Thursday, November 10, 2011

#McCann : #Libel - #Scrooby- Christopher McGrath An Olive Short Of A Pizza ?

Christophers McGrath aka 'Scrooby' it would appear is another fruitcake taking advantage just like the McCanns ,of the ludicrous British libel laws.

Vaughan is being sued by a Milton Keynes-based local government consultant cum would-be online entrepreneur named Chris McGrath who, using the alias ‘Scrooby’ published a book in Janaury 2010 under the title; ‘The Attempted Murder of God: Hidden Science You Really Need to Know‘. The book is one of numerous ‘I can prove god exists’ titles spawned by the commerical success of Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’, and like other title in the ‘Why Dawkins is wrong’ genre its a work of pseudoscientific nonsense which contains little or no actual scientific content – e.g. the sole ‘customer review’ of the book at Waterstones notes that:
It’s not too heavy on the science and I counted one equation, like the square root of minus 1 is the same as the square root of 1, and that was about it on the maths, so easy to get into as a read more