Thursday, July 28, 2011

#McCann Hoaxers back away from their PR stunt.

Long gone are the days when Mitchell could spin the McCann hoaxers PR stunt/sightings for months on end. Today,  there was swift response, a very alert  news reporter made contact with the police in Dehli...the whole charade had been a publicity stunt , they knew nothing of the sighting or any DNA tests being carried out on a child. The McCanns quick to repair their credibility which is at an all time low, were happy to announce that by looking at a photograph they could now confirm this was not Madeleine.

It was simply a move by  MURDOCH to take the heat from his own problems HACKGATE he nor Maddies parents had a problem using her today, after all it was for a good cause. Murdoch by the way has what they call an Indian Empire and rumour has it he is not phased at all by what is happening in England, and I can image why he still runs the country and the majority of the Elite in power are corrupt and in his pocket.

BUT not all is lost, there are more today who know Maddie is dead and the   McCann's are fraudsters than there were yesterday and there will be more tomorrow. EXPOSING the truly evil takes sometime...