Monday, November 8, 2010

Operation Ore - Re-Open or Review Keir?...You said IF not when

They did it to reporter David Jones and  now it seems the lad who wants to get on in the world of 'journalism' has allowed himself to be used and sold his soul for the small bag of silver that is the value of Madeleines entire life on this earth.Young Keir seems to believe in his own importance and thinks it matters if he blocks anyone with a brain cell on twitter from giving their opinion about the McCanns.   The American report along with  the heading clearly states  re-opening  but Keir does not say re-open he says 'review'. Poor gullible Keir fluffs his lines when he states if ..if..if.. no Keir means, 'when' Madeleine comes home.

Tis almost the eve of Operation Ore appeal and typical of the British Goverment, they are once again creating a huge smokescreen to block out coverage of the greatest injustice brought upon innocent families this country has ever seen.

There will be no reporters scrambling to be first in line to fill their pages with the truth and injustice of those driven to take their lives because of lies , the  families who have been ripped apart , accused, when innocent, who have fought for their day in court, already postponed once, due to the elections last May. Theresa May, quietly removed Jim Gamble from the line of fire without fuss(becoming clearer each day now he did not resign, there was an agreement, his 'golden gong' for good service being polished as I write)   and the British public will never know the truth.  Instead the Media will be filled with page upon page of the McCanns and the re-opening review of the case, this will go on for as long as it takes, just long enough for the court case to die down .

Theresa May,  just another Jaqui Smith , nothing has changed. The bad mouthing of the 'new' Goverment by the McCann's, orchestrated, to make it appear they are on their own. Proof also, Dr.Amarals book will never be published in England, the British people must never know why the McCanns were made arguidos.
I knew it would have to be something big and I knew it would have to involve the McCanns. I knew it would not be a sighting or a new suspect, the McCanns are clean out of both. But new breaking news something everyone wants, the case to be re-opened and a  two-bit journalist( a dime a dozen in the States)Keir Simmons, reporting to convince the public the break we have all longed for, finally coming true.

Keir,  full of himself a few months back when in Washington, bragging and boasting and of course making a few contacts for the future. The American people on hearing this news today would not have picked up on Keirs word 're-view ' but on his colleagues report of 're-opening.' Keir does not say if this means the McCanns will be returning to Portugal to answer questions and carry out a reconstruction along with their pals and the reason Keir does not say this is because he cannot. Keir does not wish to be seen as a liar, just muddying the waters a little by not saying the majic word 're-open' Keir likes to kid himself he has not betrayed Madeleine. The American reporter not picking up on Keir only using the word  'review' is very, very suspect, when the 'Breaking News' was about the re-opening of the case  makes me wonder if this is one of Keirs little contacts he met while in Washington.

Here, today, we see another Clarence Mitchell in the making, Keir Simmons who for the moment has only bent the truth but in the future his job title will be 'Keir Simmons, who lies for a living.'
It seems the Operation Ore appeal and any reporting has been shackled.... Keir would not have been interested anyway, it is a story about truth and justice.Keir has shown today he has no interest in either.