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George GALLOWAY on the McCanns...

10 September 2007


George Galloway

NOT since Dr Crippen - long before the blizzard of 24/7 satellite media - will there have been a case like Madeleine McCann's if the now official suspicions of the Portuguese police turn out to have been well founded.

They have turned it into a circus, with daily appearances at mass and the flight to the Vatican to kiss the hand of the Pope, invoking celebrities, inducing millions of people around the world to raise a fortune in a campaign fund and turning their child into one of the iconic faces of our age.

So even Dante himself would find it difficult to describe any circle of the inferno fit for Kate and Gerry McCann if it all turns out to have been a lie.

I have been in and around the Ocean Club in the sleepy Algarve village of Praia da Luz for more than 20 years and it has been surreal enough watching its tiny cobbled streets bristling with television crews broadcasting around the world from a
once little-known holiday idyll.

And now this.

On my Talk Sport radio shows I have been critical of the McCanns from the start. Not least because I knew aspects of their story could not be true.

Their supposed constant vigilance of their three toddlers while they ate in a tapas bar and the children slept in an unlocked apartment was not possible.
The distance between the two points was both greater and more convoluted than they said.

In any case, the children's bedroom was on the OTHER side of the apartment block and, though both doctors, neither parent possessed X-ray vision.

I said that if a single mother had left her three kids in the chalet at Butlins while she supped scampi and chips in the boozer, she would have immediately been attacked as a feral, feckless, unfit mother by the same media which was painting the grieving McCanns as the very embodiment of modern middle-class Britain.
For months I have watched that media poke ridicule at the supposed bumbling Inspector
Clouseaus of the Portuguese police for their apparent leaden-footedness in the investigation.

Of course no Johnny Foreigner could be as good as our own police, who brought us the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six.
Now with this new development, the same media seems coiled like a spring to turn on the McCanns as they previously did on the other "suspect" Robert Murat.

Sensing they may have been made the biggest fools in history, the Press tables can be seen turning, the plates beginning to move.

Of course, the most xenophobic commentators say the science which has led to the Mccanns being named as suspects is inherently suspect due to the foreign hands through which it has passed, oblivious to the fact that it came from British laboratories.
If Madeleine's blood and other DNA evidence really has been found in the boot of her parents' hire car, there are only a few possible explanations. A previous renter of the car - it was 25 days after the child went missing that the family took
In these circumstances the Portuguese police really would be clots if they did not consider the girl's parents to be suspects.

Of course there could be other, some would say unlikely, possibilities.

The DNA and blood evidence in the boot may not, after all, be Madeleine's and the forensic scientists may be mistaken.

The blood in the boot of the McCanns' hire car may be somebody else's, in which case Goodfellas comes to the Algarve and the family are the victims of the most grotesque coincidence.

The DNA could have been planted in the boot of the McCanns' car, presumably by the police.

The sort of thing which happened to Mr O
J Simpson.
The McCanns have either been the victims of a cataclysmic historic injustice, almost unprecedented, or they have been complicit in a scheme so duplicitous, so evil, so foul that Shakespeare himself could not have written it.

Either way, the name McCann is now well and truly in the history books.

Amanda Jayne Heart and Madeleine McCann...

Amanda Jayne Heart, a charlaton according to her once closest friend...what made her speak out  ? the thought of her exposing little Maddie to her world of fraud. Amanda's friend should not have bothered, her own mother is doing a great job all by herself. However, interesting to note how alike Kate and Amanda are with their fake abductions and thirst for fame and money !

Amanda Jayne Hart - arse.I'm hoping that Nic or Jon will make this a sticky so people don't have to look too far for the info/links before making up their own minds how honest she is and that nobody else gets taken in by her. Oh and any chance of fixing the urls please?

This is my personal account of being best friends with 'Amanda Jayne Hart' for 25 years, her motives, what makes her tick and how she is no more psychic than a plastic brick. Or even Derek Acorah - and that's saying something. Hence my registering and posting, this is a child's life she's playing with.

Jeezuz, the fact she's gone off to Portugal to look for Madeline McCann makes my spine chill and my blood run cold. I sincerely hope that nobody takes a blind bit of notice of this cold-hearted, money obssessed cow because she'll do more harm than good.

If she's so interested in finding a missing child, why doesn't she look for her beautiful little girl who she abandoned when she was 3 years old? For the same reason she dumped two more of her kids a few years later - they get in the way of her real passion - money and success. Oh, and the fact being a single mum didn't fit in with her lifestyle and boffing the bloke in the flat next door. Friends and husbands go the same way once she's had her use out of them.

If you read this Mandy, why not help parents of missing children that aren't high profile cases? Surely they deserve to be found too?

Even family isn't immune to this nasty piece of work! I sh*t ye not, Mad Mandy obtained her own mother's credit card for a (3rd) boob job. Only her poor mum was under the impression it was for a life saving operation...

MM even tried scamming her husband and kids out of £10,000 before dumping them and starting her new life in Australia. Aus only lasted about six days and she eventually crawled her way back into life with her husband and kids. She's now divorced. As for the £10k, she didn't get away with it because I tipped off her husband and he stopped the transaction in time. It was only going to be used for the boob job (prior to obtaining mummy's credit card) and a tummy tuck.

Out of the SEVEN surnames Amanda (Mandy) has used, none of them have lasted long, the name gets changed every time she gets caught out.

These are ideas of the names she's gone by:

Mandy G.......
Amanda G.......
Amanda L......
Amanda D'......
Amanda L......-D'......
Amanda E..........
Amanda H...
Amanda Jayne H...

Here's the whois for her... note she owns quite a few domains, although last time I looked it was around 127... it's registered in her old address in Potters Bar so I don't have any conscience about her kids address being on the internet.

ht tp: // whois. domain tools .com/ thesoulsearchingcentre .com

I'm not saying she's not clever - she's very very intelligent. Just don't ever get taken in by her because she's ultra bad news.

Oh, and Mandy, if you're reading this, please take my email address OFF your mailing list because I don't give a flying frog's fat one what you're getting up to, how well you're doing or how exciting your life is these days. Cheers

If you want to know how else to avoid this charletan, try this, it's her latest gig - gotta be worth a bob or two!

www .thesoulsearchingcentre .com/radio-interview.mp3 it's a classic!

www .five. tv/programmes/psychicchallenge/psychics/

 this was tragically embarrassing. In fact, I watched it with a few friends and I told them everything that MM would say, do and how she'd react - and she didn't disappoint once. Hey, maybe I'm psychic

Btw, I'm not bitter - I honestly don't give a toss what she does ordinarily, it's just she's just gone waaay too far now - she's preying on an innocent child by jumping on the bandwagon - she's seen a way to make money and obtain infamy out of little Maddie's disappearance.

How can she possibly care on a human level, when she doesn't care about her own kids half as much?

And if she's not in it for the fame, why take part in a reality tv show for psychics?

Why announce to the world she's off to Portugal to find Maddie, why not keep it quiet?

You're fooling NOBODY... nobody except yourself.
www .silvaultramindsystems .co .uk/main/silva/static/

www .thesoulsearchingcentre .com

Her radio interview prior to Psychic Challenge

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A comment left on Crimanl Pat Browns profile of Madeleine.

Pat. For what it's worth, (and to me, personally, it's worth a LOT), it may interest you to know that 2 VERY Senior BRITISH police officers who have had involvement with the McCann case, (NOT Leicestershire officers), are of absolutely no doubt that Madeleine is dead and that her parents were complicit in her 'disappearance'.

I have had meetings with one of these officers recently in relation to a case I am working on in the North of England, and his knowledge of the McCann case is thorough and most impressive. Of course, I WILL not and CAN not, (at least for the forseable future), NAME the officers or their respective divisions, but it is comforting to know that the contrived tissue of lies and propoganda, as concocted by C. Mitchell Esq, does not extend to the decent, able and formidable skills of Britain's finest 'Old Bill', of the type that I was beginning to fear had all but disappeared.

McCanns: Picnic in the woods...or car wreck ?

Thought provoking post from Jill Haverns site,  and something that has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, not just mine but many people I have spoken with . So, now the subject has been broached let's discuss it. The McCanns are a couple of very unpleasant people, they were helped out of a bad situation. Instead of being grateful, returning home and keeping a low profile they decided they wanted to be famous and very , very rich ! Since the death of Madeleine they have mixed with very shady and dubious characters some of whom are now in prison.

I had to smile one evening when Kate McCann said she had moved her 'FANS' to another area on her FACEBOOK...and thats how they see themselves 'superstars' I am sure they are longing for the day when people stop to ask for their autograph. Kate would have liked nothing more than to have sat in Harrods , a long list of admirers lining up for her to sign her book .Kate could see it all. BUT let me bring the McCanns back down to earth, they are both STILL prime suspects in the mystery that surrounds the death of their daughter. The media and PR stunts will NEVER clear their name.

Moving on to the post by WILLO and those who are now tired of the McCanns and a circus out of control. David Cameron has been tucked up in bed with MURDOCH since the year 2008. Cameron and Rebekah Brooks have homes in the country ,they go horse riding together on the week-ends. Brooks has bragged that it was down to her Cameron became Prime Minister, so if the McCanns do not realize that Cameron knows Madeleine is dead they are either living in a fools paradise, or pushing their luck.

I spoke to a friend only yesterday and we both agreed there is not a review of the case, Cameron said it to shut the McCanns up, has it worked, only time will tell and no it would not surprise me at all to hear one day the McCanns have been killed in a car wreck.

Christopher Shale, only this week-end, Saturday's news of a leaked scathing report about the Tories from Shale , Sunday he was found dead in a VIP toilet. First reports suicide, then heart attack and now toxicology reports are inconclusive.

FOOTNOTE: Cameron and a review of the case. This blew up when Gordon Brown declared he wished to head IMF, Cameron swore if he tried he would block him. Cameron had everything in place to re-open the case if Brown went ahead. Brown backed off, his direct involvement with the McCanns and covering up their sleaze prevented him from starting out on a new career.

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Flossy's Place: Keeping it simple....

Gordon Brown good friend of Socrates and the corruption within. Lawyer shocked to witness such corruption.

The curious case of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine: Kennedy and McCanns seeking a window of opportunity....

BUILDING Plastics Holdings, the holding company for entrepreneur Brian Kennedy's window manufacturing empire, has breached its banking covenants and is in ongoing talks with lenders over its debt pile of more than £30m.The company, whose 26 subsidiaries include Macclesfield-based window frame maker Spectus Systems, Latium Management Systems, Clitheroe-based conservatories maker Ultraframe and Everest, has just filed accounts for the year to December 31, 2008 which show a pre-tax loss of of £13.3m on sales of £......

Kate McCann thought she had everyone fooled , her arrogance beyond belief !

Kate wrote when accused of being a  suspect in the death of her daughter.

'FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER. After a measly two hours' sleep we got up and braced ourselves for the day ahead. I vividly remember standing quietly for a few minutes in the sitting room. There were several thoughts scrolling through my mind.

There's going to be a riot when news of all this reaches people back in the UK.

There's no way our government will stand for this.'

Well they were right about one thing, they do have the British Goverment by the balls. But they were wrong on all counts when it came to the mood of the British public and there being a riot. The McCanns have never understood how much they are disliked, they sincerely believe because they have 'contacts' who are little more than crooks they are above the law. Brian Kennedy , has betrayed many an innocent customer through his double glazing business. Metodo 3 ,two of whom are still in prison, one up on an attempted murder charge the other for drug trafficking. Not to mention Kevin Halligen. The McCanns themselves criminals of a massive fraud if you believe as I do, and there is no doubt in my mind that Madeleine is dead and they are involved.

There was not a riot as Kate McCann had hoped for because what the McCanns will never understand is that the majority do not believe them and never will. Their pathetic attempts at using the media to clear their names has failed, the results being a deep hatred and distrust for the British media. Martin Brunt and David Jones are despised and have lost all credibility as journalists , they turned their backs on what they were paid to do, their job and that job is to dig for the truth.

The moment the McCanns arrived back in Britain as ARGUIDOS the fund money went to pay HANOVER , there was no search for Madeleine, pretty pointless as she was already dead . HANOVER, proud to admit they turned the British hostility for the McCanns to sympathy.

Two days later after the ARGUIDOS returned, Gordon Brown and Jaqui Smith paid a visit to Leicester police station and what did they discuss? who knows, who cares BUT we can be sure Madeleines name was not mentioned , this was all about the McCanns and protecting their reputation and his of course!

Catriona Baker why was she signing creche records instead of the parents?

Creche timesheet by Hi- de-Ho.

I believe Madeleine died May 1st. May 2nd there was a lot of activity, Kate telphoned her friend Amanada just after 7 am twice, Amanda returned her calls. The cleaner noticed cots in seperate rooms, she also commented the children were not there, would they normally have been present when she arrived for her to make such a remark ? 

Cat Baker signed the creche sheet May 2nd for Madeleine  and in the afternoon there is a signature for Kate Healy ? Cat Baker, Thursday 3rd May, signature once again where a parents should be, signed in for Ella O'Brien.

There was ONLY one child in the group who could have taken the place of Madeleine and that was Ella O'Brien.

Kate desperate in her book to have everyone believe she was a HEALY until May 4th, even though the rest of the days she signed herself in at the creche as Kate McCann.

Here is a mother claiming they had been watched a paedophile had taken her daughter...he had returned on two occasions to drug her children and where were the twins the very next day?  back in the creche, signed in and out by their good friends Dianne Webster and Fiona Payne , whom it would appear also did not have much concern for an abductor stalking the sleepy village of PDL !!!!

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Carter Ruck screen shots: They support the cover-up of a dead child, fraud by the McCanns and harassment of innocent people who believe the McCanns are guilty on both counts !

Never be afraid of the truth, and never be afraid of criminal acts sponsored by the likes of Carter Ruck. Madeleine is dead and the parents are involved ,this is a fact. The agenda of the McCanns sponsored by Murdoch, to clear their names through the media but it's not going to happen, ONLY a court of law will decide if the McCanns are guilty or innocent. Murcoch, hated, he is a vile individual, most of all he is evil...just like the McCanns and the TAPAS 7 who sit back and let this circus play on...

McCanns dirty tricks: The McCanns once more using despicable acts to threaten those who know they are involved in the death of their daughter !

David Bret GASPERS or Caspers ?

David Bret
The official police verdict: Kate Healy accidentally killed her child, hence te tracker dogs; she wanted to confess, but her husband bullied her into helping him hide the body. He allegedly knocks her around: she's terrified of him. Also he is allegedly indirectly involved with the Caspers case, which is why they have PR, which is why the press have a vetting order. End of. Maddie is dead, they are responsible--also of child neglect, hence our petition to have them charged.

Update: Mr.Bret has now cleared this matter up, he uses the term Caspers instead of Gaspars: Mr.Bret is a very wealthy man and aware the McCanns would like to have his wealth for themselves. He avoids libel content so they may never have that privilege !

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Where's Maddie...Paulo Sargento 'I don't believe , Joe Mouro went undercover . Four years later, the fruad and circus continues !

Kate Healy for the day May 2nd.

Kate McCann digging herself out of a hole. For those who believe as I do there was no neglect and Madeleine died before May 3rd. Kate drones on about being a HEALY until May 4th 2007 and yet each day the creche records were signed Kate McCann all except Tuesday May 2nd...the day of the staging, the day the cleaner witnessed cots in seperate rooms, she also noticed the children were not there, did this surprise her ?

'On 4 May 2007, I became Kate McCann. According to my passport, driving licence and bank account I was Kate Healy. Ihadn’t kept my maiden name for any particular reason – it was just who I was and who I’d always been. But when Madeleine was taken, the press automatically referred to me as Kate McCann, and Kate McCann I have been ever since. Overnight our old life had gone and I’d become a different person.'

Above snippet from Kates book.

May 2nd creche record signed as Kate Healy..other days Kate McCann

The Real Madeleine McCann Story by SPUDGUN

With the rumours that are circulating about the Gaspar statement the underlined 'Child Sex Grooming' below the McCanns joyful faces has not gone unnoticed by many !

The HUELVA trip...

Police discuss the disposing of Madeleines small body by her parents or associates.

David Bret on the McCanns and the image they insisted be removed, only sad images from now on please!

One must remember the libel trial possibly begins in September and the McCanns insist they have been destroyed by Dr.Amarals claims, would not do to see them looking content with the sales of their book now would it ? OR the video of McCann laughing on a balcony just days after Madeleines death !

We are also well aware of the control the McCanns have on media coverage coming out of Canada. Kates Aunt Nora, during a telephone interview not only said they were a group of doctors they would have covered it up, she also confessed to the fact the McCanns were unfortunate enough to have rented the same car as the' abductor'. Aunt Nora knows her family very well !  the interview was quickly removed, can't have the family confessing can we ?


"Err it’s so long ago but I think they all arrived, they obviously went to their
apartments, I think we went up to Dave and Fi’s apartment which was on the second floor because theirs was the biggest, theirs was sort of the biggest apartment of the ones that we had so we went up there and then later I think there was like a welcome meeting when they talk about you know all the things there are to do.

I think that was sort of about four o’ clock down in the, it was actually in the tapas restaurant where they did that welcome meeting so I think we went down to that, to that afterwards,but I can’t, I can’t remember what we did specifically in the time in between. I think we just had something to eat and just I think we were in Dave and Fi’s apartment,but.

Prime Suspect: Jane Tanner

Jez Wilkins: Rogatory

I walked via the lower street, looked to the building block where the McCann apartment was situated and saw a woman dressed in purple clothing. I referred to this woman in relation to the questions asked by Jane Tanner.

Q. Relative to whether I know Jane Tanner;

Now I know her name, description of the clothes and photos which I have seen in the press. At that time I knew of her as a member of the group but did not know her name. I do not remember having seen her when I spoke with Gerry, but I believe I saw her when I first ventured out. She was stopped on the street in front of one of the group's apartments when I passed her down towards the exit to my apartment. I do not know if it was her apartment or not. I remember that she was wearing the colour purple.

Jez Wilkins :' Kate was putting the children to bed ' Who saw Kate Tuesday evening May 2nd ?

May 2nd 2007 Jez Wilkins statement:

That evening myself and my partner attended the 'Tapas' restaurant which is part of the hotel complex at the swimming pool. We sat down to eat at 7:30 pm. After about forty five (45) minutes Jerry appeared as did one of his friends. I believe it was Russell. They sat at the next table. We naturally engaged in conversation about everyday things. We spoke about childcare. That night my family were using the creche's facility. We found out that the group of families were occupying ground floor flats near the swimming pool and they were leaving the children by themselves in order for them to go to the restaurant in the evenings. They would then go regularly to check the children who would be asleep.

I found out that Jerry was a cardiologist in a Hospital. At this time his wife was putting the children to bed.

FOOTNOTE: Kate was putting the children to bed NOT doing 'a check 'so the McCanns did not put the children to bed and leave the apartment together . The evening of May 2nd 'child neglect' was discussed by McCann and Russell, the seed had been planted that the children were alone !

The quizz mistress also did not see Kate the evening of May 2nd.

Rachael Oldfield did not attend dinner due to sickness May 2nd.

Creche signature for  May 2nd, Kate HEALY and not Kate McCann .

Gerry McCann manipulaing the words of Jez Wilkins to fit his 'FOLKLORE'

As stated in my original deposition, I believe that I left the apartment around 20h30. I calculate that I met Gerry on the road between 20h45 and 21h15. I am aware of the importance of this hour and am also aware that the media announced our meeting time as 21h05. Even if this were correct, I have no idea from where such information originated (MCCANN) . It is not possible to give you a more exact time.

Several weeks later, Jeremy received calls from Gerry in relation to gaining permission from him to use his name in a portfolio of evidence being compiled by an organization employed by the McCanns. They were very persistent and made several attempts to contact him both at work and at home. They had no objection to being included but were concerned as to the method being used.

May 7th 2007 Jez Wilkins said :

'I met him (McCann) near the stairs of a ground floor. There was a gate leading up to some stairs. I was pretty certain that he had left the apartment. We spoke for a few minutes. He said you're on walking duty. I said I was staying in and pros and cons and what to do with the children.'

He eventually made his way along Rua Dr Francisco toward the direction of Rua Dr Agostinho. At this time he was walking on the right side of the road passing the Tapas bar area to his left. He noticed the bad street lighting and although it was not completely dark there was enough light to see clearly. As he approached the corner of the McCanns apartment, he saw Gerry appear from the area of the gate. He crossed the road and engaged in general conversation with Gerry. At this time they were stood with Gerry's back to the building near to the gate and Jeremy facing him. Rua Dr Agostino was about 10-15 meters to his right and the pathway leading to the front of the apartment blocks about 5 meters to his left.

Rogatory statement April 8th 2008. Has Jez been 'got at'?

'When I left the street, I remember seeing Gerry on the other side of the same. I believe that there was some speculation in the press regarding the circumstances of this encounter. I remember that I crossed the street to talk to Gerry. According to what I remember, Gerry was walking when I spotted him. As I mentioned previously, I assumed that he had gone to check on the children and was headed back to the Tapas Bar.

From what I remember, the conversation happened right there on the pathway but I am not certain who was located exactly where'

From being so sure of his exact location Jez was now ' not so sure'  this left McCann free to arrange his actors in his  'Mockumentory'..he could now place Jez in a position of his choice, upsetting Jane Tanner who was of no further use .

Statement May 11th Leicester:

At this time they were stood with Gerry's back to the building near to the gate and Jeremy facing him. Rua Dr Agostino was about 10-15 meters to his right and the pathway leading to the front of the apartment blocks about 5 meters to his left.

He was adamant that he did not see any one else in the area. When spoken to in reference to Jane Tanner walking by, he again stated that he saw no one. He also stated that he did not see or hear anyone to his right. He was aware of the recent picture in the papers re the person with a child wrapped in a blanket and in a males arms allegedly walking across the junction to his right but again stated that he did not see any one.

Rogatory April 8th, 2008. 1 year later and Jez Wilkins has a change of heart helping to push the 'folklore' abduction .

Relative to the sighting in Dr. Francisco Gentil street;

From the location where we met for our conversation, it is possible to see the top of the hill. I cannot confirm if I was always turned in this direction. It is definitely possible that someone could have crossed holding a child without my noticing.

Kevin Richard Halligen v The Goverment of the United States.

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Some have doubts about the Ocean Club’s crèche records. The doubts increase if we pay attention to the depositions from Maddie’s last nanny

How very wise the words by Heràni Carvalho. Kates book reads like a confession, we now know for sure the children were drugged. 'The twins sometimes looked tired at tea time ' the innocent words of Cat Baker, Kate has explained this, they were drugged on two occasions by the abductor. The creche records, Kate has also explained in her book that she did not become Kate McCann until May 4th. Everything she explains was in her maiden name therefore she would sign Healy , however the creche records are signed Healy for the date May 2nd and Kate McCann for the other days??? The 2nd of May seems to be of great importance, it was the day the cleaner saw cots in seperate rooms, the evening before Mrs.Fenn heard a childs screams. I do not believe Kate McCann, she wrote Healy May 2nd in error, or someone signed on her behalf.

The McCanns are now in the process of suing Hernàni Carvalho. In the book great detail is made of Madeleines toothbrush, so if you wish to read it before the McCanns have it banned buy it soon.
Creche records

 “The disappearance took place during the time period between 5.35 and 10.05 p.m. on the 3rd of May 2007”, reads the report from the 4th Brigade of the PJ in Portimão. A premiss that is now questioned. Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker was the nanny who worked at the crèche and was responsible for Maddie since the McCanns arrived in Praia da Luz. The statements that the nanny gave to the police raise doubts. After Maddie’s disappearance, she was heard by the PJ in Portimão. One week later, she was transferred to another location by her employers. Soon afterwards, she returned to England. At Leicestershire police, she was also heard, but corrected the statements that she had given in Portugal.

“I was allowed to refresh my memory by reading the translated version of my original statement to the Portuguese police”, one can read in the report that was taped by Leicester police. The contents of the nanny’s statements was such that she was heard three times on the same day, and had to have her memory refreshed. At Leicestershire police headquarters, Catriona Baker was heard by detective Gierc between 10.09 and 10.54 a.m. on Monday, the 14th of April 2008. Between 11.57 and 12.12 a.m. on the same day, she was heard again by the same detective and between 1.35 and 1.45 p.m. on the same day she was again questioned by the same detective.

«They Showed her the PJ's Report to Refresh her Memory»

The nanny revealed that she only met the McCanns in Portugal; she recognized that after returning to England she visited the couple upon their invitation, in November 2007. “I visited the family at their home following an invitation to see how all of us were doing.” The McCann couple is worried about searching for Maddie and about knowing how the nannies are doing. Catriona explained how the McCanns behaved in Portugal. “The twins sometimes looked tired at tea time, after a long day and maybe also because of the heat, but I never saw a reason for concern with the McCanns children or their behaviour.”

Maddie’s last nanny remembers extraordinary details about that last day, but she doesn’t remember who picked up Maddie and at what time. “On Thursday the 3rd of May 2007, I remember Gerry dropping Madeleine off at the club between 9.15 and 9.20 a.m. I don’t remember who picked her up for lunch that day, but in the afternoon she returned for a swim. We carried out activities with other children. On that day, we practiced sailing and I remember meeting friends of Madeleine’s parents on the beach, David and Jane. At around 2.45 p.m., Madeleine returned to the Minis Club above the reception, but I don’t remember who brought her. On that afternoon, we went swimming. Kate picked up Madeleine in the Tapas Bar area, and as far as I remember, she was wearing sports clothes at that time and I deducted that she had been jogging. It was around 3.35 – 6 p.m.”

At what time did the little girl leave after all?

Catriona can’t remember. She remembers Kate’s jogging suit. That’s not too bad. Coincidentally, Catriona Baker didn’t go out with her friends that day (the 3rd of May 2007). “Some of my colleagues were going out, but I was too tired to accompany them.”

Catriona Baker stated to the Portuguese and British police that on that day she went into her room to sleep because she was tired. And that’s why she only noticed that Madeleine McCann had disappeared when her colleagues from the crèche went to alert her. On that night, Mark Warner invited all the resort’s employees to cooperate in the searches for Maddie. “The director told us where to search. We searched everywhere. I walked most of the routes that Madeleine passed through and that could be familiar to her”, the nanny told the British police. Catriona Baker took part in the searches, but found neither Maddie not the McCanns. “I didn’t see Kate or Gerry that night.”

The Ocean Club crèches

There is a number of children clubs at the Ocean Club resort. The children are grouped according to their age. Clubs for 3-11 months (Baby Club), 12-23 months (Toddler Club), 24 months to 3 years (Toddler 2 Club), 3 to 5 years (Minis Club), 6 to 9 years (Juniors Club), 10 to 14 years (Kids Club) and from 14 to 17 years (Indies Club). In May 2007 there were 16 nannies at the Ocean Club. Catriona Baker is one of them. The importance of her deposition derives from the fact that she was the nanny who cared for Madeleine McCann.

Samples from the crèche records


The workings of the Ocean Club crèche was explained to the British police by Catriona herself: “Mark Warner has the usual procedure of signing a form whenever the parents leave the child in the club’s care, which they sign again with the name and the time at which the child was collected. There is a separate sheet for the morning shift and another for the afternoon shift. The sheet contains space for the child’s name, the time and the parent’s signature. Only parents are allowed to take the children, except when an agreement is made in another sense, in due time.”

In Portugal, the experts that can evaluate calligraphy are from the PJ. It was explained to Tvmais that the crèche’s reports reveal inconsistencies in the writing. One of the doubts that the analysts raise concerns the identity of the authors of the form filling and their signatures in the form. The nanny’s signature and her handwriting appear on the sheet where only the parents were supposed to sign. Did anyone notice?

Source: TvMais, paper edition only 18.11.2008
by Hernâni Carvalho author of Maddie 129...129 for the days the McCanns spent in Portugal. The chosen page number also 129, where Kate speaks of Madeleines perfect torn genitals.

Maddie 129

Hernani Carvalho, author of Maddie 129 (a book), hosts Portugal’s “version of Crimewatch”. Says he: “If they were Portuguese they would be in jail by now.

There are lots of people up in arms with the scandalously privileged treatment that was given to the McCanns. Any Portuguese couple in these circumstances would have been jailed a long time ago”

The McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell says: “That’s his point of view – we disagree. Kate and Gerry have not been given any special treatment”

MADELEINE: “PLAN TO KEEP KATE IN CUSTODY” – Manuel Catarino has written a book. In The Guilt of the McCanns, he writes: “Kate, exhausted, keeps repeating the same. She played with the children in the living room, she put them to bed – and by 7.30pm they were already asleep.

The police don’t believe her.

They think Madeleine died accidentally in the living room and the parents, in a panic, fearful of the consequences, interested only in defending their reputation, hid her body and staged her abduction”

Says Clarence Mitchell, It’s “another shameful attempt to make money out of the situation”. Clarence Mitchell is paid to represent he McCanns, how much is not said.

 The Daily Express has produced its own book

madeleine mccann photo Madeleine McCann: Metodo 3 Think, Daily Express Write The Book And Robert Murat SmearsTHERE’LL BE PRESENTS FOR HER THIS CHRISTMAS” – Says Kate McCann’s father Brian Healy: “We will all buy her a present and they will be under the tree waiting for he when she comes home”
“Team McCann smearing Murat, say friends” – A friend of Michaela Walczuch and Robert Murat calls for an end to the “continuous unfounded attacks”. The woman has been pushed “to the brink of despair”

Wristbands worn in the creche...where is Madeleines ?

Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann has been missing for three months

This is the first time I have seen the left wrist of Madeleine McCann , later images, her wrist has been cropped from the photograph. This image is alleged to be the last photo taken May 3rd after Madeleine had been collected from the creche, then where is the obligatory bracelet ? Tennis court image, Madeleines right wrist also without the bracelet so I had assumed she may have worn it on her left hand . Was the image deliberately cropped to remove Madeleine's wrist ?

Cat Baker:

ROGATORY - I first met Gerry and Kate McCann on the Sunday morning, 29.04.2007, at the Minis Club. They brought the children and as it was their first day of holidays the normal procedure was that they were allocated a childcare worker. I had previously written the children’s bracelets which included their name, any allergies and relevant information.

Link with thanks to : Lilemor

Sashas take on the 'last photo'

Phil McCann : Martin Van Wyk discussing the REWARD

Van Wyke confirms in his interview that he had contacted Phil McCann.

It is looking like they wanted to recover Madeleines remains, hair without roots found in the boot of the car? They cut Maddies hair so long term drug abuse would not be detected. Kate covering herself in her book claiming Madeleine had been drugged two nights in a row. Remains found years later with strands of hair can be detected for drugs and the McCanns know this, so they cropped her hair and blamed the 'phantom abductor' !


“SHE IS DEAD AND BURIED NEAR HERE”, revealed to the Correio da Manhã, Martin Van Wyk, private south-African Detective, investigating in Praia da Luz.
Correio da Manhã –

Are you hired by the McCanns to find Maddie?

Martin Van Wyk – No. I have contacted the aunt of the children, Philomena McCann, by email, I offered my help. The McCann couple knows that I am here, at private title. I don’t have even been in contact with the Portuguese Police, to avoid misunderstandings.

- You are here since one week. What are your conclusions?

- Unfortunately, I think the toddler is dead and the corpse is buried around here, in this locality. I think she has been wandering off the apartment, during the night, in direction of the beach. She was looking for her parents and someone took here. In the following day, confronted with the news that she was abducted, this person was scared. Without knowing what to do, finally he killed her, maybe without wanting to do it.

- What is your experience in cases such as this one?

- I was six years in the Military Police of South Africa and I am a private Detective: A bounty hunter during 15 years. In 1997, I had investigated the disappearance of a 13 years old child, which was finally found dead. In that time I had contacted a Medium woman which vision revealed to be exact. I even talked with her about the case. She has the same opinion as me.

- What do you think about the fact that parents and Robert Murat were made arguidos?

- The parents should have been treated as suspects since the beginning, but I don’t think they are guilty. May be one of the friends is hiding something.

Concerning Robert Murat, his garden should have been excavated by the Police. I return tomorrow [today] to Cap Town, with the frustration of not having been able to do more…
Mark Otty : South Africa

South African links...Martin Van Wyk

Danie Krugel.

Martin van Wyk.

2 South African bar staff at a local hotel interviewed by the PJ, a South African PDL resident talking to RTP on May 4, rumours that Mark Otty is the 10th Tapas.

Clarence Mitchell’s mentor allegedy a South African, one of the McCanns calling a number in South Africa on or around May 4.

McCanns confirmation of libel acts.

There was some confusion and lack of credibility as to the source of the McCanns latest money making scheme, suing those who refuse to believe the abduction folklore. However, it has now been more

The OLDFIELD Connection.....Mark Otty ?

Gerry McCann and Lady Meyer con artists extraordinaire

A FUND worded in such a way that the parents family and friends may live from it for the rest of their lives and the money will ONLY be shared with other children once Madeleine has been found. Which is never. Pretending you care about children is a million dollar industry.

A charity is often a very good cause.  Whether it be assisting the aged, abused children, mentally handicapped, a repair for a local place of worship,  cancer research, starving kids in Africa, or a plethora of other causes, we can understand why someone is shaking a tin for loose coins or requesting a cheque, a  standing order payment or a prize to be auctioned or raffled to raise funds for the charity.  If we have not heard of the charity, possibly because it is small, but the cause sounds reasonable and those associated with it include the great and good, then we may make a donation without much further investigation. This could be a big mistake.

I bring to your attention the charity PACT:  Parents & Abducted Children Together.  The website of the charity informs us that PACT “works with the government, the police and other NGOs to improve the way in which missing childrenís [sic] cases are handled, so that they can be rapidly located and retrieved unharmed.” Abducted children: a fine charitable cause.  Tesco is associated with the charity. Among others, the trustees of the charity include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford, a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland and Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States. This is not all because the patrons include both Cherie Blair, wife of a former British Prime Minister and Laura Bush, wife of the former American president.   A very credible selection of people.

Those that donate money to charity, however wealthy they are, have limited funds to donate. A donation to one charity means a smaller or no donation to another. If asked by a friend or acquaintance for a donation to PACT, a charity founded in 1999 by Lady Meyer, the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, one might have done so in the belief that their donation was doing good.  But was this really the case?

As the accounts of the charity show, in 2010 income was £97,805 and expenditure, £80,491. In 2009, the income was £28,445 and expenses £87,640 leading to a loss, even after taking into account unrealised investment gains, of over £50,000. When we look at expenses we can see that over £49,586  of expenses in 2010 related to the salaries of Catherine Meyer (Lady Meyer) and her administrative assistant.  The Daily Telegraph understands that nearly 70 percent of that money was related to the salary of Lady Meyer. In 2009, expenses directly related to the salaries of Lady Meyer and her assistant was £63,877. It is quite easy to see why the charity lost over £50,000 that year. Donations to the charity seem to have done more to pay the Chanel-clad Lady Meyer her salary and expenses than they have done to assist abducted children.

People set up or involve themselves in charities for all sorts of reasons and not all of the reasons are necessarily altruistic. Improving social standing, developing contacts or trying to secure a knighthood might be included as to a reason for involvement. Donors to charities understand that this is case but do not begrudge such side benefits if the charity is hugely benefitting from their efforts. Donors to charities also understand that a charity might need to employ professional staff who need to be paid. What they do not expect is that the big-wigs at the top of the charity, the so-called great and good, are paid.

It makes a mockery of giving to charity if the charitable donations are going to a person who can use the funds to purchase more Chanel suits, designer clothes that the donors cannot afford for themselves. When a beggar on a street informs us he is “homeless and hungry” and requests a donation, he might not be telling the full truth about his condition, but at least he is being honest as to who is to be the recipient of the donation .

Brian Kennedy : Not to be investigated for hounding Paul Anthony Gordon, to name but one witness in this tragedy who was pressured by McCanns and their entourage !

'I want to add that since January this year I have received numerous phone calls, messages and visits from the press regarding the collector of donations, which in turn put me in contact with other people such as Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry McCann. I feel that this is a constraint that makes it difficult to take the more correct decision.' Paul Anthony Gordon

An investigative mind might also have a chat with Charlotte Cox and enquire if her idea for a PR Stunt using a five year old came from Brian Kennedy or is she just a bad reporter by nature ?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Charlotte Cox has now altered her McCann article.

Via twitter, the article has now been changed after a short discussion with the editor. Great shame Charlotte Cox is such a bad reporter as she seems to have forgotten to report the 3.5 million given by the Goverment to review the McCann case. Still the object of the excerise was to promote the book and Charlotte did not disappoint. Maybe Brian Kennedy will pop by and treat her to a cup of coffee, I hear he lives in that neck of the woods...

EXPRESS TEAM . .   from left, reporter Chris Slater, editor Judy Gordon, reporter Ria Nortcliffe, communities editor Dave Lafferty, senior reporter Charlotte Cox (front right) and  reporter Rhiannon McDowall. 
      EXPRESS TEAM . . from left, reporter Chris Slater, editor Judy Gordon, reporter Ria Nortcliffe, communities editor Dave Lafferty, senior reporter Charlotte Cox (front right) and reporter Rhiannon McDowall.

Socrates :Portugal Judicial paper's. Must see. Must see to believe. INCREDIBLE!

Hernâni Carvalho opinion

Also see the Portuguese SCANDAL Blog:

Kate asked 'What should a mother of an abducted child look like '?

What would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday....

Kates grief june 2011

Kate distraught !!!!

Arrogance of Kate McCann relating the cadaver dogs to Jersey abuse scandal.

Court Case( Injunction) in Lisbon 14th January 2010

We are currently in Lisbon for the trial to determine whether the injunction against Mr Amaral’s book and DVD should remain in place. This trial is about whether the book is a true reflection of the official judicial process in to Madeleine’s disappearance and whether its contents damage the ongoing search for Madeleine, her siblings and our reputations.

Mr Amaral’s book and DVD contains some information from the PJ files but there is a lot in the files which is not in Mr Amaral’s book. Hence it is highly selective and therefore biased. Mr Amaral’s book contains his opinions rather than fact. His opinions differ from the findings in the PJ file. The conclusions of the latter are: 1.there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and 2. there is no evidence that Gerry or I are involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. This is very different to the theories and conclusions of Mr Amaral. It is logical and common sense that spreading these theories as Mr Amaral did (and continues todo) damages the search to find our little girl. If the general public (and the Portuguese people in particular) are bombarded day in and day out with such theories, this will eventually ‘colour’ their understanding and judgement -lies and inaccuracies become fact. If people subsequently believe that Madeleineis dead and that we are involved in her disappearance then they will not look for Madeleine, will not consider any suspicions about others which they may have and will not come forward with information. We consider this highly detrimental to the search for Madeleine.

There are few points which have been raised in the last few days which I would like to address specifically:

Abduction theory:For us, there is only the abduction theory possible because we were not involved in Madeleine’s disappearance and we know Madeleine did not wander off by herself. It is obvious and right that the police should consider other theories initially.

The window: I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim. The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it. Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a ‘red herring’

The dogs: We realise that the behaviour of the dogs was the turning point in the investigation for the PJ. The use of dogs has proved to be problematic and unreliable in previous cases

(please refer to the Jersey ‘Haut de La Garenne’ case and other research published about their use and reliability).

It is vital to note that alerts by such dogs are classified as intelligence rather than evidence, as police officers familiar with their use will verify. These alerts must be supported by forensics in order to be used as evidence. The results of the forensic examinations did not identify any blood or Madeleine’s DNA. To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive.

The proposed reconstruction: The suggestion of a reconstruction of our movements and other key witnesses at the crime scene and/or surrounding area in the early days following Madeleine’s abduction was declined by the PJ as ‘not usual’ for Portugal.

When the PJ finally requested a reconstruction to take place in 2008, Gerry and I were still arguidos and as such would have attended for a reconstruction.

 Some key witnesses (including some of our friends)declined to attend the planned reconstruction as they were not convinced of the aims and usefulness of it. In particular, as the reconstruction was not to be shown to the media (and hence the general public), they did not feel it would help to find Madeleine. Had the intention been to show it to the general public, it may have ‘jogged’ memories and encouraged people to come forward with information. It should be added that other key witnesses were not invited to attend.

Our team is confident that the injunction will remain in place because none of the witnesses thus far have been able to prove in court that Mr. Amaral’s right to express his opinion is superior to the rights of our family to peace, respect and protection of reputation, and above all, the right to continue the searchfor our daughter Madeleine effectively and without hindrance. As has been made clear this week, Mr Amaral’s ‘thesis’ is not supported by any evidence. The search for Madeleine must go on until we find her and bring her abductor(s) to justice.

Kate McCann

Gerry McCanns lie about children sharing toothbrushes and hairbrushes.

Gerry McCann 'the lack of DNA due to the three children sharing a toothbrush and a hairbrush.'

The PJ should have checked the hair and toothbrushes for drugs even though McCanns response was absurd. It was hard for the police, they thought they were dealing with a grieving family but the McCanns were trying to keep one step ahead of them.

The children did not share toothbrushes or hairbrushes but Madeleines toothbrush would have revealed a long term drug use from her saliva and her hairbrush, ditto, so both items had to be disposed of.

Even now if Madeleines remains were found there would still be the possibilty of hair which could  be tested, this made me wonder when it was mentioned hair without roots had been found , if the McCanns had cut her hair very short so as not to implicate them with long term drug use. 

Madeleine had a sleep problem, they tried to slide around it with the explanation of the chart on the fridge BUT we now know from the book 'of deceit' the children were drugged.

So, it was not the DNA they were trying to hide but drug use, a possible reason they needed to hide her body to avoid a PM.

How long can drugs be detected in long hair ?

Anguish...she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.