Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maddies second trip to India...and the selling of holiday packs...

Sighting in INDIA

Table of Contents : APENSOS V, Volume 12, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 12)....(PDF Pages 156-157 )....Pages 2707 to 2708—"Email re reported sighting in India, (Date/location not indicated within legible parts of this report)"

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Apensos V, Vol 12, Pages 2707 and 2708

Page 2707 (Page 1 of 1 )

FW : Madeleine McCann

Priority 3

Ana Filipa Conduto Luz
From : Dic.Portimao
Sent : 28th August 2007 10:31
To : Ana Filipa Conduto Luz
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann poss sighting India priority 3

From : Newton Martin ( On behalf of Task
Sent : 28th August 2007 9:41
To : Dic.Portimao
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann poss sighting India priority 3

From :
Sent : 28th August 2007 09:12
To :
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann

(Note : Here, is a scanned text of 4 lines. Scanning is of very poor quality and thus quite illegible)


___________Original Message________
From : John Devine
Sent : Tuesday, 28th August 2007 8:56 AM
To : Paul Dryden * Kolkata - UBS ; Emma Harber
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann

_____________Original Message________
From : Paul Dryden * Kolkata - UBS
Sent : 28th August 2007 04:27


Page 2708 (Page 2 of 2 )

FW : Madeleine McCann

To : John Devine
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann

(Note : Here, is a scanned text of ???? lines. Scanning is of very poor quality and thus quite illegible)

Paul Dryden
Third Secretary Consular & (?Directorate?)
British Deputy High Commision
1A Ho Chi Minh (?-?????)
Kolkata 700071

Telephone : 91 33 2288 5172 Ext : 7104
Fax : 91 33 2288 3906


Thank you for your co-operation.
Leicestershire Constabulary.


Has anyone noticed how the McCanns have pushed and pushed their followers to buy the 'holiday packs' this summer and the coincidence of a sighting in India. Could they possibly be being used as a way when  abroad to make contact , a symbol to recognize each other and plan a sighting ?

Every family should take one of these on holiday this summer.

10 English " Where's Maddie" posters,
2 luggage tags,
2 wallet cards
1 car sticker

Price includes delivery
All money paid for goods through this site will be paid to the Madeleine Fund.

Leh, July 23

High drama prevailed in the busy Fort Road market of the city last night when three persons identified a six-year-old girl as Madeleine McCann, a British girl who went missing while on a holiday in Portugal in 2007.

The infamous case had hogged limelight when Madeleine disappeared in May 2007 while she was holidaying with her parents and siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal. The minor girl went missing from an apartment a few days before her fourth birthday and has still not been found. According to the Wikipedia and various web portals, Madeline’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann had stated that they had left the children unsupervised in the ground floor bedroom while they were at a restaurant about 120 metres away.

Last night, a British woman saw a French woman with her Belgian husband roaming in the market with a girl who looked like Madeleine. She immediately informed the British police and the Leh police. The local police has taken the passports of the suspects for verification.

The missing girl’s parents have set up a website where they have put up her pictures that were taken in 2007 and also pictures of how she would look like as she would grow up.

As the British woman shared her suspicions with few others and took a picture of the girl, an American youth -- who was also following the couple -- tried to take away the girl from them. He later told the police that he suspected the girl to be Madeleine. Another American woman also shared the suspicion.

The French woman, however, rubbished their claims, saying that she and her husband were the biological parents of the girl.

A local police official said there was worldwide alert for Madeleine and it would be a great honour for the Leh police to find the missing girl. “However, it all depends upon the evidence like DNA for which help from Madeleine’s parents and the British police was required