Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Begging Bowl

The begging bowl is one of the primary symbols of the chosen life of the McCanns. Every McCann who has been initiated into Catholic practice carries with him or her a begging bowl on his journey through life. It signifies the surrender of worrying about worldly living and also of concern for tomorrow. The McCanns move through the highways and byways of life with nothing but their begging bowl and their PIs - and their beliefs.

Whatever is put in the bowl in the way of food or money are considered gifts from the gullible. Though the bowl may seem to represent dependence on others for nourishment, the greater symbolism lies in the McCanns teaching of deceit, arrogance and fraud . The bowl is perhaps the ultimate symbol of greed and selflessness. Selfishness

There is a McCann  legend that tells of the young Clarence Mitchell who, after a long period of austerities, had reached a point of great physical weakness. A young woman called Kate, offered him a bowl of  lies, which he took. Eating only what he needed, he discarded the bowl, and was able to continue on his way. The young Mitchell aged rapidly, who by accepting the offering of food  money survived his austerities and achieved enlightenment....' that he is a pratt.'

The lesson in this story points out the wisdom of the deceivers and all those practitioners of the McCanns teachings (tapas 7) are encouraged to walk this path, which avoids extremes. In this case, the extremes are, never tell the truth and if your daughter should die for whatever reason always, always hide her body.