Sunday, July 31, 2011

#McCanns banning Criminal profiler Pat Browns Kindle edition was their downfall.

For four long years we have tried to figure out WHAT power could the McCanns possibly have on the British Goverment,  what was the BIG cover-up, paedophilia  ? was Maddie a clone ? the IRA and RUC ? BUT with hackgate came the truth ,MURDOCH the most powerful media mogul IS the McCanns secret backer. Princess Diana, the beautiful blue eyed blonde who, when her face was on the cover of his newspapers sales went through the roof BUT Diana was gone and the white girl syndrome never lasts...they tried it with Jo Yeates, tried to demonise another' bad guy' but this time instead of Robert Murat it was Chris Jefferies.

MURDOCH could have cared less if the McCanns were involved or not , whether their child was dead or not, it was a very good story and would sell his newspapers. Rupert is a vile evil old man and to him him Madeleine was just another dead kid . BUT with each passing day the truth now unfolds, it started with the banning of Pat Browns book. The McCanns do not have the power even with Carter Ruck to stop the sale of any book BUT Murdoch has . Amazon Kindle without Murdoch lose a huge chunk of business. Amazon Kindle without the McCanns lose nothing and Pat Brown would have been a better choice.

People seem to STILL not understand Murdoch runs England, he has everyone in his pocket either through bribes or threats. Yes victims phones have been hacked by his greedy empire but so to have those in power, judges, police offices and our Prime Ministers are his puppets, if he tells them to jump they jump, for without him as we now know they would not be where they are. Murdoch admitted he entered through the back door of Downing Street like a sewer rat to be thanked by Cameron for his support....Brooks has bragged Cameron is 'almost' a PM because of me .

The McCanns in Australia with their begging bowl, why Australia ? read John Pilger and he will explain why.

The HOAX sighting in India read about MURDOCHS Indian Empire and you will understand why.

MURDOCH with a SMOM  Papal Knighthood that he wanted kept secret from England. SMOM stands for 'Sovereign Military Order of Malta '.....think of all those Malta sightings.

The Church are now asking for Murdoch to be stripped of his Knighthood they say he is a disgrace and has abused the riches of the church. Think of MURDOCH and understand how the McCanns managed to meet with the Pope.

Now read John Pilger and understand why MURDOCH sent the McCanns to Australia.

Murdoch once again has taken the opportunity to 'clear' the McCanns through his evil Australian media empire.