Saturday, November 6, 2010

The lie the World has swallowed

Everyone, and I include myself , swallowed the lie of neglect . Reading through the rogatory statements( Fiona is a dreadful liar)  they are all uncomfortable, not so much because they are lying , (everyone lies) they seem uncomfortable about the subject of the lie. Neglect. The first night they arrived they ALL went to the Millenium and they went there because it was part of their package deal, no other reason, half board, this is confirmed from David Paynes booking of the holiday, to include breakfast and evening meal.

They ALL went and when they ALL went, they took the children with them. The one and only night the group were seen together , at the same time , the children were present.  The only night when there was 'no sickness' in the group' We therefore, are  supposed to believe Sunday arrives and these caring parents suddenly abandon their small children night after night. A group of doctors who know tragedy can strike in the home without a moments notice, even when a parent is present.

 We are also to believe they lied about the checks and their 'inconsistencies' are 'deliberate' to try and  prove they did not check at all. Jane , every 15 minutes, the McCanns every thirty minutes and the the Oldfield's say every 20 minutes. Madeleine, bless her, with her crying heard by Mrs.Fenn May 1st, was used in their favour ( too good an opportunity to miss) and helped to confirm and  ' paint ' this picture of neglect.  I have no idea or reason as to why Madeleine cried so hard and for so long that evening but  Mrs Fenn did  hear a child screaming Daddy, this why the McCanns said Madeleine was never called Maddie, we all know this is not true, was it someone screaming Maddie, Maddie? we shall never know.

The forums, to this day, full of loving parents expressing their horror at the Tapas 9 and the neglect of their children. The McCanns still smiling as people rage ' they should be charged with neglect at the very least' 

The McCanns and their lies, they have lied about neglect, for without it there is no window for abduction , as they very well know.

Fiona said:  'and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually'.

(Everynight someone was missing from the group, the babysitter)

Reply    “Yeah, I don’t know, they, again, a feeling, is they probably did a bit more checking than the girls did.  Erm, I couldn’t, you know, I couldn’t be more specific about that.  Erm, you know, there was, I’m trying to think if anyone was ill on the Sunday night actually, because we had a bit of illness in the group as well and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually.  And I think Matt might have been ill on, it was either Sunday or the Monday, erm, and, you know, one of those nights he wasn’t there for dinner.  And then Rachael, erm, wasn’t there, I think that was the Wednesday night, she was ill, Tuesday or Wednesday.  So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table (inaudible)”.
1485    “Right”.
Reply    “And obviously those nights the partner wouldn’t be going back to check because”.
1485    “They were in there”.
Reply    “They were already in there”.
1485    “So who do you think was ill then on the first night, sorry, the second night?”
Reply    “I think it was Matt actually, I think he was the first one.  Erm, he came down with a bit of diarrhoea or something”.
1485    “Yeah”.
Reply    “Because I think they were blaming the sandwich on the plane, so it must have been soon, soon after.  Erm, yeah, and then, as I say, Rachael, I felt that was, you know, more Tuesday or Wednesday time, I don’t think it was Monday”.
1485    “Right”.
Reply    “I think it was the night before.  I think it was the night before the Wednesday that she was”.
1485    “That Rachael was bad”.
Reply    “Yeah, yeah”.
1485    “So you think Matt was bad on the Sunday?”
Reply    “Umm”.
1485    “So, other than Matt, everybody else was at the table?”Reply    “Yeah”.