Wednesday, November 30, 2011

McCann : Dirty Desmond From The Express Said It Is Common Knowledge The McCanns Were HACKED By Several Newspapers...Where Is The McCann Outrage - Where Are The Milly Dowler Headlines ' MCCANNS HACKED ' ? Why The Silence ?

We are now in a position where we know for a fact there are reporters out there who listened into conversations between the McCanns and their family members...who are they and what do they know ? ARE they willing at a later date to sell their stories ? one of them I am sure is Ross Hall  (arrested and implicated in phone hacking ) Lori Campbells partner (Lori who fingered Robert Murat ) and one cannot help but wonder what they discussed between the sheets !!!

The SUN almost certainly hacked the McCanns and heard conversations on medicating the childreen between family members, Kate's parents I would imagine..The Sun even went so far as to ask Kate directly with a headline 'DID YOU SEDATE MADDIE'? articles have been blocked from online NOT deleted....The article goes on to say the McCanns admit giving the children.....see link here

The McCanns have never admitted to giving their children any medication publicly but  a family member ? possibly and this was overheard by hacking and then printed in the SUN newspaper.....the drugging of the children to ease troubled minds was then explained away in Kates book in the most ludicrous of ways , it was the 'phantom abductor' who sedated the children on two separate evenings !