into their personal life.

    If Kate and Gerry McCann, who have become a double act of sorts, had any common sense they wouldn’t have appeared at the Leveson inquiry today, to give their account of how the press hounded them. They should consider themselves lucky that they were not prosecuted both in Portugal and Britain for child neglect. And the supposedly hostile media that they now blame for their distress and suffering actually gave them an easy ride, considering that their daughter Madeleine had vanished when they were having a meal with their friends.

    Some people wonder why is it that this otherwise unremarkable couple is treated as if they are some sort of celebrities. Well, let me tell you why it happened: first of all, the McCanns have used the media to the full, behaving as if everyone else was to blame for Madeleine’s disappearance but not them. And, secondly and more importantly, the Anything Goes mafia that has become mighty powerful in recent decades is promoting them hard, basically saying that parents should think about themselves first and about the their children second and third.

    The message is: go party and enjoy yourselves and leave your kids to themselves.

     No worries, you’re f..king worth it! more

    #McCann #NoW - BETRAYED !

    #McCann : #Murdoch Will NOT Forget Today !

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    #McCann #Leveson: Paedophiles - A Diary And One Missing Sports Bag - Clues That Point In One Direction !

    #McCann : Faked Abductions - Images Of Shallow Graves - Tiny Bones - Dumped Like Yesterday's Garbage !

    #McCan #Hackgate : Media Manipulation By The McCanns Enabled Them To 'Clear' Their Name Of Faking Their Own Childs Abduction . The McCanns Have NOT Been Cleared ONLY A Court Of Law Will Achieve This!

    #McCan #CayleeAnthony - Coverage Of The Murder Trial Censored In The UK It Was Too Close To The McCanns Faked Abduction Including Cadaver Dogs !

    What remains of Caylee - VICTIM of a Faked Abduction !


    #McCann #Hackgate #AlliedCentral : Paedophile Allegations That Just Won't Go Away !

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    #McCann: #SkyNews #Censor Cadaver Alerts In Kate Prout Murder

    Adam Prout & murdered wife Kate Prout
    Adrian Prout was jailed for his wife Kate's murder last year

    Police will today begin searching for the remains of teacher Kate Prout - four years after she was murdered by her farmer husband during a bitter divorce.

    He is understood to have owned up to his fiancee Debbie Garlick after failing a lie detector test inside prison.

    Prout, who owned a successful pipe-laying business and ran a commercial pheasant shoot, had always denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance and refused to help officers in their search for her.

    Redhill Farm

    The Prout family home, on their 276-acre farm in Gloucestershire

    But on Friday he was seen handcuffed to an officer as he arrived at the 276-acre farm the couple once shared in Redmarley, Gloucestershire.

    This morning detectives arrived at the farm to begin the search.

    They are concentrating on a pheasant pen with a wooded copse but have insisted they will be taking their time in trying to locate and then exhume Mrs Prout's body.

    Initially ground penetrating radar is being used to survey the site, forensic archaeologists are also assisting officers.

    Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, of Gloucestershire Constabulary, said two officers received the "new and significant information" after visiting Prout in prison.

    "Adrian Prout has admitted to those detectives that he murdered Kate Prout - something which he had always denied - and has now suggested that he disposed of her body on Redhill Farm in Redmarley," Mr Atkinson said.

    He added: "Our main priority now is to recover Mrs Prout's body and enable her family to have some closure after the long ordeal they have been through."

    Prout was jailed for life in February last year after being convicted of his wife's murder.
    He was thought to have strangled her after a row over a divorce settlement, then used his expertise as a pipe-layer to bury her body.

    Redhill Farm

    Redhill Farm in Gloucestershire, where police will be searching for Mrs Prout's remains

    Even after he was jailed, police continued to search the £1.2m farm for remains of Mrs Prout's body, but to no avail.

    Prout's change of heart comes a year to the day after her relatives pleaded with him to reveal where he had hidden her body.

    Her brother Richard Wakefield said in a statement: "Gloucestershire Police have informed us of the latest developments in the investigation into Kate's death, and they are keeping us fully updated.

    "We have always wanted Adrian to tell us where Kate's body is, however, this news has obviously come as something of a shock to us.

    "We would like to be given some time to come to terms with this news and do not wish to speak to the media at this time. Thank you for your understanding."

    #McCanns Started A Joke .....AND Here's Hoping Members Of The Inquiry Won't Burst Into Sarcastic Laughter Themselves.

    The McCanns are indeed Emperors without clothes, it is the English way , everybody knows they are LIARS, a JOKE but people are just too polite to say .

    They can complain as much as they want about press intrusion but in reality they depend on this coverage in their supposed search for their daughter. I say ‘supposed’ because it should be crystal clear to them by now that she is dead and has been dead for the past four more

    #McCann: #Jayelles Bored With JonBenét Ramsey Moves On To The McCanns

    For years Jeyelles whoever he/she may be had an obsession with the Ramsey case ,an obsessive disorder where she could not bear to be wrong ,she needed to prove herself over and over again that she was right and everyone else was wrong.  It would appear after a time she became bored with JonBenèt and moved on to the McCann tragedy. Once again we see the same repetitive agenda, challenging people to a ' duel' first it was Tony Bennett and now Pat Brown. Truly bizarre behaviour, I am surprised she has not moved on to Lisa Irwin or Sky Metalwala or is that because she is not yet bored with Madeleine ?

    #Leveson #McCanns List Of Criminal Activity !

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    #McCann Prepares To Doublecross Murdoch With A Speech That Will Leave Them Sobbing In The Isles !

    #McCann: Top Dogs Know The Truth - Eddie And Keela

    Martin Grime With Cadaver Dog Eddie...Above Keela His Partner In Crime

    EVRD dog EDDIE who alerted to HUMAN CADAVER scent in the #McCann Apartment, Hire Car, CuddleCat.... #FakeAbduction

    Keela is a top dog in the police world, earning more in a day than her force's Chief Constable by working on some of the country's highest-profile crimes.

    The 16-month-old springer spaniel can sniff out the smallest samples of human blood - even after items have been cleaned or washed many times.

    The South Yorkshire Police dog has already helped forces across the country, including working on the stabbing of Abigail Witchalls in Surrey.

    Her going rate is £530 per day, plus expenses.

    If she worked every day of the year, she would earn almost £200,000 - around £70,000 more than her force's Chief Constable.

    In the New Year, Keela will be travelling to America to assist the FBI with two murder inquiries.
    A South Yorkshire force spokeswoman said the crime scene investigation dog has saved more then £200,000 nationally since April this year, helping with investigations in Ireland, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Surrey and the Thames Valley areas.

    Her handler, PC Martin Grime, has been responsible for training Keela, along with National Search Adviser Mark Harrison, since June last year.

    Unlike ordinary police dogs, Keela has never taken part in the usual six-week training course but has been trained, bit by bit, by PC Grime every day.

    Her programme involved training her to ignore decomposing body materials other than human blood.

    Instead of barking when she smells blood, she has been trained to have a "passive" alert - freezing with her nose as near to the subject matter as possible without touching, to enable scientists to recover the sample quickly and efficiently.

    This technique has saved time and money on major investigations.

    South Yorkshire Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes said: "Keela's training gives the force an edge when it comes to forensic investigation, which we should recognise and use more often.

    "We know we have an operationally excellent dog section, and our specialist dogs are being developed in a unique way."