Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gerry McCann is completely insane.

How long before the twins make their first public appearance on GMTV? will Social services let these children ,who are being brainwashed by their parents become part of the circus ?. If Sean stood up in class and said he had two sisters he was told to do so by his parents.

I agree a child should never be forgotten and yes she will always be part of the family but what the McCanns are doing is wrong, so very very wrong.

Kate McCann when shown at home with the twins (part of the Oprah 'circus' ) had to ask the children what was the name she had painted along with theirs, they, after prompting by their mother said Maddie, Kate, quickly speaking over their words said Madeleine. I have a dreadful feeling Sean and Emily very soon will become minature Kate and Gerry repeating the mantra ' there is no evidence our sister has come to any harm, Goncalo Amaral is a bad man who says our sister is dead.'

My very worst scenario, the McCanns will brainwash the children to such a degree they will have 'memory recall' and be' used 'in the most evil of way's to tell the public they remember a man in the apartment who took Madeleine.

The McCanns have shown they are capable of anything and I believe this will be the next stage to 'prove' their innocence. This is a very worrying and disturbing change of events.


"Last weekend when getting into the car they wrote their names in the condensation that had formed on the inside of the window and said they would write Madeleine's name too since she was part of the family," said Gerry McCann.

Maddies grandmother made a healthy comment and  what would be a normal reaction from a small child. Children forget. Taken from one of  the deleted Express articles.

“It is heart-breaking,” says Gerry’s mother Eileen. “The three children were bathed together every night and always had lots of fun. The twins ask for Madeleine and Kate reminds them that she’s still missing. Then they get back to splashing each other and they forget about Madeleine.”

We will tell them we were having dinner in the restaurant next door.