Saturday, June 25, 2011


“SHE IS DEAD AND BURIED NEAR HERE”, revealed to the Correio da Manhã, Martin Van Wyk, private south-African Detective, investigating in Praia da Luz.
Correio da Manhã –

Are you hired by the McCanns to find Maddie?

Martin Van Wyk – No. I have contacted the aunt of the children, Philomena McCann, by email, I offered my help. The McCann couple knows that I am here, at private title. I don’t have even been in contact with the Portuguese Police, to avoid misunderstandings.

- You are here since one week. What are your conclusions?

- Unfortunately, I think the toddler is dead and the corpse is buried around here, in this locality. I think she has been wandering off the apartment, during the night, in direction of the beach. She was looking for her parents and someone took here. In the following day, confronted with the news that she was abducted, this person was scared. Without knowing what to do, finally he killed her, maybe without wanting to do it.

- What is your experience in cases such as this one?

- I was six years in the Military Police of South Africa and I am a private Detective: A bounty hunter during 15 years. In 1997, I had investigated the disappearance of a 13 years old child, which was finally found dead. In that time I had contacted a Medium woman which vision revealed to be exact. I even talked with her about the case. She has the same opinion as me.

- What do you think about the fact that parents and Robert Murat were made arguidos?

- The parents should have been treated as suspects since the beginning, but I don’t think they are guilty. May be one of the friends is hiding something.

Concerning Robert Murat, his garden should have been excavated by the Police. I return tomorrow [today] to Cap Town, with the frustration of not having been able to do more…
Mark Otty : South Africa