Thursday, November 11, 2010

David Payne, well meet.....David Payne

The Police files released August 4th 2008, the Sun twelve days later report on a paedophile named David Payne August 26th , 2008.  The Sun claim an 'Exclusive' and I am baffled as to why.

David Payne 'this monster' was released in the Spring to 'roam' the streets and harm our children, surely a bit late in the day for the Sun to give us this Exclusive warning.  There is also a photograph of this 'monster' out 'shopping'. So, thanks to the Sun we also now know what he looks like.

At this point the files were new and no one knew how far reaching they would become, if by chance the Gaspar statement did reach some of the publics ears,(and everyone has worked so hard to make sure this did not happen) anyone who was maybe a little curious as to the statements not only of Dr.Katerina Gaspar but  Social worker Yvonne Warren Martin.....two women, both professionals and not Joe blogs from the street , would have been taken seriously,  both mentioning David Payne and suggesting paedophilia. This must have rocked the McCanns to the core, not to mention the foundations of Gordon Brown and his Premiership.

So, what happened, and I can only lay the blame at the feet of Clarence Mitchell, only he would think of such a ludicrous plan,  boy has that man earned his money. If you at this time googled David Payne paedophile, who should pop up......a paedophile named David Payne out shopping. There is also oddly enough a 'magician' named David Paine (not a paedophile)

This also explaining away  Social worker Yvonne Warren Martin writing an anonymous letter to the Police asking if  there was a paedophile named David Payne registered. There was, but NOT as we can see from the photograph courtesy of the Sun Dr. David Anthony Payne...this may have eased some troubled minds and was an answer, for the moment. Yvonne, however, recognised David Paynes face and not his name at that  time ....but, as BLACKSMITH penned yesterday, the McCanns are all about delay tactics and this 'David Payne' for the moment  bought them some time and Yvonne was 'Sorted'. The Gaspar statement was easy,  'gag it' and anyone who dares to print even a section of Katerinas words will be sued. Euroweekly news, dared to print a small snippet and had a call from Carter Ruck, they immediately removed it from Online.

Then Dr.Amaral and his bloody book to be published in the English language, all their work and all their gagging orders. Dear God no......

The irony, I believe , to the Gaspar statement and it is only my opinion, is not worth the paper it is written on. Katerinas husband , liked David Payne and did not share her fears, he thought his gestures in poor taste, nothing more. But, this information, in the public domain, will destroy the McCanns and they know it.

For Mitchell to have created such theatrics, at such an early stage, goes to show just how important it is to keep the Gaspar statement well away from British shores. 

We have of course also had a DORSET sighting, the only sighting in Britain.

Alone ... David Payne goes shopping
Alone ... David Payne goes shopping


Published: 26 Aug 2008

 A CHILD sex offender has been freed to walk the streets freed early from prison is roaming the streets unmonitored – even though officials believe he poses a massive danger to young girls.
Kids? magician David Payne, 63, got a 12-year sentence for raping an eight-year-old and sex assaults on six other victims as young as four.

But the twisted dad of two was released in the spring after serving eight years.

Evil ... perv performed magic at kids' parties
Evil ... perv performed magic at kids' parties

A risk assessment report drawn up by probation chiefs and psychiatrists warns chillingly: ?Very high risk of harm to children, target group, females three to 16 years.?

Yet when The Sun tracked the pervert, who used his role as an entertainer to gain the trust of parents and kids, he went unchecked as he left his hostel in Boscombe, DORSET.

And families living nearby have not been told he may be a serious threat to their kids.

A probation source said: ?It defies belief that officials can rank Payne as a very high danger to young girls, then release him on to the streets alone where he is surrounded by temptation.

?Payne is always out and about, and no one has a clue what he gets up to once he goes through the front door.?

Devious Payne, of Burton, Wiltshire, attacked kids as he drove them home from birthday parties. He also helped with swimming lessons.