Sunday, June 26, 2011

David Bret on the McCanns and the image they insisted be removed, only sad images from now on please!

One must remember the libel trial possibly begins in September and the McCanns insist they have been destroyed by Dr.Amarals claims, would not do to see them looking content with the sales of their book now would it ? OR the video of McCann laughing on a balcony just days after Madeleines death !

We are also well aware of the control the McCanns have on media coverage coming out of Canada. Kates Aunt Nora, during a telephone interview not only said they were a group of doctors they would have covered it up, she also confessed to the fact the McCanns were unfortunate enough to have rented the same car as the' abductor'. Aunt Nora knows her family very well !  the interview was quickly removed, can't have the family confessing can we ?