Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloggers Campaign

Journalists and editors, shackled or bought. McCanngate,  revealing the rot that was always inside the sweet red apple , a career once to be proud of'' becoming a journalist'  turned out to be just a bunch of hacks who would sell their mothers if the price was right. Gone are the days when they would stand in the pouring rain outside the Old Bailey waiting for ' the big scoop' .

For me,  the greatest realisation of all, when you think of how we are 'known' for caring for our children and protecting them. The big mouthed Jim Gamble ex CEOP, the mantra 'think of the children'. Well I am thinking of the children , right now I am thinking of one child in particular and what dreadful event took place to cause her death. I am thinking it is down to us, the Bloggers,  villified because we care, to sign every petition that gives us more freedom on the Internet. I am also wondering why they pretend to care about our children when they are doing everything in their power  to cover up the death of one small three year old and protect the parents who may have harmed her.

I am a strong supporter of Big Brother Watch and in my opinion they do not get the publicity they deserve. BBW  are the eyes for us all when it comes to the Goverment. It is down to us to get the news out there via the Internet, there is no other way. We can no longer stand by and let the likes of Keir Simmons and his cronies abuse bloggers for thinking the obvious, or trust a media who  lies for their own agenda and 'hacks' who find it amusing to insult intelligent bloggers who will not swallow the lines their paymasters are told to feed us.

Article below from BBW

Bercow must lift the ban on bloggers taking notes in Parliament

Parl165 In many ways, Parliament represents all that is best about Britain.   Compared to almost every other deliberative legislature in the world, the quality of debate and opportunity for Members of Parliament to discuss issues is unrivalled.   Even the swiftest of glances at the controlled and staged nature of the United States House of Representatives or European Parliament with their measly time limits on contributions and lack of emotion proves that.

It may not be the most prescient point to make at present given the furore about expenses and freedom of information which has generated so much heat in recent years, but the British Parliament is also one of the most transparent and accessible in the world.  At the very heart of Parliament is the concept of allowing “strangers” free access to the Palace in order to observe debates and hold their representatives to account.   Indeed, Erskine May's Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament – the so-called “Parliamentary bible” - outlines at great length the centrality of “strangers” to Parliamentary life.

With such a centuries-old commitment to openness engrained in the British parliamentary tradition, Big Brother Watch was therefore astonished to learn that the practice of note-taking is still forbidden in the Strangers Gallery.   Whilst fully accredited lobby journalists are permitted to take notes from their privileged perches in the Press Gallery, normal members of the public, you and I, are not.

In a day when a large number of people obtain their news from the blogs, why should ‘citizen journalists’ be denied the right to take notes and scribble down observations from the gallery, as members of the ‘established press’ can do? Many of the most important issues of the day are now discussed on blogs with a depth and thoughtfulness that isn’t accommodated by the hurley-burley of the press.
The maintenance of such a ban is made even more puzzling by the fact the ban has been lifted during Select Committee sessions.

Big Brother Watch will be writing to the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow in order to request that parliamentary authorities drop this antediluvian regulation.

What do you think?

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By Daniel Hamilton