Saturday, November 27, 2010

Only the 'Insane' ...would question the Smarts

I have only just come across the blog of Helene Davies-Greene and how she  had to go public to defend herself for stating the obvious , Madeleine Beth was not abducted and the slander she had to support because of her right to free speech.
 It has now come to pass that a certain blogger who is 100% behind the McCanns involvement in this case, but not on another issue , which is also blatant fraud ,the 'Smarts'. It appears one must be insane not to believe Elizabeth but not insane to not believe the McCanns. I wonder if this blogger also believes the Ramsey story? Or is one insane to think the parents were involved in JonBenets death?

The only comments permitted on public forums in the States are from  Salt Lake City Mormons, which is why others have opened their own blogs to discuss this bizarre story , a 'story' that  does not add up and must be questioned.

The Ramsey and McCann cases,  now hold very little public interest. Both cases are only of interest to the accused (McCanns) of harming their children, their accomplices and those they pay to deny it . The Ramsey book written to slander the Police and show them as inept but most important to portray their innocence , looks like the template for the McCanns as Aunt Phill has already informed us.

The questioning of ones sanity because one chooses to question all three of these very bizarre tales, is an individuals right and a practicing Mormon has no right to tell others what they should or should not think even though their religion leaves them to believe they are ' superior' to the rest of us.