Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Find Madeleine forum...a sad farewell

One can only ask if this strange turn of events has something to do with the fact someone posted the GASPAR statement on the McCanns FACEBOOK . The statement , alleging paedophilia amongst the group of docotors, one , Dr.David Payne to be exact, holidaying with the McCanns when Madeleine 'vanished' as the McCanns would like us to believe.... 

Help Find My Child - Closing

Unfortunately today I come to you with sad news - Help Find My Child will be shortly closing down. This has been a very difficult decision to take but an unavoidable one due to changes in circumstances. It’s a situation we never wanted to be in particularly so soon, with so much more needing to be done for the missing and those left behind.

Help Find My Child started in a time when social media was not fully utilized in the search for missing children, as a group before and after charity status we pushed boundaries, using technology with online communities to get word out when it was needed where it was needed world wide. We are very proud in what we have achieved and have somewhat lead the way in creating new innovative methods of spreading missing child appeals. Since our conception we have seen some of the larger organisations move in this direction and realise the potential for bringing in information by engaging with the online world.

We will be closing down our pages and referring families where appropriate to other fantastic organisations who can help in the search for their missing loved ones. Donations we will transfer to a selected charity with the same aims to make sure every penny is used as intended and can help other families.

I'd like to pass on my heartfelt thanks firstly to co directors Emma and Helen who have been outstanding in their support, loyalty, dedication and have worked tirelessly for HFMC. Our joint thanks and admiration goes out to our volunteers and supporters.

Our thoughts and prayers are forever with families and the wider missing community.

The alleged incident...between David Payne and Gerry McCann.