Sunday, November 13, 2011

#McCann Farce has Gone Too Far...Good Article BUT Author STILL Believes In The Neglect Alibi !

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Some people just don’t know when to stop…
Yes, I’m talking about Kate and Gary McCann, who have now written a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, calling on him to help them with their search for their missing daughter Madeleine, who had disappeared while on a family holiday in Portugal 4 years ago. This comes on top of the book, written by Kate McCann, that is being serialised by the Sun newspaper and betrays a woman, who has turned from a mother grieving about the loss of her daughter into a celebrity campigner, who, for some reason, thinks that the whole world is indebted to her.

If the McCanns want to look for their daughter, they should stop their blatant abuse of public’s sympathy and raise the money to fund their search in a less provocative way. This has now turned into a circus, with the McCanns obviously getting used to their celebrity status. In fact, it starts to smack of a new horrific way of commercialising child abduction, which has already found its followers with a family from a council estate in Britain staging their daughter’s ‘abduction’, in the hope of cashing in on their story.

It does look a bit odd that the British media is playing along with the McCanns, providing them with so much publicity. In a way, its deeply offensive to thousands of other families, whose children have disappeared without trace. Hacks should really think twice before they promote people, who push their private agendas with such ruthlessness and determination.

Up to now I have been staying away from this whole debate about the McCanns, thinking that I should probably forgive the two distraught parents for their odd behaviour, considering that they lost a daughter. But this letter to Prime Minister Cameron has demonstrated what the McCanns are all about: publicity seekers, who are basking in their celebrity status.

There are hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world who have gone missing, but we don’t see their parents staging endless public appeals and raising huge amounts of money to fund their search for their kids. They grieve in private, and they conduct their search in private as well. They understand that their children are probably not alive, but they still keep their hopes alive, and wait for some sort of miracle to happen.

The McCanns insist that they are keeping a high public profile to keep the interest in their case going, claiming that by doing so they actually promote the overall problem of missing children. I’m sorry, but the McCanns are the last people to do this, as in their case they are the ones who carry the main blame for their daughter’s disappearance. They had decided to leave their three tiny children, unsupervised, and have a drink and a meal with their friends. They had rejected the idea of hiring a nanny who could have looked after their kids while they were enjoying themselves. And so for them now to be championing the idea of never stopping the search for missing children is not exactly right, is it? more