Saturday, June 18, 2011

Norman Franz: The Smith Sighting

When one has the internet it is very easy to do a search and what does one find right on the first page ,that someone has searched INTERPOL for a person of interest who at one time may have lived in Portugal , a fugitive....of similar build to Gerry McCann but unfortunately Norman Franz has a receding hairline. Martin Smith gave a very good description of the man he later thought to be McCann and he did NOT have a receding hairline. AND I think even the McCanns would have to agree if Madeleine was unfortunate enough to have been abducted by Norman, there is every reason to believe she has come to 'serious harm'
Norman Franz mistaken for Gerald McCann

We are still trying to establish the whereabouts of Norman FRANZ.
For almost five years now, nothing has been heard from the wanted person. The police, however, continue to receive information as to his possible whereabouts. In spite of this, we have no firm leads.

Norman FRANZ has personal contacts in the following countries:
  • Portugal (Albufeira, Lisbon)
  • Columbia (Bogota)
  • USA (Florida)
  • South Africa (Cape Town)
  • Morocco (Tangier)

Norman FRANZ tried to start a new life in Portugal. Information indicates that he last worked in the real-estate business (holiday property) and that Germans were amongst his customers. Before this he worked as an electrician at various tourist hotels in the Algarve, Portugal. He might once again be working in the tourist trade (in a large hotel or on a ship) and leading an inconspicuous life.

Norman FRANZ speaks English and Portuguese. He is an electrician and has experience as an investment and real-estate consultant. He used to be athletic and very fit. While FRANZ gives the impression of being calm and reserved, he is, in fact, a thoroughly ruthless and brutal individual who has little respect for the life of others. He has killed innocent people (men with families) for his own personal gain.

Norman FRANZ is extremely dangerous !

Who can provide information as to his whereabouts?

Thank you for your assistance.