Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amanda Jayne Heart and Madeleine McCann...

Amanda Jayne Heart, a charlaton according to her once closest friend...what made her speak out  ? the thought of her exposing little Maddie to her world of fraud. Amanda's friend should not have bothered, her own mother is doing a great job all by herself. However, interesting to note how alike Kate and Amanda are with their fake abductions and thirst for fame and money !

Amanda Jayne Hart - arse.I'm hoping that Nic or Jon will make this a sticky so people don't have to look too far for the info/links before making up their own minds how honest she is and that nobody else gets taken in by her. Oh and any chance of fixing the urls please?

This is my personal account of being best friends with 'Amanda Jayne Hart' for 25 years, her motives, what makes her tick and how she is no more psychic than a plastic brick. Or even Derek Acorah - and that's saying something. Hence my registering and posting, this is a child's life she's playing with.

Jeezuz, the fact she's gone off to Portugal to look for Madeline McCann makes my spine chill and my blood run cold. I sincerely hope that nobody takes a blind bit of notice of this cold-hearted, money obssessed cow because she'll do more harm than good.

If she's so interested in finding a missing child, why doesn't she look for her beautiful little girl who she abandoned when she was 3 years old? For the same reason she dumped two more of her kids a few years later - they get in the way of her real passion - money and success. Oh, and the fact being a single mum didn't fit in with her lifestyle and boffing the bloke in the flat next door. Friends and husbands go the same way once she's had her use out of them.

If you read this Mandy, why not help parents of missing children that aren't high profile cases? Surely they deserve to be found too?

Even family isn't immune to this nasty piece of work! I sh*t ye not, Mad Mandy obtained her own mother's credit card for a (3rd) boob job. Only her poor mum was under the impression it was for a life saving operation...

MM even tried scamming her husband and kids out of £10,000 before dumping them and starting her new life in Australia. Aus only lasted about six days and she eventually crawled her way back into life with her husband and kids. She's now divorced. As for the £10k, she didn't get away with it because I tipped off her husband and he stopped the transaction in time. It was only going to be used for the boob job (prior to obtaining mummy's credit card) and a tummy tuck.

Out of the SEVEN surnames Amanda (Mandy) has used, none of them have lasted long, the name gets changed every time she gets caught out.

These are ideas of the names she's gone by:

Mandy G.......
Amanda G.......
Amanda L......
Amanda D'......
Amanda L......-D'......
Amanda E..........
Amanda H...
Amanda Jayne H...

Here's the whois for her... note she owns quite a few domains, although last time I looked it was around 127... it's registered in her old address in Potters Bar so I don't have any conscience about her kids address being on the internet.

ht tp: // whois. domain tools .com/ thesoulsearchingcentre .com

I'm not saying she's not clever - she's very very intelligent. Just don't ever get taken in by her because she's ultra bad news.

Oh, and Mandy, if you're reading this, please take my email address OFF your mailing list because I don't give a flying frog's fat one what you're getting up to, how well you're doing or how exciting your life is these days. Cheers

If you want to know how else to avoid this charletan, try this, it's her latest gig - gotta be worth a bob or two!

www .thesoulsearchingcentre .com/radio-interview.mp3 it's a classic!

www .five. tv/programmes/psychicchallenge/psychics/

 this was tragically embarrassing. In fact, I watched it with a few friends and I told them everything that MM would say, do and how she'd react - and she didn't disappoint once. Hey, maybe I'm psychic

Btw, I'm not bitter - I honestly don't give a toss what she does ordinarily, it's just she's just gone waaay too far now - she's preying on an innocent child by jumping on the bandwagon - she's seen a way to make money and obtain infamy out of little Maddie's disappearance.

How can she possibly care on a human level, when she doesn't care about her own kids half as much?

And if she's not in it for the fame, why take part in a reality tv show for psychics?

Why announce to the world she's off to Portugal to find Maddie, why not keep it quiet?

You're fooling NOBODY... nobody except yourself.
www .silvaultramindsystems .co .uk/main/silva/static/

www .thesoulsearchingcentre .com

Her radio interview prior to Psychic Challenge