Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Planting of evidence in the Scenic..

'If, as the PJ alleged, Madeleine’s blood was in the boot of our car, which we had not rented until 27 May, how on earth had it got there? Did this mean someone had planted it? ' Kate McCann

Ed Smart - speaking to Larry King about a conversation with Gerry Mc. ;

And Gerry truly believes that Madeleine is still alive, and this is diverting the attention from where it needs to be. And this morning when I spoke with him, he was so concerned that the Portugal police were under such pressure, he says, "Ed, I would not be surprised if they, you know, don't plant evidence in the car, you know, to have them think that there's DNA in this car that I rented after the fact is just outrageous, and what could they possibly have? There's no chance in the world." …………..

Relatives very early on (Brian Healy and others) "suspected" that the evidence had been planted.

Norah Healy thought the the McCanns were just unlucky and they had hired the same car as the abductor. (No Link but this was part of an interview where Norah said ' If there had been an accident they would have covered it up') The entire Canadian interview has been removed for obvious reasons.....

Susan Healy went as far as to suggest they were being 'set-up