Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BBC East Midlands Inside out covers The Madeleine Foundation on 22nd November UPDATE

Posted: 16/11/2010 by HLM in The Madeleine Foundation
Nice to see the BBC retaining their biased stance. This comes as no surprise.

Next on:

Monday, 19:30 on BBC One (East Midlands only)
What happened to Madeleine McCann remains a mystery. Her parents were cleared of playing any role in her disappearance, but a controversial group continues to campaign in support of a discredited detective who claims Kate and Gerry McCann covered up the truth.
Note – The McCanns have never been cleared of wrong doing.  Like Robert Murat, their arguido status was lifted and the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance was shelved pending further information coming to light.  The Madeleine Foundation campaigns for justice for Madeleine McCann.  My understanding is that The Madeleine Foundation largely considers Amaral’s thesis to be accurate; this is why they demonstrate support for him.
Transmission confirmed for Monday November 22nd – 7.30pm, BBC One (in the East Midlands), Sky Channel 980 anywhere else in the country. Estimated transmission time: 12 to 13 minutes.
Whatever happens on Monday, one needs to consider that 3 years ago a transmission about a group questioning the McCanns account of abduction would never have been aired. Further, the programme will result in many people wanting to know more about the foundation.  A simple google of The Madeleine Foundation will take individuals to the their website.  Once there, they will be able to read a great number of articles that seriously consider not only the McCanns account, but the roles of Brian Kennedy, Clarence Mitchell, a long line of ineffective PI’s and government responses to the events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
Visit The Madeleine Foundation’s website http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/
And now a word from The Madeleine Foundation’s Tony Bennett -
The interest of Simon Hare of BBC TV East Midlands in making a programme about The Madeleine Foundation was mentioned in a newsletter we made public early this year. The possible making of a programme has been discussed on and off on some of the ‘pro-McCann’ forums since then. There was a further bout of discussion about it on some of the ‘pro-McCann’ sites after we released picutures of our visit to Downing Street on Goncalo Amaral Day, one of which showed a BBC camerman filming us handing in our letter.
I have been interviewed on camera for the programme as has our former Chairman Grenville Green, Helene Davies-Green and other members of The Madeleine Foundation. 
The BBC has sole editorial control over what is shown in the film. We do not know what is in the final ‘cut’. We do know for certain that the journalist who produced this programme has spoken to Ms Butler. Whether there will be any footage or mention of her in the final ‘cut’ we do not know. The BBC is aware that Ms Butler made a false allegation of fraud within The Madeleine Foundation and that our bank has restored our frozen funds to us after Ms Butler’s allegations were shown to be false by Essex Police.


COMMENT: It is very hard for us  to swallow,  but because the McCanns have not been charged they 'still are'in the eyes of the law 'innocent', the only reason they can continue this circus. Someone , somehow has to get the Gaspar statement into the British press, until such time the McCanns will remain above the law.