Saturday, July 30, 2011

#McCanns : An indepth look at the agenda of Brian Kennedy..Concern For His Reputation

Just when you believe there can be no more bizarre twists to come from Madeleines tragic death....

Something else of interest, Murdoch holds the title SMOM Papal Knighthood. (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)... A connection to  all of those many MALTA sightings perhaps ?...Links to the church and other Papal Knights. So much intrigue for one small dead child who died in a domestic accident.

Brian Kennedy

Kennedy , I hear your vulgar little person has been trawling my blog. I shall remove the article you find 'offensive' but then when one discovers the truth it would appear offensive to a person such as yourself. I am deleting , not for you as it gives me great pleasure to believe you are worried for your reputation, as well you might be , I have deleted because Mr.Bennett asked me to.

The McCann Affair is appalling and one can only hope one day ALL of you are placed behind bars.

Link to the faked fabricated stories placed in the British work and nothing to do with you and your hounding of Tony Bennett will remain. By the way tell your cronies much of a certain persons work (no not Tony Bennett, plenty still working behind the scenes on this macabre folklore) on you is now in the hands of a well respected MP who has great interest in discovering the truth of what really happened to little Maddie.

This Article By Tony Bennett Has been Removed As Kennedy Is Concerned For His Reputation.