Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ed Smarts good friend Dr.Gerald McCann.

The Elizabeth Smart trial taking place as I write, a sham from start to finish. The chosen jury have already said they believe  Elizabeth was abducted and raped by Mitchell, thats OK then a verdict of guilty before the trial had even begun.  Mitchell, will be placed in  a mental institution, locked away, forgotten, until he dies.  Mitchell and Wanda never stood a chance, the longest time ever, for two people, to be  held in prison, without a trial,  it is unheard of. But hey its the Smart's girl and Ed makes his own rules . Mitchell , can never be released because the fear is, he may start to talk and although he has been' portrayed 'as a madman, someone out there might start to listen to this madmans ramblings and if they start to listen they may start to think and if they start to think , Ed and Elizabeth will have a lot of explaining to do.
Ed Smart , Gerald McCann along with their wives and cronies , the most evil specimens of the human race.

Dr.Gerald McCann, a well known contact of Ed Smart's, also claimed his daughter was abducted without a shred of evidence. Dr.Gerry , just like Ed Smart, told the police what the charge was going to be 'abduction' He did not search for her the evening she disappeared, instead he and his wife rang family and friends telling of a break- in , they claimed there was a broken and smashed shutter, a bit like the forensic which now seems to have disappeared on the window the Smarts claim Mitchell entered by. It is alleged the mesh was proven to have been slashed from  inside out, if so, this implies an 'inside job'. The window may have been slashed by Elizabeth herself, but as I have said,  forensic evidence seems to have disappeared, like so many things. The McCanns lied ,there was no break-in and the only fingerprints found on the window, belonged to the mother of the missing child. There was evidence , and then, well, there was'nt, just like the Smarts case

Dr.Gerald McCann, also had a 'patsy' lined up for his own childs abduction, his name, Robert Murat. Dr.McCann also paid a visit to Ed Smart and Ed repeated a'private' conversation on 'Larry King Live' that he had had with Dr.Gerald  . Dr.Gerald said ' You know what Ed, I would not be surprised if something is not planted in the scenic'....I did not believe Dr.Gerry thought Ed would repeat those words on National TV but repeat them he did. Dr.McCann wanted to imply the Portuguese police were corrupt and were trying to set him up.(However, having seen Ed in action, I now believe it is possible,  Ed 's remark, deliberate,  to help his new friend Dr.Gerry implicate the police in a set- up)

Cadaver dogs did indeed pick up the scent of cadaver in the car hired by the McCanns. The Portuguese police believe Dr.McCanns child died in the holiday apartment  ( cadaver also picked up in the apartment and clothing belonging to the childs mother) and Dr.Gerry , along with the help of his friends, who were on holiday with him, helped to hide her body . Why did they hide her body , fear of an autopsy and what it may reveal , perhaps ?

A few days into the disappearance of Madeleine, two colleagues of Dr.McCanns went to the police  ,they had concerns about one of the friends on holiday with Madeleines parents, they made a statement , they wanted to help. Leicestershire Police in England decided NOT to pass this information onto the Portuguese police who were heading the investigation, for six whole months ?

America likes to be known as the land of free speech and would laugh at the banning or burning of a book. However, there is no free speech in America when it comes down to the Smarts, Ed ,like Gerry makes sure of it. Ed like Gerry also threatened to sue a newspaper  The Enquirer, for suggesting Elizabeth was a runaway but Ed did not sue instead letting the suggestion lie real low in peoples minds..

Dr.Goncalo Amaral the co-ordinator of the Maddie investigation wrote a book based on the police files. This book also contains the statement held back by British police. The McCanns have gone to a lot of trouble to have this book banned and they succeeded , for a while, they are also claiming 1.2 million pounds from Dr.Goncalo Amaral for libel.

Dr.Amaral made an appeal against the banning of his book and won his case, the McCanns  have now made another appeal to The Supreme Court to ban the book one more time. The McCanns cannot afford for the Gaspar statement to be known to the British public whatever the price, they must continue.


The Smarts also must continue their lie, for they too cannot let it be known  Ed Smart abused the 'Amber Alert'  system,( only just put in place in Utah. Elizabeth was the first Amber Alert ) to cry 'abduction with a gun/knife' for a runaway daughter who wanted a bit of fun.
The Smarts have made lots and lots of money and done very well out of their 'story' they really are untouchable. Gerry, I would imagine by rubbing shoulders with Ed had hoped for the same outcome. The McCanns though, look more  like the poor relation, always disheveled, with a' just got out of bed' look. Where as the Smarts, are slick, professional, moving in a world Gerry can now only dream of.

The parents of Madeleine, once more, begging the public for money on the pre-text it is to search for their missing daughter ,they claim to have Private Investigators who are very expensive. The McCanns it is true , do need money but not to search for their daughter ,they now have some very serious Court debts mounting day by day. The two doctors will not sell their very large home but will wait for the gullible public to send in donations. Asking for donations to search for a child when you know she is dead, is fraud.

Dr. Goncalo Amaral , now in search of a publisher so the British people may read for themselves , in English ,what the McCanns have forbidden us to do , the reason as to why they were made 'arguidos' suspects, in the disappearance of their own daughter.

Below is the link for Dr.Katerina Gaspars police statement and  I still ask why, the suggestion Dr.David Payne may be a paedophile was kept from the Portuguese investigation for six months?  The McCanns desperation  for the British public not to have access, I understand perefctly . I can only imagine how explosive this information would be if the general public were to read this over toast and marmalade, they would positively choke over their full English breakfast ... even to have a whiff  would create a scandal of such large proportions, Gordon Brown who so brazenly helped the McCanns would have to be brought in for questioning along with Tony Blair who was Prime minister at the time of Madeleines disappearance. ALL eyes would go straight to the parents, followed by accusations of fraud.. The media of course do know about the allegations toward  Dr.Payne, Gerry's good friend , but seem to have no interest in investigating if they are true or false, in fact they seem to have no interest at all in finding out what became of Madeleine.

The media have been gagged  to a point, by the McCanns lawyers Carter Ruck, the press however, are permitted to write about the 'good doctors' but only all things positive.

On a 'bad news day' for the McCanns,  Sky News , the Guardian and a snippet from BBC did mention the overturning of the book 'on the day'  but since then , silence.   Dr.Amaral, his book 'The Truth of the Lie', once more for sale, explaining how the investigation shows Madeleine McCann died in Apartment 5a May 3rd, 2007 and the parents hid her  tiny body....The McCanns and the Smarts two peas in a pod.