Monday, June 27, 2011

David Bret GASPERS or Caspers ?

David Bret
The official police verdict: Kate Healy accidentally killed her child, hence te tracker dogs; she wanted to confess, but her husband bullied her into helping him hide the body. He allegedly knocks her around: she's terrified of him. Also he is allegedly indirectly involved with the Caspers case, which is why they have PR, which is why the press have a vetting order. End of. Maddie is dead, they are responsible--also of child neglect, hence our petition to have them charged.

Update: Mr.Bret has now cleared this matter up, he uses the term Caspers instead of Gaspars: Mr.Bret is a very wealthy man and aware the McCanns would like to have his wealth for themselves. He avoids libel content so they may never have that privilege !