Thursday, November 10, 2011

#McCann : Angus McBride Helped Gag The Press For The McCanns...Angus McBride Also Made A Fool Of By The McCanns.

No fool like an old fool..!  Mr.McBride should have done his homework and read Dr.McCanns blog,  he may then have repeated his words to the editors 'lives would be at great risk if the files were published '.....Angus McBride you have been had !

Gerry and Kate McCann asked me to visit newspaper editors to explain that there was no truth in any of the allegations made in the more scurrilous parts of the Portuguese press, and that the material was the product of vindictive leaks. I explained to each editor that uncorroborated evidence from a sniffer dog and inconclusive DNA (which could have been attributable to any member of the family) found in the boot of a hire car driven by the McCanns created not even a prima facie case.

It is fair to say that a number of the editors listened carefully and subsequent reporting reflected the fact that they understood that to report the allegations would be immoral, scurrilous