Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#McCanns try to silence the truth... The disclaimer .

DISCLAIMER from Pat Brown

It is important for me to emphasize the following profile is a theory based on presently available public information. It is also important to note that determinations made in this profile do not assign guilt or innocence to any party nor are these determinations to be misinterpreted as'facts' as opposed to opinions. Any profile is meant to be a tool to further investigative avenues
and not as a document of probable cause.

Also, I would like to advise readers of this profile that this document is a preliminary profile, not a final profile as would be produced if I were working with a police department.

Furthermore, I have written it in a style that is quite different; I am taking the reader through my thinking process in a much less formal manner, showing how I come to certain conclusions or how I arrive at places where I feel there are still questions to be answered or evidence to be obtained.

It is my hope that this preliminary profile will inspire any investigative agency working on the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann to consider the issues I have brought up within.

I also hope that the McCanns, Kate and Gerry, consider addressing areas of concern that could make a difference in finding Madeleine or in excluding themselves as suspects. I hope that if friends and family of the McCanns have information that would be useful in solving this case that they work with the police agencies to see that Madeleine is found and/or justice is served.

Finally, I hope this preliminary profile might bring forth any witnesses or other people who have pertinent information; perhaps something they previously did not realize was important, so that the case can finally receive closure.

This is the disclaimer from Pat on her Maddie Profile  and as anyone can see this would cover Pat if this 'defamatory allegation' went to court, which it will not. Pat states Carter Ruck 'TOLD ' Amazon to remove her Kindle edition and they did. It is NOW my belief that Rupert Murdoch has been behind the McCanns from the very beginning. People are not afraid of the McCanns they are afraid of Rupert Murdoch who uses bully boy tactics to get his way. Amazon Kindle are terrified of Murdoch and hopefully when Murdoch's company are  found guilty of phone hacking and so much more is yet to come, Jonathon Rees and hacking e.mails for example ! he will be stripped of his Papal Knighthood which allowed the McCanns to meet with the Pope.

MURDOCH is he also protecting Dr.David Payne and an alleged PAEDOPHILE  incident about Madeleine.