Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keir Simmons. If Maddie had been your child

Keir, I  had a hard night sleeping and my sleepless night , down to you. My husband and I  spent sometime last evening, after putting the children to bed , discussing the bizarre text you wrote on your blog. I explained I am not a member of any forum or Twitter . I do not have a comments section for people to agree or disagree with what I have to say. I write for myself . I am a mother, a simple housewife, who loves her children.

Keir, every year we go on holiday and we take my friends two young children with us, they are a professional couple and do not get the chance to holiday for such a long period of time. I am lucky to be in such a position. Keir you seem to have a blind spot and are in denial of what the Police files tell us.

I have a hypothetical question for you. I am now going to change my good friends for you and your daughter, lets call her Madeleine.. I am also going to suggest I take your daughter with my children on our holiday. Things are going well , I ring you each day to tell you Madeleine is having a wonderful time. Then one night you receive a call from me, I am hysterical , I scream down the phone to tell you the shutter where your child and my children were sleeping has been smashed, jemmied, someone has taken your daughter. From your end there would be seconds of silence as the horror of my words sink in, you would then start to babble and ask questions, I would be in no state to answer you.  Your thoughts a jumble, you pick up the phone and inquire about the next flight to Portugal, you book a seat.

On your arrival we see each other, I fall in a heap at your feet, telling you how sorry I am. I explain through my tears how we left the children in an unlocked apartment to go and eat but swear to you we checked on them every half an hour. I tell you it was not my fault , I am a responsible parent. I take you to the apartment but we cannot go inside as it has been sealed off. I point to the window where  Madeleine was taken,  forensics are dusting for prints. Something seems not right,  but you are too upset to think straight, later you remember my words 'a broken , smashed shutter'  But  Keir you could see for yourself, the shutter was not damaged, police were reporting there was no sign of forced entry. The days that followed threw you into confusion, my friends and family still telling reporters of a broken shutter when you knew this not to be the case. You wanted to ask me but you could see I was distraught and the answer to your question, you so desperately needed to know, remained unasked.

Time went by and my behaviour seemed normal to you. It seems you were happy for me to jog and play tennis and laugh outside church, the day of what was to be your daughters fourth birthday. We went against police advice with your blessing, and  released information abouth the defect in your precious daughters eye, information  we were warned could  sign her death warrant, as you rightly say Keir the police did a bad job and we agreed with you.

It seems also Keir when the finger of suspicion started to point at my husband and I you were horrified and made it known through the media I was inncoent of being involved in the disappearance of your daughter. You were pleased when I refused to answer any questions that may help the search in finding Madeleine, you were pleased when our other friends who came on holiday refused to go back for a reconstruction to help find out what happened to your daughter.

In between time we wanted to do something to help you and find her, but  in our own way. Money was pouring in and and many celebrities were now on board including the Pope. I know it was OK with you when we used some of this money to be used 'only' to find your daughter, but we were a bit short of cash and paid a couple of months mortgage.

And Keir, our friend Jane, is'nt she the most amazing woman , we got lucky and the police had a good break, Jane saw the abductor take Madeleine away. But sadly at that time she did not see his face but 'our Jane' seems to have a wonderful gift, she has'memory recall' and months later could tell in complete detail how this man looked even describing his shoe laces, this man ,who took your wonderful daughter.

Almost four years Keir and Madeleine, your daughter, has still not been found but don't worry we have started a petition where those who care, may sign their name hundreds of times to up the interest and thanks to you, you are encouraging them to do so.. Money once more is coming in becaue you see Keir by Spring the money will have run dry and we know we will not  have found Madeleine by then. How do I know,? call it a womans instinct.

Thank-you Keir for all your understanding and how you feel for my suffering. I guess you never think now about Madeleine, your daughter, and if she suffered, your only thoughts are for me and my husband.. I thought that a rather clever sneaky move you played on American TV yesterday claiming' Breaking News' about a reopening when we can only ask for a re-view. I am afraid if we ask for the case to be re-opened we will once again become arguidos and I know you do not want this for me or my husband as I am completely innocent in the disappearance of your daughter as you so very well know and as you say I have suffered enough. I guess what I am saying is, thank-you for lying for us, you really are such a good friend, Clarence Mitchell will make sure you go far.

Keir thank-you my friend it is good to have you on board and speaking in our defence ,although there is not a shred of evidence your child was' abducted' your belief in us is enough.

I think that just about sums you up Keir and your reporting on this case.

If I may make a small suggestion . I think it best for all concerned if you remove and block anyone on twitter and facebook who cares about Madeleine. Keir Simmons, you have caused enough trouble for one day.

I ask you Keir , for all your immaturity, for there is no other reason you have been chosen, other than you are easy to manipulate. If this had been your group of friends who had lost your child would you be so quick to defend them when there is evidence they may have harmed your daughter. Would you not want to know the truth one way or the other? You can no longer call yourself a jouranlist , a journalist is a seeker of truth. Your new job title now is, PR spokesman for the McCanns.

Warmest regards

A loving mother, just like yours was, Keir.