Thursday, November 17, 2011

#McCann : Another Mother Fakes Her Own Childs Abduction - A Witness Saw A Man Carrying A Baby Through The Street Wrapped In A Blue Blanket!

The 'man' as we now know was a woman, Tylers mom, wearing a hooded sweatshirt . (memories of the Smith sighting ) Tyler Dasher's mother beat her little boy to death because he was 'fussy' he would not stop crying, she then dumped his small body near the river returned to her apartment and slept because she was tired !...Later, on waking she telephoned the police to claim her son had been abducted.

So, ALL of those out there who claim the McCanns could not  possibly have done all the things they have been accused of enacting during the investigation.... because they are 'doctors' should think again. Everyone is capable of anything when faced with a dead child and a very long prison term.

The McCanns were LUCKY.....thats all !