Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kate McCann : 'We’d never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else'.

The PJ were confused with the McCanns, they were telling the media Madeleine was alive BUT asking the police if they could bring someone in to search for Madeleines body !

To add to this, Kate, waited until McCann was out of the country before contacting Ricardo about a dream she had had, Madeleines body on a hill, a hill where she would frequently run...after this the dogs were brought in.

Kate McCann bears the burden of them both having been made arguidos. McCann cannot leave her alone for five minutes, she is not to be trusted as her book plainly shows, Kate has made the most ludicrous claim about an abductor and sedation, proving now that the McCanns did indeed sedate their children. Kate is a loose cannon, a ticking time bomb.

Kate goes on to explain after the car had been searched, the car where two members of her family had noticed a strange odour....'João Carlos returned our car at lunchtime (albeit with a piece missing from the boot).'

Neves and Encarnação were ready to see them later that afternoon.

'If we’d wondered about the change of venue for our regular informal meeting, the reason for it soon became clear: this wasn’t our regular informal meeting. We were taken to an upstairs room at the police station where we were greeted by Luís Neves and Guilhermino Encarnação.

'Our interpreter this time was a police officer, not Proconsul Angela Morado, as was usually the case. The whole demeanour of Neves and Encarnação was different. They looked serious and cold.'

It would appear there had been a shift in the investigation .... Kate claims 'They had always been optimistic that Madeleine was alive, but now things had changed.'

'Gerry asked if any evidence had come to light to suggest that Madeleine was dead but they wouldn’t reply.'

Their only concern was if any 'evidence had come to light to suggest that Madeleine was dead '.....their property and car had been searched and they are NOT asking if Madeleine has been found BUT if any evidence has been found ?

McCann was asked to leave the room and Kate was asked some questions : 'Tell us about that night, they said.'

Tell us everything that happened after the children went to bed.

I gave them every detail I could remember, as I had before, but this time they responded by just staring at me and shaking their heads. I was reeling with confusion, disbelief and panic. What the hell was going on? Evidently not satisfied with my account, they pressed me. Was there anything else I wanted to add? Anything else unusual that had occurred that night?

Of course there wasn’t. If there had been I would have told them on 3 May. I’d recounted absolutely everything and anything – more than they wanted or needed to know, probably, just in case some triviality I recalled might be significant. How could they think I would hold something back that might help my daughter? Why were they asking me this? Why?

Neves stated bluntly that they didn’t believe my version of events. It ‘didn’t fit’ with what they knew. Didn’t fit? What did they know? I was sobbing now, well past the stage of silent tears and stifled sniffs. I began to wail hysterically, drawing breath in desperate gasps.

Why did I think Madeleine had been alive when she was taken from the apartment? they persisted.

I explained between sobs that there had been nothing to suggest otherwise; no indication that she might have come to harm. Had I ever considered that she may be dead?

Yes, of course. Early on that was all I thought, all the time: that some paedophile had grabbed her, abused her and later killed her. Then I’d begun to wonder if she was being held by pornographers, I told them, or had been taken for someone who wanted a child.

They proposed that when I’d put Madeleine to bed that night, it wasn’t actually the last time I’d seen her.

They were trying to make me say I’d killed Madeleine or knew what had happened to her. '

McCann was then questioned and gave his 'account' of events as to why he didn’t believe Madeleine had been killed in the apartment.

Through his tears he pleaded with the two men: ‘Do you have evidence that Madeleine is dead?

The McCanns, ONLY concerned if any proof, evidence, had been found to implicate them in the death of their daughter and once again neither of them mentioned sedation by a twice nightly visit by an abductor.........